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  1. I was thinking the same but couldn't find the Mystic Forge recipe for the ascended version anywhere online so I couldn't tell. It seems like you know it though, would you mind please sharing what the recipe is? All I know from the patch notes is it includes the rare Hero's weapons.
  2. I completely relate, I have been playing for a long time and I still find learning this game's combat confusing to observe and learn. The game doesn't hold your hand, give you clear feedback or explain in tutorials exactly what skills or buffs do, it's down to you to figure it out from nothing, especially if you boosted your character it can be particularly overwhelming. Builds like the ones listed on Metabattle or Snowcrows assume you're already very knowledgeable in the class and list the skills to use but don't explain why or take you through it slowly - there's just a huge amount of information/buttons to press listed and you get lost and overwhelmed reading it. The only things that have semi-worked for me are to read through each skill and trait in the game tooltips to understand and memorise what they do, then simplify builds listed on those sites to start with, so I can learn the basics and slowly introduce new skills to my rotation, much like how Laranity does in her easy build guide videos (unfortunately she doesn't seem do to many of these but the way she breaks down the process is great): Regarding boons and conditions, it's definitely very confusing the way this game presents them as tiny, almost indistinguishable icons that are constantly moving around on the condition/buff bar and hard to keep track of. It doesn't really get easier, but my general advice would be to memorise only the conditions and buffs that actually matter a lot and try to ignore the useless ones so your brain doesn't get lost trying to keep track of them all. For example alacrity, quickness, stability and aegis are some important buffs that come to mind, whereas buffs like vigor, swiftness, resolution and protection are generally not that important so don't waste brain power on them if you don't need to. The most important thing is to start off small/slow and make sure you take the time to actually read and understand your skills and the synergies they have with each other (don't just press skills 1, 3, 3, 2, 5 etc without knowing what they do because Metabattle told you to, as you won't understand what's truly going on in the battle and you won't be able to adapt and throw in different skills depending on the situation which is especially important for support roles). Once you have done this, start practicing on the training golem in the Lion's Arch Aerodrome as you'll have a lot more opportunity to get into the rotation rather than some random mobs that instantly die in the open world, and without the pressure of a real group boss situation. Also, try to stick to focusing on learning one build at a time and commit to that rather than jumping around different builds or characters (I am guilty of this) and try to play regularly to keep practicing and keep what you've learned fresh in your mind so it becomes muscle memory. The combat is really rough honestly, I'm not going to sugar coat it because I feel like I'm one of the few people that totally gets what you're talking about. But once you take the time to really learn a build it can be very rewarding and the game's combat is very dynamic and interesting once you feel like you're more in control of what you're doing. I just wish there were better learning tools in this game.
  3. I can't raise a support ticket because every time I raise a ticket they tell me to stop raising tickets or they won't be able to help me in future and that I should just be more careful next time. We need a proper solution so that "raise a support ticket" isn't the only solution for so many of these issues where irreversible mistakes can easily happen.
  4. I agree and it's something I should have put in my initial list! Although I think there's something to be said about every classes' effects showing consistently, but I agree that they should tone down some of the really noticeable and garish effects some elite specs have such as herald and virtuoso. I personally steer clear of those classes because the effects clash with my fashion too much. On a similar note, we need the ability to hide relic effects because relic of the fireworks is absurdly distracting on my otherwise dark spooky themed necro.
  5. The ability to use the arrow keys to move through the bank wardrobe skins more easily and without having to click each one manually A highlighted border around the current skin being previewed in the bank wardrobe so the user doesn't lose their place The ability to preview infusions Fixed infusion stacking issues where some infusions with different visual effects will fight for priority if used simultaneously, causing them to load in a random order whenever you enter a map and making your character look different depending on which order they happen to load in at the time (easy solution would be to implement a stable infusion stacking priority system, eg: infusions in armour always take priority over infusions in trinkets) The ability to preview dyes on armour skins you are previewing in the bank wardrobe and do not own (you can do this anyway by dying your current armour and then previewing it but it's annoying having to change your armour dyes for this - would be less annoying if we had saveable fashion/dye templates which is another suggestion) Saveable cosmetic/fashion template slots (for the above scenario, or for when we need to change gear so we can migrate our entire fashion including dyes over to it easily, or try it out on a different character, or try out another look on the same character and save the old look for later, or for fashion-crafting for potential future looks including skins you do not own yet, etc) Fixed issues with previewing larger character models like Charr, who do not fit in the character preview window and the window is not re-sizeable Fixed any of the thousands of clipping issues that Charr have (minor issues are expected but as an example when Charr wear glasses, the glasses often completely disappear into the Charr's head making them invisible. Even armour pieces from the same set that are meant to work seamlessly together can sometimes clip with each other on Charr - it's simply not good enough) The ability to preview two different types of weapons at once (eg. previewing an axe main-hand while also previewing a torch off-hand at the same time to see how they look together) Fixed the skins that have nonsensical dye channels (some 4th dye slots do absolutely nothing while the 3rd dye slot dyes two non-related materials at once - most people would want different materials to be dyable separately so they can have red cloth without also having red metal for example, funerary armour is one big offender of this), plus some skins still only have one dye channel & some skins have undyeable parts for some reason so you are locked into a colour Dyable weapons (at the very least, legendary weapons should be dyable) The ability to dye older backpacks, especially the ones that come with a dyable glider version but you can't dye the matching backpack (for example the Etherbound backpack/glider package) More bank wardrobe filters to sort skins, such as method of acquisition (eg. dungeon armours/raid skins, gem store skins etc), types of material or colour palettes The ability to choose a specific mount/glider skin for a certain equipment template so you can match them to each of your character's individual looks The ability to hide/unhide certain skins/effects (helmets, legendary trinkets etc) unique to each equipment template, so when you swap looks you can choose to have them showing or not based on the look without having to manually tick the show/hide box every time Fixed issue where the visual effects of infusions do not affect backpieces The ability to dye hairstyle accessory colours without a makeover kit, it is too restrictive in future dye experimentation to be locked into a hair accessory colour
  6. There's no downside, in fact it's generally more efficient than going for a single set because you won't get as locked out of farming a certain mode's currency due to time-gates. The only thing I'd mention is it's probably more efficient to craft at least your first full set of Raid legendary armour because during the process of the achievements, you get an entire set of precursers for free. So if you only craft one legendary Raid armour piece, you'd be wasting 5 precurser pieces and crafting precursers from different game modes instead.
  7. Could we please get a border highlighting the current item we are previewing in the wardrobe, so we don't lose our place when looking through all the skins one by one. Could we also please be able to cycle through the skins with the arrow keys so we don't need to click potentially thousands of times on each separate skin. We're also getting so many weapon skins that the wardrobe section for weapons is getting a little crazy in terms of length. A way to filter weapons further than two-handed/off-hand etc would be welcome. Examples could include containing a certain colour/material/effect (eg. all fire weapons). Even just the method of obtaining the weapon, eg. black lion weapon collections, dungeon weapons, cultural weapons etc. As it stands, just trying to peruse the wardrobe gives me the genuine concern of developing a repetitive strain injury.
  8. For a new item - Could we please get a hood with a hairstyle attached? I know the Cat-Ear Hood exists but I'm looking for a regular hood that can fit more realistic medieval looks rather than one with fluffy lining and cute cat ears. For a hairstyle I'd take anything other than being bald but for a specific suggestion I think braids would look great, either two braids on each side or one to the side like this: https://images.app.goo.gl/oeB7mXuyDBFnQksJ7 For returning item - Please bring back Soul River Hound (the hammer skin) to the Gem Store. I loved it so much when I first saw it that I created a character and designed a whole look purely around that weapon. The armor is now all completed (I even got into raiding to get the Dhuum armor skins for it) and I can't wait to explore Tyria with it and post it to the gw2 fashion communities I'm in but I'm just waiting on that hammer to complete it 🙏 Please Anet take my money!
  9. Hi, personally I think not buying the expansions is the best way to enjoy the game for the first time as you get to do it all the old fashioned way on foot and there's a real sense of progression once you unlock your mounts in the order they were originally intended to be unlocked. So feel free to just play the free game as a trial - that's what it's there for. You might be locked out of whispering/trading post/portals to certain maps to some extent but I can't really remember. It wouldn't be a big deal though. I will preface this with you should play whatever you want and all classes are viable, however since you've mentioned not being able to stick with engineer and ranger already it sounds like you're quite reliant on your class being fun/engaging to get into the game. So I'd probably suggest going for a more beginner friendly and fun open world levelling class to start with, like necromancer or guardian. Mesmer is notoriously complicated and thief the opposite - very simple in terms of weapon skills at least, because the thief's initiative system means it's most efficient to just spam the same/best skill over and over again (initiative system means you have no individual skill cooldowns and you just wait for your global cooldown metre to replenish). Thief was my first ever class and I got bored of it eventually for this reason. Don't let that put you off if you really want to play those classes though, they can still be fun and they might even really click with you, it's just a pre-warning based on my experience since you asked for advice. Of those 2 you mentioned I'd recommend thief for a new player.
  10. Hi, I also added you. I'm a gw2 veteran but I genuinely need to do a fair bit of low level content such as map completion and dungeons to unlock waypoints on alts/farm black lion keys and currency to unlock dungeon armours so it would be no inconvenience to me at all. Feel free to add me in game 🙂
  11. Hi, just found your actual post from the players helping players section 😄 It sounds like you might have fun with Scourge as an elite spec if you enjoyed staff. Staff is unfortunately not a DPS weapon that I know of, it's mainly used as an alternate weapon as utility in PvE. But scourge's inherent ability to create sand shades is similar to the playstyle of a staff - it's like creating smaller wells at a range for enemies to walk into, although they're not actually wells and the range is shorter. But it's a fun playstyle with huge AOE DPS and it can stick to a decent range too as they use a pistol as the alternate weapon set. Close up normally they'd use a sceptre and torch. Scourge has always been very powerful and beginner friendly because it's quite tanky via providing barrier and lifesteal, and versatile because the gear it uses (Viper stats) is used on many professions in many builds. I use scourge often in raids, fractals and open world content. I haven't used scourge in PvP but PvP gear is totally separate to PvE gear so your PvE stats on your gear won't matter at all. I have played a lot of power reaper in PvP though which is a lot of fun, I don't think dps scourge or viper's gear is used much in WvW in general but I wouldn't really know as I only play power roaming deadeye in WvW. I'm sure it would have it's uses though even if it might be slightly suboptimal. Either way, you have 2 free equipment tabs on each character - so you could always fill one with berserker gear and the other with viper's gear and try both power and condition damage builds, that's the fun of it really. There's multiple ways to get stat selectable exotic gear - I'd actually recommend getting viper's on your invader's set since that's harder to acquire than berserker's. Berserkers stats you can get from doing dungeons (flame legion armour & inquest armour) or from karma merchants (aurora armour - but note that runes cannot be salvaged from karma armour). Since you have HoT, bladed armour is also another easy way to get stat selectable exotic gear without WvW. Within WvW, you can also get additional stat selectable exotic pieces from warloads armour (gained from acquiring WvW reward pips) or triumphant armour (gained from WvW reward tracks).
  12. Hi, I totally understand being lost in the game as a new player due to the lack of tutorials or direction. You may need to be more specific with what questions you have to get more useful assistance here though. Generally I'd say start with map completion and doing your personal story at each 10 level interval. Experiment with gear stats and builds as you learn more skills - it doesn't matter about playing meta builds at this stage and your gear will all be replaced once you get max level. At max level, what you do next really depends on what you want out of the game and how many expansions you own. There's lots of videos on YouTube about what to do once you hit level 80 as a lot of people get overwhelmed at that stage. Alternatively if you want to just add me in-game, I'm on NA. I'd be happy to show you around and give you general tips. I've been playing for about 8 years myself.
  13. While I don't agree that vanilla servers are the way to go, I do understand why you miss some things about the way the game used to be, and I don't really get why people seem to be arguing against you about that. There's nothing wrong with missing getting everywhere the old-fashioned way on foot or wishing you could play core specs more competitively like you used to, or the way all the characters around you looked more realistic and immersed you in the world more. There's no denying that a lot of newly added skins, animations, infusions and effects totally change the aesthetic of the game, I'm not sure why people are trying. It's just a fact that it has happened - whether you like it or think it's a big deal or not is your opinion which you're entitled to, but there's no denying that it's the case. However like I mentioned, I don't think the solution is vanilla servers mainly because, as evidenced by the responses to this thread, the vast majority of people like the faster paced gameplay and mounts and flashy skins/effects. They see no issue with the changes and even if they do, the changes aren't impactful enough to warrant going back to vanilla for good. This would mean that the vanilla servers would be pretty much dead and it would be even harder finding groups and players in them. It might be a fun gimmick for a while but it would be a ghost town shortly. Blizzard even tried adding a vanilla/classic mode to another one of their products, Hearthstone, and it didn't work at all. No one played that mode and Blizzard eventually deleted it, because at the end of the day while it was fun seeing the old Hearthstone for a while, at the end of the day the natural progression of the game had lead to some crazy but also more interesting and versatile interactions, with a lot more options. Classic Hearthstone was just too stale and boring, and I think ultimately GW2 vanilla would be too. People love the new content in GW2, it's what keeps things exciting. I also agree with the others that there hasn't really been enough powercreep (while there has been some) like WoW to justify the vanilla servers. But again, I don't think there's any denying that newer builds can get to much higher dps levels these days. High profile GW2 veterans have commented on the problem that you can do crazy amounts of dps especially with weaponmaster training and totally skip mechanics, sometimes resulting in breaking encounters completely. But the main solution to this is just better future balancing, rather than reverting back to vanilla. I just don't know why some people seem to be acting like you can just choose a much weaker build and that's fine. People want to have fun in a game while also being useful to their team, they don't want to have to choose between the two - that concept isn't hard to understand to me. Yes, you technically have the ability to choose a weaker build, but people want to be able to choose that build and still offer value and perform around the same the level as their fellow players. A strictly worse option, in practice, isn't really an option. There is an argument that core builds should just stay strictly worse though, which I tend to agree with. Anet needs to make money, and expansions offering better builds achieves that. The free core builds are still there for people deciding whether or not they want to purchase more build options, so they still serve a purpose. So yeah, I get where you are coming from OP. But we have to live with the changes and make the most of them - maybe try focusing on the positives they bring rather than just the negatives. Because yes, while mounts existing has forced more verticality in recent maps which you may not like, or has made some aspects like reaching vistas redundant, they add so much life and enjoyment to the game in other ways. And yes, even though I also prefer the more realistic aesthetic of old GW2, new flashy skins do provide options for people who want that and it makes them happy. All the new features while they have some downsides also attract a lot of players, actually leading the game to be less dead overall. It's the natural progression of things and at the end of the day it really isn't all that bad. More options is overall a good thing and GW2 is the least offending MMO when it comes to huge changes that ruin the previous game content, I can be thankful for that while also missing some aspects of the previous game too.
  14. Could we please have the ability to share our current build template name in our squad icon details? By this I mean for example, in a squad anyone would be able to mouse over your squad icon (as they can already do, which at the moment shows your character name, username, achievement points and online/offline status), and see the build template name in the window. The player would just need to ensure they have their build names described properly, aka "condi dps" or "heal scourge" and this would finally get rid of the need to always announce your role when entering a squad. It would also make it easier for leaders to organise roles as they always have the reference there and won't lose track.
  15. Ever since PoF I've thought player housing would be a great new feature to add for an expansion. But since PoF all we've gotten as new expansion features are fishing/skiffs, rift hunting and... Well that's really it and both are extremely lackluster. Gliding in HoT was great, mounts in PoF were great, and every expansion since then has been disappointing in terms of new features being added. Fishing as a concept could have been cool but entire fishing system is just absolutely terrible in terms of implementation, but I won't go off on that tangent. Player housing also seems like a good way to sell cosmetics, we already have a thousand chair skins so would be cool to have the chairs in our player houses or other furniture skins. It would also be cool to have a physical walk-in wardrobe room in your house to store fashion templates. You could even buy mannequins as furniture items to store armour templates on and glass displays for all your favourite weapon skins. I also think it would be cool if you could see your other alt characters walking around your home as NPCs or vendors. There's plenty of NPCs in the home instance already but they're just default randoms and it feels more impersonal - what are they even doing in my home anyway? The main reason I personally don't bother investing in home-instance nodes is because I never feel inspired to even go into my home instance - it's so bland and boring with zero customisation and doesn't even feel like my home. Sad how the base for home creation is already in the game with so much potential but they've done nothing with it and instead focused on pretty useless new expansion features like turtle mounts which no one ever uses. So yeah cool idea but rip, probably never gonna happen.
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