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  1. I just want to say that I love that you're fighting for more difficult content. However I preface your enthusiasm with a cautionary tale of what the argument can look like according to this community: This was my attempt to bridge the argument of hard mode in Guild Wars 2 for Overworld content. There's real pushback, but I don't know why to be honest.
  2. I have a suspicion that Guild Wars 2's "open world" it's really just heavily modified instance from Guild Wars 1's PVE instances. Don't really have much to go on besides a sneaking suspicion, but I don't think it would be very difficult to do even if that weren't part of the actual options available to them. Surely there must be a way.
  3. I tried to be very clear-minded when thinking of what to write here. Please take a look: Vindicator notes! Greatsword Skills 1 skill chain. The auto-attack chain seems fine but it feels a bit less meaty compared to others "out of the box". I do appreciate that it doesn't spam vulnerability out the wazoo as easily as other Sword 1, but it sort of feels like it doesn't have its own identity. I know it's a bit odd to complain about a chain skill feeling "bland" but it does. 2. Mist Unleashed. I appreciate that it's a similar burst to the ranger's Maul on th
  4. Just here to bump because #InsertQuoatation is exactly right: @
  5. I should mention, buff = change/alter their mechanics to make them more interesting. Most Word Bosses just sit in one place anyway. They're awfully cinematic the first few times you fight them, but even in pre-HoT they got boring super fast.
  6. HoT's difficulty was worth it and then was scaled down later. I'd say that was a nerf. The overworld is already less dangerous, but the fact that World Bosses don't carry a threat of failing them unless it's due to population is a bit boring. As far as our experiences as players go, I don't know how you play and you don't know how I play. But the fact that I say things are too easy and you say things are just fine/hard enough as they are is a point of departure. The only time I fail things in open world are due to needing more people to get through a health bar/cc bar fast enough to beat th
  7. Let me be clear, I'm looking for an example of a thing that got buffed, not the outcry. Like you say, there's always a group of us players who'd like generally harder overworld content, but since when have things actually been buffed in recent times?
  8. No, but it's certainly showing its age/things that need attention.
  9. Sure, but in the sense that it forms part of the contemporary vanilla experience is perhaps a better way to describe what I mean. I remember when conditions started to affect WBs. I remember even after doubling their HP they were never quite the same. I'm a proponent for upkeep, but there are many factors that prevent these things from taking place. I just wish the game was as popular as I thought it deserved to be, but there's no indication that would necessarily change anything.
  10. I mean... Buff all the vanilla world bosses, but they won't until after EoD drops at the absolute earliest.
  11. The decision of locking the Norn transformations behind elite skills robbed them of using the transformations more frequently. Now you basically only see Norn as just big, floppy humans all the time as opposed to seeing them in any of their forms. Their cultural identity as shapeshifters is zero. So much for Brahm being able to transform, he was already no different than any other Norn on that front.
  12. Small backstory: I started a course in October of 2020 that was to last until April of this year. That demanded a ton of my time and I was, until then, playing GW2 a bit each day between 1-2 hours, usually getting my dailies from WvW and doing an occasional DRM. As things went on, I saw the shifts in the game towards more DRMs as the [perceived] crunch for EoD became more apparent. We rolled right through to this point after the finale and all the tumult of that release. It was a flashback to sitting in the Silverwastes, but I have a memory enjoying SW much more. I can't quite place why.
  13. I don't envy their position as a whole. I have no idea what kinds of pressures they're facing internally, but externally on the player side here, it's just so frustrating to always be on the cusp of having a cohesive game/narrative and then something happens that directly opposes what they've established in the past. Then there's the engine limiting what they can do - or time crunch - or the development of the xpack... On these notes, I think my sympathy is more or less deserved. But just continuing through IBS like a battering ram through a crowded street didn't feel like the right way
  14. To me, it comes across as both a result of the Expack development squeeze as well as an unwillingness to just say what's on their plate at any given time. Don't get me wrong, I fundamentally understand that some things make more sense to keep under wraps. That's fine, that's their prerogative. However, sticking to their guns here seemed to have produced many more negatives than positives. I don't want to say my opinion matters necessarily more than others, but people satisfied with IBS' last legs... well I don't know why the bar is so low.
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