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  1. SeTect, Thanks for your message, it gave me direction to look - I had done all the maps physically, but bought from WvW vendor. I went and looked at the WvW maps physically, and there was a point on Eternal Battlegrounds that hadn't come to me. So I have the 404 now (and a lot shorter looking process, lol). Incidentially this was your 403 post, I found it funny you were talking about only having 403 points 🙂 Thank you all for your suggestions!
  2. Hi; According to the wiki, a level 80 character should have a total 898 pts spent to max all the core skills, specializations, and elite specialization, leaving 404 left from the 1302 possible to earn (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Hero_point). My most complete character shows 403 total. I have map completed Central Tyria, and each of the other maps on the wiki site (Maguuma Wastes, Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire) - I have moused over each individual map and all show x/x complete. The Krait Shard might be an issue - it is 1 point - I purchased it via Laurels and the wiki
  3. Hi; I started playing after I became side paralyzed due to a stroke, and I find the ranged attackers are the easiest to play, especially with ranger pets/necromancer minions to pin down or distract the bads if I have to run away from the fight. I have tried the berserker/guardian/revenant types, but they are (for me) too taxing to keep track of cooldown/power usage order/just hitting the power keys in the middle of a fight. They are do-able though, if I take my time with the various fights, don't aggro in too many mobs at once, and just accept a slower completion pace than other players. I a
  4. I completed the 3 weapons collections (Scion's Claw, Eclipse, Favor of the Colossus) when they were released a while back. I still have the unbound great sword and torch in my bank inventory, but I cannot find the sword anywhere, in the bank or on any character. I must have tossed or mystic forged it and not remember. Can I go through the steps in the collection again to re-forge/acquire it? Thanks.
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