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  1. I disliked it at first but the more I played it the more I enjoyed the exploration and the hidden things that made it feel like a sense of discovery and being rewarded for finding that hidden cove. for 100%-ing the map, yea I totally agree its a pain. But the actual map outside of it is really nice, and has my favorite meta from the expansion. I wish NKC had more hidden things like that outside from the vault.
  2. I'm stuck on 5/6 as well. I stopped bothering because I've maxed out EoD MP so far. I was able to complete Looking Back (pre-fix) before I was able to complete The Six, and that's something.
  3. This map makes no sense. On one hand you have people who are out and about fishing, map completion, story, events for MP's achievements Jade farming... and then you have a Meta that requires a full map of people maxed out doing events consistently, prepping and then starting the thing, and some things are locked and unable to do until you complete the meta. Both of these things do NOT mix together, and is causing a clash between the people who want to do the meta and people who want to just do the map. The Meta itself is fine for what it is leading up to it and the mechanics
  4. I tried to do a roller beetle race with one with someone feeding me the boost in the backseat... I didn't win by ANY means, but uh I did give it a shot. It's basically a shoulder shrug of a mount.
  5. The Crazy part is that the story version of that fight is actually amazing . Which makes parts of this meta even more upsetting. I would say that 45% of that fight is animations 2% of it is dialog queues cutting out or sound like its cycling through the mechanics, confused on what mechanic its actually going to do, and the rest is the actual fight. I'd say tweak the Meta, and you guys can always add a version of the boss fight as a strike mission, tailored to the original vision, if you really wanted to.
  6. Jade Bot Mini Pet Since the current one we have is tied to animations. It would be cool to have one as a mini pet that floats beside you. I'm rather surprised one isn't in the game already, as a collection reward or something for finishing all the Jade Bot Masteries. I hope they do add on in the future.
  7. Oh well that makes sense *smacks head* its a Social event! Here I thought we're supposed to get together and fight a dragon, instead, we're just supposed to all Roleplay it to death. I think a lot of us don't even care about the turtle at this point. I think most of us just want to be able to complete it. Too many 20%-1% losses.
  8. Canach got that fresh drip going on ,Rama is an interesting Kung Lao and Akane is our inner selves at work. 10/10 game.
  9. What it should have been is something like the Mini pets, where if there is too many people on the map it turns off. Also have the ability to toggle it on and off. Or, depending on how the engine lets them get away with it. Make it so only you can see your Own bot.
  10. I was on an extremely well coordinated map, and we managed to get the boss down to 1%. Everyone just trying to push that last 1% and then the dragon does the spin move which wasted 7 seconds and for the last 4-5 seconds that 1% did not drop and we failed. Either increase the time of the fight. or adjust the phases at 25% health instead of 20% health. The visuals need to be looked into as well. There is no way this was tested and everyone playing was getting a decent frame rate. Parts of it was a slide show mess.
  11. The 10 people who decided to Craft a Legendary underwater item will be so pleased!
  12. I think the Jade bots is the most interesting Mastery Track for features. It does have potential, even to add future ideas later on. It's like the looked at the Mag from PSO and thought of a way to make them useful, and I'm all for it.
  13. If I was to hazard a guess I'd say It would be on 02/22/2022, Which is a Tuesday, which falls in line with their patch updates and such.
  14. I'm probably going to make a shield. Then reskin it back to the Ghastly skin I use now.
  15. The Skiff is designed so you can plop your siege mount on it and have a 3 man war boat to shoot at all those fishing from the docs. One of the Mastery Points will unlock Ride of the Valkyries, so you can decimate in style.
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