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  1. The Art Contest Winners! The votes have been tallied and the winners are as follows! 1st Place - Baqueta.8061 - 200 gold and a highly coveted Llama mini2nd Place - Cherrycake.9634 - 100 gold and The Crossing Staff3rd place - Shilo.4931 - 25 gold and The Mad Moon Shield Runners Up 4th place - Malicei.9140 - Chaos Gun, precursor to Quip5th place - Hellschream.4812 - Rage, precursor to Frenzy6th place - TezPoca.7203 - Royal Flame Weapon Coffer7th Place - Fenella.2634 - Royal Flame Weapon Coffer Congratulations everyone, and thank you so much for making our Horrorween extra special!
  2. Absolutely beautiful screenshots, videos, words and memories!I've just about recovered from that Spooktacular night!
  3. Thank you all for another glorious Horrorween! The Raffle winners are: 1 Harvest the Witch.8125 (80)2 Lukas.3624 (70)3 Threads.6489 (61)4 AriaSilverfyre.8702 (10)5 Juliee.1862 (131)
  4. Hey, thank you so much for hosting this raffle! But I have recently changed my account name, it is no longer Khaos.9280, it's now Applewater.8702. Please contact me if you have any questions! Character name is still Pooty Applewater :) Thanks for letting us know, I've changed it for you!
  5. That's awesome, I love "the making of" concepting. Also great work to all those who have submitted so far!
  6. Raffle updated & the prize donations are flooding in! This years Horrorween is shaping up to be spooktacular!
  7. The years certainly fly by don't they! Thanks for the well wishes Barbie! <3
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