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  1. something still not adding up, might just be a mystery. I have 45 blue shards, 45 green shards and 60 red shards. I have only done 1 strike mission once, forging steel, even if I got the maximum 11 reward shards from that plus the bonus event shards that would only be 36 shards. If I am reading the wiki right, I got 25 shards from tier 1 of the return bonus events. Where did the others come from? Thank you anyway for trying to help.
  2. do prophet shards really only drop from strike missions or can you get them other ways, ie meta events etc? I have only ever done one strike mission and yet i have 45 or more of each of the three types of prophet shards. the wiki seems to only say you get them from strike missions but maybe i missed something on the wiki?
  3. This ^ and calling for changes based on something that rarely happens really does not carry much weight. I think this is part of the problem with wvw, people don't defend anymore. WvW was originally part pve part pvp. Now I guess it is all pvp? The objectives are just there to take if the squad/group gets bored or can't find fights? It is sad that defending "rarely ever happens". This does not make much sense. Defending always involves PvP, so if that's what most players are looking for, they would defend. What's more likely the case is that players are looking for easy rewards and (ba
  4. We let the larvae reset 3 times still didn’t finish/progression bar got stuck
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