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  1. Just crashed in Dragonstand, since Tuesday it's 7-th crash in PvE metas and WvW with the same assert in Grbound.cpp.
  2. But people are already doing that in Latin alphabet. I have reported quite a few character's, guild's, pet's names which in Russian language very offensive and inappropriate, often just swearing words.
  3. What I also don't like, that icons for mantras are old uncharged ones. Please, return regular icons for mantras.
  4. Also Herb Patch/Herb Seedlings in all starter areas. But, from my experience, drop rate of them is much lower, than all of the others seeds.
  5. When I was getting currency for Skyscale on alt account, I only did those https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Repel_the_Branded_invasion_and_close_the_rifts events on several characters, there are 5 unique events per character and they are soloable - 25 daily/per character.
  6. Just had it too: https://imgur.com/DH5XRa0https://imgur.com/cH6xb9R
  7. I have some problems with random crashes for several months, not often - once per couple of days, but it happens in PvE when I'm changing maps, more often in WvW during big fights. Today I got the crash, when teleporting to Armistice Bastion with debug.sh. In console: And crash message: No addons installed. Any ideas?
  8. I wrote some code in C#: Tried it with online compiler and it's working.Don't expect it to be perfect, I'm C++ programmer and have very little knowledge of C#.
  9. Ok, glad it worked. Just for information, you can get chatlink from item/skin number from api. For example: Skin number - 7490, in hex 1D42, it's a skin so first byte is 0x0A (Wardrobe link), so full hex string is 0A 42 1D 00 00, convert it to base64 - CkIdAAA=, chat link is [&CkIdAAA=]
  10. I think this could help, but you need to do a bit of math to get skin link separately: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Chat_link_format#Wardrobe_skins_and_upgrades
  11. Something like this:https:/ /wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=%5B%26AgGaXwEA%5D&go=Go
  12. Some time ago I decided to get those rare drops myself, and now I have some statistic: All Seeing - 21 attemptsRotbeard's Treasure - 23Sam - 83Pendant of Arah - 95Commissar's Manifesto - 182Rhendak's Signet - 265
  13. I started to play WvW to get GoB, had no idea what to do, played in off peak hours, never joined a zerg, in PVE gear and my experience was very similar to yours. But after GoB was done, I decided to get a warclaw, wasn't really that hard, because objectives like towers and keeps flipping a lot due low players population in early hours, like today we flipped t3 eb keep with 5-7 players against only one defender. After that I left WvW, and came back about month ago, decided to give a go to support FB. My first experience in zerg was horrible, I was the only FB, who died more, than all others peo
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