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  1. I bought the Ultimate edition and activated it while the Trading Post was under maintenance. I received the skins, extra shared slot with 80 boost, weapon chest, and Identity Repair Kit but didn't get the 4000 gems.
  2. You didn't get the item. I was maxed out as well. Bough the ultimate edition, now I have 25 slots(with the 80 boost in one)
  3. I wish I had known this was going to have the previous meta infusion level of odds of dropping when I opened the free one up. I would have put much more though into it because with my RNG, it will likely be the only one I will ever get.
  4. While I can not pick a favorite level, I love too many of them.And I'm not too concerned what's the vendor selling. I would LOVE to explore more of Moto and his former krew members. I'd like to know more about how Ketto, Yavvi, and the Somno-Scholar are doing.
  5. I don't hate this method, but there was a huge sticker shock seeing the full gem cost all 30. The full RNG is rough. I would have liked the odds cut down by selecting what type of mount. If given the options, I would have skipped all the skimmer skins.I wanted a few of the griffins, few of the springers and most of the Jackals especially Twin Sands.I did buy 10 of them for forty something dollars. Of the 10, I got only one Jackel skins(one I liked but not Twin Sands), 2 Griffon skins I wanted and one I wasn't interested in, got 2 springer skins I wanted, and 2 skimmer I had no interest in
  6. Aurene does have the ability to communicate directly with the commander as we saw in Crack in the Ice. She may just appear before us(because she showed she can experience the world through our eyes and interact with us without ever leaving Tarir).
  7. Maybe a one off or a full black lion set: Inquest Universal Weapon(s) - Such as a staff stored looks like a blocky stick exactly the size of the grips for characters, when weilded the ends form a holagraphic shape(s) diffrent based on the class holding it(elementalist has element symbols floating, thief the ends become blades, druid a branch, revenant have blunted ends, guardian a book).Googly Eye cannon! Toy- Lets players shoot players and inanimate objects/geometry with momentary googly eyes.Or maybe a plaid dye set? (not sure if a texture can go into a dye channel)A set of the Aviator shade
  8. Here a few landscape screenshots I took during the Path of Fire demo weekend.https://imgur.com/a/lE3nL
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