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  1. Funny you should mention AoE stolen skills. Deadeye used to have that back when PoF launched. They removed it. It was too strong I guess, iunno.
  2. @fluffdragon.1523 I'd rather we focus on areas the thief can shine rather than shoehorn them into a role they are unsuited for. They are unsuited for support because they don't bring anything unique to the table, and their actual support capabilities require a LOT of micromanagement, pin-point placement, and cooperation on the recipients part.. there's no stealth healing if you auto-attack like a muppet and reveal yourself. Imagine telling someone they have to stop doing DPS in order to be healed in a raid setting. I just don't think overloading an entire elite spec in o
  3. Unrelated, but this is pretty funny. "Shits getting too expensive, time to rob the world!" - A thief, probably
  4. These discussions always seem like "Thief doesn't have support. We should add support because it doesn't have any!" without regarding how the rest of the traits and utilities fit into that mindset. The only trait trees with KINDA support options is Shadow Arts and Trickery. Shadow Arts in one very particular niche of stealth and SS healing, and Trickery in terms of boon-support inside a 360 radius which is dependent on EVERYONE hugging either the Target or the Thief, where the latter is kind of impossible considering how much Thief has to move around to stay alive. The two don't re
  5. Don't see where this came from. Thought they corrected thiefs "overperformance" when they altered the initiative cost. To be promoting build diversity they sure are quick to correct those changes.
  6. Doesn't help that both the PvP and WvW communities constantly complain about being on "Sinking Ships" and "Garbage Gamemodes", with an obligatory "Thanks ANET" thrown in every match/hour. All of which ends up deterring new player participation. Can't count the amount of times I've read something along the lines of "****ing Warclaw/Legendary farmers gtfo and make room for someone who actually knows how to play" in the WvW chat, regardless of whether or not they are there for that purpose. Not saying Anet couldn't do a better job maintaining these gamemodes, but I am saying the commu
  7. This is really just a terrible idea. Why would you want gear to act as bandaids for your classes shortcomings? This has to stop, just lower the initiative cost and tweak values appropriately instead of the lazy approach that is locking out the entire thiefs weapon arsenal after one or two skill usages. Tried playing Thief without Trickery or Deadeye lately. Good lord I feel like I am sitting there with 5 second cooldowns on every weapon skill after doing what amounts to nothing. What they really have to do is unbloat the D/P combo and make thief less reliant on sho
  8. Dude... Come on, by GW2 standards that might as well be permanent, considering how fricking much can happen in a single second in the frantic fights in this game. By definition, no it doesn't last forever but that's just arguing semantics instead of the topic. It's enough time for many cooldowns to reset, if not the fight itself. (Yes I am aware sometimes thieves are forced to do this because they have little to no staying power). Just for the record, full immortality is also stupid. Warriors, Guards and Rangers are notorious for chaining that kitten for 5+ seconds at a time so that's not any
  9. Only problem with stealth is the stacking of it, imo.I think it's more important to nerf D/P and balance from there. If you do so you'll quickly notice all the other weaknesses in a thiefs kit and why they are so reliant upon it, so it'll be easier to notice the problems and make changes accordingly. A lot of the thieves balance issues are rooted in this kit because it's so goddamn overloaded in utility without sacrificing a sliver of damage. Dude... Come on, by GW2 standards that might as well be permanent, considering how fricking much can happen in a single second in the frantic fights in
  10. I don't think that is necessarily true. When it comes to traits, thief seems kinda as much selfish as ranger and they got a support elite spec with druid that largely enhanced their supportive features. Thief already has 2 supportive trait lines to pair such an elite spec with: trickery and shadow arts. I don't think that's true, and I think Crab Fear is right. Trickery is just about mandatory for thieves for the initiative management, sure the occasional scrub might get some boon scraps thrown here and there if the thief is within spitting vicinity, but people don't take trickery give party
  11. It's pretty good for interrupts when you are point-blank though... Defeats the original purpose, maybe, but it works for that.
  12. I don't know man, the condition damage just seems wasted. Even though the 40% Quickness Duration is pretty sweet, it's not THAT different from 1/3rd increase in duration. Axe Mastery is really tempting and it would make up for the lacking ferocity, but I would be giving up a Quickness source for it, in exchange for a shorter cooldown on quickness from the axes. Don't quite know which would give me a higher up-time, on bosses it would probably be worth it. Actually that's a really easy swap to just make on the fly while playing, so it's not a big deal. I'll definitely consider it, see which gi
  13. Haha, I am. I just use placeholder weapons when I made this build. I might, actually. It's a gimmick build all about Quickness so every second adds up. That table is going to be really helpful for the future, thanks for sharing both that and the build you made, got some ideas out of it.
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