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  1. Legends say that once you still hear the noise after turning off the PC & going to bed, you are a true Guardian main. It has to burn itself into your soul
  2. I just hope they add something that you can see immediately, because I quite enjoy seeing & meeting veterants of the game :v A red title would be optimal in my eyes 😬
  3. I mean what you say is very much objective - fact is ArenaNet will probably add something exclusive to the 10th Birthday present and it will for sure contain a title. Making it red to honor 10 years of support for the game doesn‘t seem like the most unfair or demanding request in the world to me.
  4. I am talking about the usual titles we get with our birthdays like Long-Term Commitment. I believe playing & supporting the game for 10 years should also also be rewarded with something special - how about a title similar to the Extra Life one just with the typical red Guild Wars 2 color instead of blue. I personally would very much appreciate it, it would indicate who was a day 1 supporter and it would be something to work towards for newer players by keep playing the game. The special enrichment we got for our 9th present was awesome, I hope we can follow up with something just as great
  5. My question is if the Guild Wars 2 matchmaker for PvP ranked games would work better if the requirements for certain divisions such as legendary would get adjusted to a lower population of players? Short explanation - season just ended and we have only a handful of players that finished in Legendary, which is very weird when knowing how much more players used to finish in the Legendary Division a few years ago - many people are complaining that this low population causes the matchmaker to create unfavorable match-ups once they reach Plat 2/3 and that losses during those messed up matches hu
  6. Virtuoso is at this point in time the weakest EoD spec - it is not even a question
  7. Problem is that people could exploit that to get PvP rewards more quickly. If the team that forfeits wouldn‘t get gold, pips and reward track progress, it would probably be fine, even if I still see source for problems, because legend level players would probably get alot of free wins, which would make them get rewards very fast, but also destroy most of their matches, since they would be over very quickly.
  8. I think toxicity is just what happens when the tendency to blame others meets the anonymity of the internet
  9. Nerfing RF would instantly make every single guard build not viable anymore. Guards are playing it because it is mandatory to survive and to not get instantly farmed - not because it is broken. Why do you think Willbender was trash tier a few weeks ago and had it‘s virtue cooldowns reduced despite already running RF? This is a complete nonsense thread and same with a few comments considering Willbender won‘t see actual competitive play in MAT‘s while Herald does and still will. Glad most in here agree that this has to be an actual joke
  10. I think we can all agree that Willbender is on a better path in ranked right now and I think with 2 changes it could become a serious competition to Heralds for AT level play: Willbender Flames Reason behind Willbender Flames was to support us in getting hits for the Virtue triggers, which F1 and F2 currently fail to do. Please turn them all into circles like F3. Righteous Sprint Many of you know that Guard weapons are extremely clunky and while I appreciate the recent hammer buffs, they won‘t resolve the clunkyness issue on hammer/greatsword, which is comple
  11. Yooo brotha chill, I need it for thieves to show me when they want to stealth me up
  12. I understand that more is coming Tuesday, but I am still extremely confused why only Catalyst changes have been shown in the preview
  13. Yes, everyone knows that build, it is old and no it is not broken, because you can oneshot the Soulbeast first. It is literal paper
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