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  1. support. it made gameplay feel more fluid than before. now that we know what we are missing, photon forge feels clunkier than it did before the patch that allowed mid-cast forge entry in the first place. It also makes it easier to micro-manage your heat levels to maximize your success in any encounter.
  2. Your stacks last 10 sec at a time. In rifle holo, you drop at 50% literally as soon as you possibly can, which is after doing corona burst twice (4 stacks)—then you do a bomb and a shrapnel grenade (4 more stacks) before going back in. Functionally, you have an overall average of like 9.9 stacks across a whole benchmark. Running storm is no tangible benefit but does mess up your rotation by overheating you faster. Being at a distance will also make it cancel the third hit of the chain by casting the first hit too quickly.
  3. It sounds like you just have no idea how to play Holosmith, which is fair since it might not be as intuitive as some other professions. Take a look at metabattle for some ideas, then make something all your own.
  4. If I swap rifle turret to battering ram, pistol to shield, and run AED, that's 150 + 100 (shield skills) + 232 (one ram) + 100 (launch ram) + 200 (static shock) + 232 (PLB) + 232 (forge 5) for a total of 1246. I could go even further and swap grenades to bombs for a further 332 totaling 1578. It isn't ideal and yes I lose a fair amount of DPS, but there's well over a third of his bar. Or I could just run rifle/bomb holo like before, and truthfully only lose around 10% of my DPS (it benches at 31-31.5K/s) instead of the above solution which costs around 25%.
  5. @Blood Red Arachnid.2493In PvE, you periodically generate might while over 100% heat using ECSU. Corona burst also generates 10 stacks and only has a 5 second cooldown. You can also do things such as blasting the fire field from flamethrower or bomb kit, or if you are running alchemy despite being in PvE, you can use some elixirs to augment this might generation. @Nephalem.8921I don't know why everyone is saying holosmith is trash in PvE. It really isn't. We handle our own might, we have a self-rez every 30 seconds through AED, we probably have more CC at any one time than almost any other bui
  6. @Nephalem.8921That's the point I'm making, for scrapper to replace chrono it would either have to provide the same utility or do WAY more damage instead of just a little bit more damage. Right now it isnt worth giving up the extra DPS slot it would take to replace the lost supply of boons. Acknowledging the validity of your points about holo sustain, nevertheless there are certainly some areas, particularly in minion-heavy combat, where scrapper shines above holosmith. Heat therapy does not scale with your number of targets unlike impact savant. Add in running bulwark gyro over rifle turret, a
  7. As far as I can tell, the reduction in vitality is to reduce the maximum amount of barrier we can have at any given time; our DPS on the raid golem is enough to keep it maxed out full time and our theoretical barrier without a cap would be 18000 since it lasts for 5 seconds. This more than qualifies us as a tank, and 24K is just shy of enough to make it worth using as a tank over a class that can tank as well as provide boons; scrapper tank + boon support = roughly 28K DPS, but boon tank + DPS slot = roughly 34-38K dps. They made us a truly incredible tank class, but they just...forgot to give
  8. It's tricky. I want to say a flat, simple, "core engineer shouldn't get more power DPS than scrapper because scrapper was designed to be the melee specialization of engineer" but it isn't that simple. Power scrapper gets all that barrier to compensate for being about 10% behind core power engineer. I don't know if I would rather see a 30K dps power scrapper through further buffs to the hammer skills/scrapper traits, or if I would prefer to see elixir gun be buffed to let you apply might and quickness to allies. I am leaning toward the latter because that would cement scrapper healer's awesomen
  9. A few notes: I love the falling damage reduction trait, it helps heaps in open world. You don't need to take that rune since vipers + your firearms traitline makes it so that your main two conditions (bleeding and burning) are at 100% duration without the rune. If you were not aware, the longest you can extend a condition's duration is 100%; you can't make it triple the base duration, for example. I would recommend the sigil of earth instead of the sigil of geomancy. You will have 100% fury uptime due to short fuse, and you will have about a 65% crit chance in total between fury and hematic fo
  10. At the top is the effective power running short fuse for 100% fury uptime which gets scholar to 8669 (assuming 80% uptime on 90%+ health, which should be closer to 100% uptime on our nice barrier-rich scrapper). 50% fury uptime by not running short fuse is definitely a big loss to DPS, and short fuse vs big boomer is the main thing we're examining when we look at "scholar rune" vs "rune that helps fury uptime" Assassin's presence: Putting it together in the build editor, full meta scrapper build using infusions has you at 100% crit chance (on the raid golem) with 3797 power and 1467 ferocity f
  11. Context matters: I was rebutting a desire for a buff to the pistol autoattack, and pointing out that you don't use it in condition builds and that you're doing it wrong if you are running power engineer using pistols. Nobody is arguing that core/scrapper have competition with holosmith (in PVE at least) It sounds like you don't play condition holosmith which use three kits; also, you use grenade kit fairly extensively running the current sword/pistol meta. Running rifle, you still use bomb kit and grenade kit, and that build while no longer meta is still better than sword/pistol in select fig
  12. Pack never beats scholar in open world. Scholar has around 6% stronger hits (in full berserk gear) due to all the ferocity, and another 5% from the listed damage boost above 90% health (which should be always, because barrier); the swiftness from pack runes has a 26% uptime resulting in an overall 1.3% boost to dps instead of the 5% advertised by the scrapper trait. The extra 6 5% critical chance from 125 precision points does not outweigh the ferocity from scholar runes. I'm really not sure how this data is generated. As far as I can tell the aftercast only affects your next hammer 1, but yo
  13. Currently, between the tank and the healer roles, you have someone taking the attention of the boss, someone healing, and someone providing boons. For druids, healing and boons are the same person; for boon thief, tanking and boons is the same person. For chrono tank, tanking and boons is also the same person. One of the two roles has to accomplish two of the three non-damage tasks. To replace one of these meta supports, either you have to do the same things, such as tank while providing full might and fury, or you have to do a single one of the three tasks but do it with enough DPS to justify
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