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  1. I don't envy their position as a whole. I have no idea what kinds of pressures they're facing internally, but externally on the player side here, it's just so frustrating to always be on the cusp of having a cohesive game/narrative and then something happens that directly opposes what they've established in the past. Then there's the engine limiting what they can do - or time crunch - or the development of the xpack... On these notes, I think my sympathy is more or less deserved. But just continuing through IBS like a battering ram through a crowded street didn't feel like the right way
  2. To me, it comes across as both a result of the Expack development squeeze as well as an unwillingness to just say what's on their plate at any given time. Don't get me wrong, I fundamentally understand that some things make more sense to keep under wraps. That's fine, that's their prerogative. However, sticking to their guns here seemed to have produced many more negatives than positives. I don't want to say my opinion matters necessarily more than others, but people satisfied with IBS' last legs... well I don't know why the bar is so low.
  3. Perhaps thankfully, I believe IBS was a mistake not to be repeated.
  4. It feels like a party trick: "Look at all these things I can juggle!" But then, every attempt to catch something is met with the sad sound of something breaking when it hits the ground.
  5. I wake up on my warrior character with a spear in hand - I was a paragon all along! Yeah. Just you know, bring spears and tridents out of the water. That's what I got out of IBS, because a satisfying conclusion was nowhere to be found.
  6. I thought the same thing. The XP bar shows the spirit shard reward at the end - that's how I knew it was still on core mastery xp. Personally, I think it's an oversight.
  7. I've just been disappointed by the clear lack of direction. By this point, it's like OK, 2015, expack, 2017 expack, 2019? No. 20? No. 21? Sure, but in the back part of the year and marred by the worst conclusion to a story since the Zhaitan debacle. Icebrood may have changed in the middle of its trajectory, but the amount of handwaving that's been done narratively is just sad. I have an amount of hope for EoD nonetheless, but the road from launch to EoD has been absolutely absurd. They have my sympathy for layoffs. They have my sympathy for leadership issues. They have my sympathy for press
  8. Hello everyone! There are several different kinds of players; those who turn music off in-game, and those who enjoy listening to it, and a wacky third category somewhere. For the most part, I would consider myself to be a great fan of HoT music when compared to PoF. Generally speaking, I preferred how varied HoT music was compared to PoF. I feel PoF had a great deal of "samey-ness" attached to it. I know it was all about that distinct "God of War" theme for many reasons, but to me it just wasn't as powerful when it all shared a lot of the same motifs. And, not to mention the "elevator music" c
  9. That's a nice start. But being honest, I like the largess of the 2nd meta, but tagging it along to very briefly after a boss rush is a but much. In a way, the Boss Rush is a bit problematic because while one might be tempted to enjoy fat loot from it... you need some downtime to square your stuff away and give hands a break, etc. Please, don't anyone take this as me saying remove the boss rush or anything, I just think the pacing of the two metas back to back is exhausting. BUT THEY'RE STILL COOL (no pun intended). Bah I'm conflicted... it's basically what I wanted but just a tad too much at
  10. For me, this would be a moment that leads to a poor explanation when an alternative exists. Joko. Specifically his "undeath" that is transferred to Aurene.The tool her mother used to allegedly cheat death is actually the Shield #4 skill on revenant: Crystal Hibernation. It stands to reason that Glint could have given this knowledge to Aurene when they had their "private chat" while the Commander had to go another route.I have many problems with just chalking it up to "Joko is undead, so now you're able to come back to life!" In many other media where Liches exist, they typically have rituals
  11. Everything comes down to this: Do you want story updates to come to a standstill over this?No.I would rather get rolling updates over time and fill in the gaps as needed than get what would likely be NO story updates while they hold onto what they're making over time.That's how we get burnout and people leaving the game. Is it ideal? No. Is it better than nothing? I would say it is 7/10, and yet it gives me something to do for QUITE a while considering the nature of some of these achievements.There is no better alternative in my opinion. This is "forward" until further notice.
  12. I'm not 100% certain if it will affect the wavy lines, but perhaps try to turn off post-processing effects? It may reduce or eliminate them altogether. If it's an effect even loosely related to the "drunk" waviness, it should be remedied.
  13. What can I say... as an old GW1 vet, story-wise, I'm attached to the lore and want to see where things go. Mechanically, combat is very fluid and that's a big plus .I reside as a roamer in WvW when I've finished/lost interest in the LW episode and don't have expansion content to play. I Played a ton of PvP before 2020, but fell off for the last 2-3 seasons. Even if things still need attention in the competitive modes, I enjoy them and [hopelessly] hope they would do more than just conquest. Movement is a breeze and interacts well with gliding, mount/dismount, etc. Best mounts in any game I've
  14. I'll take spears and tridents. Both, one-handed or two, are perfectly viable for many professions.
  15. Ignore them! More is better! They'll have to find a way to play... like they always do!
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