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  1. Returning player here. I'm looking for a chill group to do more organized content with. Kinda bored just running around solo all the time! Can I get an invite?
  2. I'm just returning to the game after a while off and looking for an active PvE guild to join to run all sorts of PvE content. Can I get an invite?
  3. I've been playing GW2 off and on for years, but never got around to trying out WvW. I want to give it a solid go and get into a good guild that runs regularly with solid communication and teamwork. My characters are all on Ehmry Bay atm. Are there any active WvW guilds on this server or do I need to server transfer to a more active server to get into an active WvW guild? Not sure how this all works. I haven't had much luck tracking down information on guilds on my server for WvW.
  4. I put together a build closely following this . One thing he mentions that makes the Runes of the Pack so powerful is that the boons from your Phantasms actually copy over to you twice when using Chronophantasma. This combined with the Diviner's armor is supposed to give you nearly 100% uptime on Might, Fury, and Swiftness. However, this doesn't seem to be the case for me. When I cast Phantasmal Berserker, I only see the boons copying over to me after the second attacks from each berserker, and the duration isn't very much. Did this get nerfed at some point since WP made his video? Any thoug
  5. Hey all! I am a casual player with limited playtime. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between a Power Dragonhunter and a Condi Mirage for a while now, and I’m looking to branch into a third profession. I am thinking of diving into the Elementalist. It’s always intimidated me a bit because I see everywhere about how it’s one of the harder classes, but I feel like I have a solid grasp of the game and am up for the challenge. Given I don’t have a ton of time to play, before I level one up and gear it, I am interested in the perspective of players that have played all 3 (guardian, Mesmer, and ele
  6. Hey all, looking for some tips from the experienced guardian players out there. I've been maining a Condi Mirage, mostly using one of these two builds: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Mirage_-_Axe/x_Infinite_Horizon and https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Mirage_-_Staff/Staff_Infinite_Horizon for a while now (she's my only real geared lvl 80 that I've played through a lot of content) and decided to branch out. I've read all over the place how amazing Guardian is in all game modes. I leveled him up to 80, geared him out in a combination of about 50/50 Berserker/Valkyrie gear and have been using
  7. This sounds like my kind of guild. I would love to join! I just returned to the game and am still getting my bearings.
  8. This sounds like my kind of guild! I am a newish player. Just hit 80 and started doing endgame content. I am a filthy casual dad gamer with limited playtime who pretty much sucks at the game. Can I get an invite? :)
  9. I’m still playing because I just got into the game and just started endgame content, and it’s a blast. Best MMO I’ve played. I’m not jaded yet like all the old grizzled veterans around here that like to complain about everything. ?
  10. I am interested in joining. I am a very casual player (father of 2 youngsters, they keep me busy!). I played a while back and have one lvl 80, but decided to start again on a Guardian and am enjoying playing through the game fresh. Only level 30-something so far. Would love a chill group to enjoy the game with!
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