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  1. I want to play the game doing the things I enjoy doing in the game. If a mastery was locked behind PvP ranked or wvw I doubt you'd have the same response.
  2. I don't like open world and unlocking masteries, but I wanted to play strike missions to discover I can't even get any rewards without the living world masteries.Why is the reward itself mastery gated? Isn't not getting the pylon buffs not good enough of a reason to get masteries? I have literally no reason to go do strikes despite wanting to. This is the first time a closed raid-like instance rewards are blocked by something like this.Seems like bad design, would love clarification - all this is doing is making me dislike the content I would otherwise like.
  3. While sarcastic and exaggerated I think this is close to the truth.They have to make sure they don't break anything else while fixing stuff.And this combined with the low priority PvP seems to have, is probably the reason things always take months.
  4. My suggestion would be:First of all rework all current titles with "Legend" to give the title its prestige back - Seeing literally everyone with legend devalues the word.Old:Legendary Champion -> Terror of the MistsPrimordial Legend -> PrimordialExalted Legend -> ExaltedIllustrious Legend -> IllustriousIndomitable Legend -> IndomitableCurrent:Merciless Legend -> Merciless ChallangerRuthless Legend -> Ruthless ChallangerRelentless Legend -> Relentless ChallangerUnyielding Legend -> Unyielding ChallangerLeave Immortal Legend/Legendary Demigod as is. As for new titles:2
  5. Shackling wave had it coming. It’s still very good, considering you have decent quickness access. Even without quickness, its ability to hit through terrain (and massive damage) should not be underestimated
  6. Consider what you are asking - to be plat - to mean you need to be better than all gold players.(After all, you want to be considered a plat player, and assuming this rating has any accuracy at all, that should be the meaning of it.) That means that if you are unable to carry games with players of gold skill, you are not better and thus should not be plat!
  7. Core burst was never mediocre, but I wouldn’t mind small sustain buffs for it to compensate since it wasn’t broken. Also rev isn’t buffed.
  8. You win some, you lose some. And rating gain or loss is based on which players are you facing.If you lose 3x than what you gain, its frustrating yes, but means your rating vs enemy rating equals a roughly 3:1 w/l ratio, and if you want to increase your rating overall you need to improve that ratio, or play in prime time vs players of equal skill. If you can’t accept you’re not always going to climb then you don’t have the nerves for rankings. Pip system was a meme, where legendary meant “I grinded a bit this season and im not a complete newbie”.
  9. Do you play GW2 on mobile phone? If he had a phone he would obviously be playing diablo immortal right now Keepo
  10. EM is a badly designed trait. Doesn't need unnerf, just a redesign.Something like this would work:
  11. Whatever rank you get playing only core necro, means that your peformance on core necro is roughly the same as the other players on their meta builds, thus you are not throwing. You would be throwing though, if you get a higher rank with a better build, say scourge, then start playing core, naturally you won’t perform as you’re expected to.
  12. It doesn’t count. Your 11th match (where you already see the rating) will be your 10th placement. Even in placements you have rating, you just don’t see it because it goes up/down by like 100 each game and would be super depressing to lose.
  13. Pretty much this.Start when you feel you know how to make an impact on the match outcome.For example as spellbreaker it’s a good idea to learn to duel pretty well, aswell as surviving(kiting, jumping puzzles) vs multiple players trying to kill you.
  14. 2v2 queues should be implemented as an unranked preference asap. Like SH. But if checked limit party size to 2 obviously.
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