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  1. Not entirely - or at least not exclusively , but MKL did highlight the issue , I've observed this in more or less all the popular meta events. My newly joined friends who have just leveled up and started playing the Metas have noticed how difficult it is to get into a group, on a server, and as it is with new people, this kind of frustration could eventually lead to them leaving, - this should not be perceived as a treat, just an observation. This is an observation from the "new people" - the lifeblood of games - and while it itself might not be the defining moment for them quitting the game,
  2. While this is a little off-topic, I wanted to let you know that what you are referring to as "server" is actually a map instance. There are no different servers in PvE, only in WvW. People have requested multiple times that ANet finally did something about that, i.e. informing people that maps are full and cannot be joined, but so far to no avail. :/ Ah yes, it's just because the error is "server is full" that it kinda stuck in the headm but you're rightly right on that one. :) Best Regards//T
  3. I get what you're saying... I'm fine with making my own groups, and I'm fine with getting there earlier - even when time is pressed to RL, most of the time, when I'm soloing around it's not the biggest issue, - though I have found myself alone in an meta a few times. My issue is more with the fact that looking for a group, is usually one big "server full" encounter, which you loose.Currently, when a meta gets going, like Auric Basin there are like 6+ groups going, all of them have 20-50 is people, with only half of the people in the group being on the actual same server, the rest are skipping
  4. This one, of all the suggestions, is my favorite at the moment - the other 3 are tried and tested, and is far less a guarantee with a slightly busy schedule, taking it to the forum in the offline hours seems like a legit solution. oh .. and here is a Venom Quote..."Venom: Outstanding. Now let’s bite off all their heads off and pile them up in the corner." //T
  5. The last few weeks I have been getting a lot of my friends online to play GW2,I love the game, and I love how it plays, and getting RL friends to play is even more fun. But there is one feature which is infuriating to the degree of mind numbing frustration. When doing Metas, Events, anything that takes a group, - you can usually join the group, but not the server... this, "tiny" fact is beyond me to understand why it's doing so, and it's frustrating.The amount of time wasted, find a group, trying to get into the group, then to join the server - check a few times, then leave the group, try an
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