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  1. Braham and Ryland's condition at the end of the saga was a retcon, pretty plain and simple. The end of season 3 already established it: When an elder dragon dies, their minions stick around. They're unchained, but still corrupted. The saga failed to provide any sort of special explanation for those two specifically, so I'd chalk this up to poor writing. And even if it did, I'd probably still call it poor writing. If you establish something in the story you should be consistent rather than picking at it with exceptions.
  2. This Kinetic Battery change is one of the best suggestions I've heard. It would allow a DPS build to take on quickness support through tool belt skills, but they have to slot tools over either explosives or firearms so it's a damage tradeoff. And then on top of that, it opens up the possibility for core engineer to run a pure healer support build (alchemy+inventions+tools). Right now it's not really viable, but if they're able to provide quickness through their tool belt, it might be. That would be an entirely new playstyle in pve.
  3. They need to make elixirs and alchemy a more viable source of boons in PvE (and have it be able to give more boons like quickness or possibly alacrity) before engineer can be a competitive support. I just don't understand this drive to give Scrapper support capabilities. It's clearly a dps spec, Impact Savant is only useful if you're dealing damage and many of the engineer's support skills have cast times (or, for the med kit, you can't attack while you're using it). If they want to give engineer support options, they need to give alchemy, inventions, elixirs, and possi
  4. There's a concerning trend with pretty much every balance patch that has come out in the last few years, or longer. And it is that changes tend to only be made to abilities that see high usage. Anything else that isn't already in the PvE meta, especially core profession skills, are completely ignored. So over the course of this game's life, the number of skills people actively use has shrunk, because anything that isn't used will never be reintroduced or reworked. Other games thrive on previously-ignored skills suddenly being made viable. It gets people theorycrafting. Other games
  5. I was excited and actually wanted to start creating more legendaries / complete the other two weights of legendary armour at the announcement of this feature. But I'm assuming since it was pushed back, and then revealed to still be in the planning phase, and now there have been no further updates, that it has been cancelled along with alliances.
  6. I don't think anyone uses gadgets or turrets on engineer, lol. The amount of attention they get is virtually zero. :/
  7. Yes, I've tested these on low level characters and level 80 characters. Level 80 characters are disproportionately downscaled, and lower level characters are disproportionately upscaled. As an example, I took a level 21 warrior with that Blademaster trait into WvW. When you are level 21, Blademaster will give you +952 expertise and +952 condition damage, instead of 120. Here's an image of the base character: https://i.imgur.com/irZSEqD.jpgHere's the exact same character with blademaster slotted: https://i.imgur.com/lX1jfsw.jpgAs a result, a trait that should be giving me 8% condition duration
  8. Looks like this bug also applies to the Blademaster trait for warriors: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/BlademasterIt also affects the necromancer's Last Rites trait: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Last_Rites
  9. In the final boss of Sunqua Peak (not CM). When: During the lightning phase when you need to collect orbs to jump and dispel the storm clouds.What: The phase doesn't finish even after all the storm clouds are dispelled.Repro: Not sure. We managed to get our instance into a state where the fight would always stall on the lightning phase. The boss's name was in yellow like a neutral mob, but that might always happen.
  10. I think people should bear in mind that at no point does the game force you to run glass cannon gear in HoT. If you switch from berserker gear to marauder, for instance, you lose only ~10% dps but end up with higher crit chance for more procs and 6k more health which can easily mean the difference between life and death. If anything, the later zones of the 1-80 leveling experience should be made more difficult to bridge the gap (as others have said already, nerfing Orr was a mistake). Making things easier only means that players can afford to engage even less with the combat systems. And when
  11. Elite specs feel like something they have to do. And they're a really good idea for expanding professions. In terms of masteries, I have absolutely no idea what they're going to do. HoT and PoF masteries both radically revamped player mobility in the world, but I don't know how they could do that again. Secondary professions would be awesome. I think it would be worth the balance nightmare for how much it could add to the game. GW1 had loads and loads of options, had balance problems, and yet still had a flourishing competitive community. Not everything has to be viable (and not everything is
  12. There's an issue with some traits and effects in the game that apply attribute bonuses. This is a bit weird to explain, but some traits will apply attribute bonuses that scale with effective level. For instance, Thermal Vision (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Thermal_Vision) grants bonus expertise when slotted. The amount of expertise provided is based on your effective level, up to 150 at effective level 80. However, this stat bonus is applied before your character is downscaled, which means that it becomes substantially less effective if you're using it in any zone below your character's re
  13. Trying to do this now and it is STILL bugged after... what, 3+ years?
  14. There's so much armchair silliness in this thread, people outside the company stating speculation as fact. How do you know they only recently moved to the cloud? Maps have always been allowed to scale from zero or one instances and up. What reason is there to believe that they swapped their backend infrastructure from on-prem to AWS between S4E5 (one of the problem maps) and now? Even assuming this is true (which is a stretch), how do you know this is the problem? How have you divined the specific way in which ArenaNet is leasing hardware from AWS? There is more than one way and they are not t
  15. This is a step in the right direction but you should really consider also changing how the cache keepers work.Currently, there's a 15 minute chunk between the two halves that kills the pacing of the meta and requires you to go nuts looking at the map and figuring out where keepers are spawning. Instead, can you make it so cache keepers in a region spawn when you capture that region, rather than having all of them crammed into the middle of the meta? This would feel way more organic, it wouldn't kill the pacing of the map, and it would still allow cache keeper achievements to continue working.
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