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  1. Thought the same, kinda sad. Would have loved to see one light, one medium and one heavy class, but I am glad we got any information
  2. I am sure about that 🤣 but I would still like to see some big numbers for on all classes for PvP even if there will be power creep that will beed fixing. Makes the meta fun
  3. Which Elite Spec should be revealed alongside Virtuoso and the new Necromancer Elite Spec?
  4. Very good. We need more like that for all elite specs. Thank you
  5. Pretty sure Firebrand will be still unplayable after next balance patch lol
  6. No it is 2s in PvP and does really underwhelming damage, tested it alot in the past weeks
  7. Short reminder, if tomorrow is a balance patch. Pweese Anet UwU thanx x3334
  8. I think they don’t realize that they are shooting into their own foot with this way of running the game and ruining their future End of Dragon sales. Marketing for expansions isn‘t made by Steam releases or media companies, but by the community, who enjoys the game and shares it with their mutuals. Some excuse it by saying „the game is on maintainance mode until EoD release“, but what way of running a game is that honestly? People didn‘t buy the game + expansions and support it with gem purchases every month to be able to play the game when the next expansion is released. Right now we hav
  9. Is is a shame. The PvP events of this week were meant as a treat for the starved PvP community and they all got ruined by this messed up meta and the unwillingness to release constant balance patches for PvP on ArenaNets side, to the point were easily over 50% of players ran Scourge in the 2v2 tournament a few days ago. I thought that maybe one will be released before the PvP events, because a ToL in this meta would be unbearable to watch and to play, yet we got nothing. Scourge, Prot Holo, as well as the Mirage Mirror bug/hack will ruin the entire tournament guaranteed and I think I spea
  10. Thanks for the clarification - this would then mean that if you made 1 Conflux you automatically could equip 2 without the need to make a second, right? If yes, then that‘s sick
  11. Some made 2 Confluxes, Conflux and Slumbering Conflux, because not all people are into raids. Will they only have 1 Conflux after the next patch or will they still be able to equip the 2 Conflux variants? I mean some people have invested time and thousands of gold into getting a second one and that being wiped out in an update would seem very unfair to me.
  12. Honestly, after what went down yesterday in the 2v2 event, we would need a balance patch this week to at least save the Tournament of Legends from what is happening right now in this meta. Many suspect a balance patch next week, which in my opinion would be too late when the most exciting PvP events in a while get all ruined
  13. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, we are simply the best players.
  14. I agree with you to be honest, I feel the same when it comes to tomes and ToR and ToC for sure need a rework, but I am not sure if ArenaNet would be willing to go as far as to buff them, this is why I asked for these small changes, in order to at least make it playable and from that point on ArenaNet could further balance. But I 100% agree with your opinion, pretty much with every point your brought up. In general I feel there is something extremely wrong with Guardian elite specs in PvP, when one does only work by exploiting Trapper Runes and the other one is straight up unplayable
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