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  1. One cool thing I've just discovered is if someone bumps up an old thread it will add a note to say so. I still can't post images but you can see an example here, just below the first post: Only problem is I didn't see that until after I'd posted. I think this could be a really useful feature, but only if it's made more visible.
  2. I'd like this too. I don't have the time or inclination to read those numbers so the only way they're useful to me is if they're all zeroes; then I know something is going wrong. If it's anything above zero then the actual number is just visual noise, so it would be helpful to make them smaller (or hide them entirely)
  3. Vehjin Mines is in Vabbi, which is part of Path of Fire so you don't need any living world episodes to access it. (For future reference each episode in season 4, and season 3, uses a different map. If you own that episode you have access to the entire map and if you don't then you can't get there at all, there are no maps which require a combination of episodes to access.) I haven't watched the video you've been following but none of the eggs are in Vehjin Mines. I guess you're on "Fires of a god" which says "Get burned by lava in the Hearth in the Domain of Vabbi". For that you ne
  4. I wholeheartedly support this request! 🐶 (And yes, if there was an achievement to find and pet every dog in the game I'd do it.) I'd go further than dogs though and include cats and all ranger pets, it's such a shame that there's no interactions between rangers and their pets.
  5. They'll probably show at least some of them during the promotion for EoD, but we won't know until they start sharing more details whether we're going to get them all when the expansion launches or gradually after that. I'm going to hold onto the box until I know which one I want to make. I've got a few of those boxes which let you choose an item in my bank already, so it can go in with the rest until I'm ready to use it.
  6. I've even heard of situations (not in GW2) where just a few weeks before the deadline the game director, marketing or the producers changed the ending or something like which character dies in a major scene and the writers were required to make it work as well as they could in the time they had (including rescheduling voice actor recordings so they could get the new dialogue) because it wasn't up to them to decide the schedule or overrule the people who had made the decision. (I've also heard of companies trying to bring in a writer after the rest of the game is already finished to
  7. You won't miss any part of the game. If your level 80 character goes to low level maps their stats will be downscaled so they can't just one-shot everything and they'll get XP and drops appropriate for their level, and they'll still be able to do the full personal story and everything. The problem you might have is that you'll suddenly find yourself at level 80 with all your skills and traits to choose from, multiple weapons to decide between, a set of equipment which has acceptable but not great stats which you might want to change and lots of content to choose between with no dir
  8. If that's a problem you can use the PvP lobby. It works the same way, you can go there and then go back to exactly where you were, and it's got a bank, TP and merchant.
  9. Those two points seem contradictory to me. If they don't (and shouldn't) care what other people think of their opinion why should they think before posting? What should they be thinking about other than the point they want to make and how it might be recieved by other people? Treat it like reporting people in the game. You don't need to have that level of detail because the forum admins will be able to get it themselves, you just need to call attention to the accounts which they need to check. (Although bear in mind it might turn out that they are genuine
  10. I thought it was against the rules to use more than one account on the forum? Which isn't to say it doesn't happen, but I thought if you knew someone was doing that you could report them and one or both accounts could get warnings or banned from posting. Of course people could try to disguise it by pretending to be different people, but if their posting habits don't give them away then admins can check IP addresses, active times and things like that to identify accounts being used by the same person. (The longest I'm aware of someone getting away with it on a forum where I was a mo
  11. This surprised me by being the one cape I will actually use. Mainly because it doesn't look like a cape, with the right (very dark) dyes it looks more like a heat haze behind my character or some sort of aura (or an aurora I suppose). Also BTW the 2-3 exclusive items from each black lion chest are always added to the statuette vendor sooner or later. It can take weeks or months for them to appear but apart from new ones and the mounts which are also available in the gem store I don't think any have been missed yet. I think the idea is that the statuettes act as a kind o
  12. Where do you see that? I haven't seen anything showing popular posts. I thought I had this new forum figured out but I keep finding out about things I'd never seen before. Edit: Just found it. When a topic gets that summary bar under the 1st post showing numbers of replies, time, and top posters you can click an arrow on the right side to see popular posts. I'd never noticed that option before (personally I find that summary bar a bit pointless). I don't think that has too much impact though, it's pretty hidden compared to up/down voting systems where popular posts are
  13. BTW your server only matters for WvW. For everything else maps are shared between all servers in a region (NA or EU) so you could be playing with people from any/all the servers in the region. Also copies of maps are created (and deleted) as needed so the number of people in the map with you isn't necessarily all the people currently in that part of the world, or even all the ones from your server. That's usually good because it means there will never be a queue to get into a map and your chances of ending up alone in an empty one are very low, but in certain situations it can be a
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about it overall. I think it's better than something like Reddit's up/down voting, because it has absolutely no impact on how visible a post is. I also think it's better than the old system on this forum because there's nothing tracking a users total reactions, so reactions given will hopefully be based on the post rather than the person posting it and those who care about reactions will probably be more inclined to focus on why that particular post got that reaction rather than how many they've 'collected' over all. I also agree that none of the
  15. If you're posting on this forum then you've got an account already, why not just log in and see for yourself? But if you really want an answer then no it's not dead. An expansion is going to come out later this year, they've recently announced their plans for the summer and there's lots of people still playing all parts of the game.
  16. This is why I didn't understand those polls and topics coming up months ago about making stuff ready for the legendary armoury. We knew, and still know, almost nothing about how it works so I don't understand how anyone could start making legendaries in preparation for that. I'm expecting free will mean genuinely free, or at least it won't cost anything in addition to using the existing templates, but I wouldn't assume I'm going to now want full legendary equipment on all my characters and start making stuff in preparation for that, because I want to see exactly how it works and de
  17. Congrats on getting one! I know it's a bit of a dilemma, but I imagine it must be a nice problem to have. I think I've only ever used 1 or 2 upgrade extractors, and I've got 3 or 4 in the bank which I got free from somewhere. As @Dayra.7405 said it's only worth using if you don't want to destroy the item the upgrade is in because it's expensive and don't want to destroy the upgrade by overwriting it because it's also expensive. It's usually cheaper to use a black lion salvage kit from login rewards to save the upgrade or to just overwrite the rune or sigil with a new one.
  18. I'm pretty sure they have explicitly said it's not the end of Guild Wars 2. It's just the end of the Elder Dragon storyline. We only have 1 dragon left we haven't dealt with (the Deep Sea Dragon) and that's going to be the focus of End of Dragons. Then, as the name implies it will be the end of the dragon's threat against Tyria and we will move on to something else. We don't know yet what that will be, and we don't know if there are any plans to change the business model. Most likely EoD will be followed up by another Living World season and then maybe another paid expansion, but w
  19. I agree, it would be really helpful to be able to hide the effect, either through a slumbering version or a checkbox. It's put me off making legendary trinkets, because I don't like the effects and don't want to be stuck with them.
  20. This is my thinking too. They could maybe send a notification to say your report has been reviewed, but it wouldn't actually change anything. I don't think they could, or should, send a detailed message letting you know what was done because that's just opening it up for people to argue with the punishment and then customer support ends up wasting a lot of time dealing with people who want to tell them how to do their jobs instead of being able to get on and do it. But I suppose if it makes some people feel better to get that reassurance that someone is paying attention
  21. They'll probably add more rewards once some people are close to reaching the end of the current rewards, but like most things I doubt they'll tell us in advance, we'll just see it in the patch notes at some point.
  22. One has just gone out about the latest chapter (I got it about 3 hours ago). The title is 'Join the final battle [character name]' and then there's a big picture of the two dragons and their champions, meaning it gives away who those champions are. (I suppose it also gives away that the two dragons are going to fight each other, but we've known that for years now, since Taimi realised they are each other's weaknesses during Season 3.) If you're up to date on the story then I don't think it includes any spoilers, but I can see how it would be a problem for people who hav
  23. Only certain infusions have visual effects, most of them don't. So you need to make sure it's one of those. If it's not one of the ones on this list then it won't have any effects: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Cosmetic_aura#From_upgrade_components Then you need to make sure it's applied to an item you currently have equipped, for example if you put it in a weapon then swap to your other weapon set you'll lose the effect. And yeah, some of them can be quite hard to see, especially if you have other effects. I have the birthday enrichment on my sylvari but between her
  24. This is where I get stuck on the debate, or start feeling like a hypocrite. I wouldn't want to buy a legendary for my own use because it would feel like taking a boring shortcut, but I have sold one, so I feel like I can't say they shouldn't be tradable, since I've used that system. (Specifically it was The Dreamer. I made mine before precursor crafting existed, then really wanted to do the collection because just like with finished legendaries it now felt like by buying a precursor instead of making it I'd bypassed part of the process. But I don't want or need 2 Dreamers, so I sol
  25. But unless you're expecting Anet to send you a PM or email with the replies to your questions there is no way for you to know the answers before everyone else finds out. If they post the replied in this thread everyone else on the forum can see it too and will spread the news to other sites, at that point it's effectively been announced, everyone else will know what you know and prices will change accordingly. And Anet aren't going to tell individual players in private for exactly that reason - it would give them a huge advantage over everyone else because they could start buying u
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