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  1. There are too many things that Anet needs to explain.Why is his magic so special?Why only he can create awaken?How did he become a lich? From the performance of POF and LS4, Joko's personal strength is not very strong, he just can not be killed by normal magic or weapon and he can continue to create awaken.
  2. No GW3Even if there is, it will not be MMOrpg
  3. If GW3 is still MMORPG, it will die faster than we expected.
  4. it has 'Annual' achievements, so it should be back every year like other festival
  5. They could have their unique effects and the same combination effects like now.Anet just dont want make unique effects for Vision and Coalescence.Disappointing.
  6. They want to deliver expansion-like content in LW, I think many people have too high expectations for this. It maybe just Chef 500 :wink:
  7. Pls let us make them in mystic forge, like 250 mistbron mote+ ascended weapon+something+something :'(
  8. The single effect of Vision and Aurora is the same makes me very let me disappointed. Their cost is very expensive.I like the effect when I have both of them, but Anet even not change the color of the Vision's effect :(Shame
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