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  1. running in 2 or 3 group with full zerk gear, can't kill single nomad then come to forum and complain.
  2. I am on party with Delete it.. I hate mount in WvW for many reason.
  3. You are right. It's more PvW when whole 50 people zerg is chasing to kill 1 pve scrub 😄
  4. yup, I play WvW for fun, and run fractal t4 for gold, takes about 30 mins and I make more gold in fractal than running WvW for like 5+ hrs.
  5. One of the reason I am not making Aurene Legendary weapons. Never felt bonding strong enough for it to waste 3k gold on her theme 😄
  6. stealth mesmers, stealth deadeye? I don't want to play around stealth. Its crappy way to play. It dictate how people roam. I have been roaming in WvW over few years. So, I definitely know how to play against stealth and with cheese stealth play. I just hated it. I don't care for skill play. I am past my prime for gaming. I just play for fun and cele lets me roam without getting ganked from thin air as I said earlier. It gives me little fighting chance. I still loose and die fyi. If you are real skilled player, then plz adust your playstyle instead of looking for easy kill.
  7. 1 shot cheese sure can complain alot. I am having fun with celestial. I still die but at least not getting ganked out of thin air anymore. I don't mind if they remove cele but stealth gotta go as well with it.
  8. I have been running no KP run for past year or so. My lfg looks something like this w1-w7 full clear EXP !! 2 alac, 1 HB, 1 quickness, 1 druid, dps (role @join) I also type in squad message "This is no KP check run, no flaming other players and if you are not exp plz don't hold others back." "mechanics > dps, don't greed dps and fail mechanics" I mostly clear pretty much all wings except 1 or 2 bosses here and there. At the end, we all have fun, good time and dead bosses with respectable time. edit : I haven't have to kick anyone in full 6 months now. Feels goo
  9. I quit complaining about it. I just don't do this meta anymore :). Good luck to you and Anet if this is the direction Anet wants to go. Also, If you doubt my dps, add me.. I will take you to Aerodrome and show you 35K+ dps. Same with my Managing group of 10, Come join my raid and strike run. But managing 50 random people? I am not built for it.
  10. Except, in competitive game, If it's bad for you, it must be good for others. PvP is dead and WvW is thriving.
  11. Cele or full viper Harbringer only becomes problem when there is someone else is keeping you busy and they get to free cast on you. Just like everything else if they are good. 1 on 1, they r not too bad. Alot of build can shut them down completely.
  12. Skyscale is grindy but I don't think people quit game over it. But, if open world player have nothing to do, they will quit. At least, this will keep them going for couple of more years. I sincerely think, it will be good for game health. I could be wrong though.
  13. I don't see harm giving open world players option to get legendary armor. They can model after gen 3 weapons. Just make it grindy. I think, it will be good for game health.
  14. I love this... Don't we have enough legendary weapon but we getting more? Edit : disagree all you want but it's the truth 😄
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