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  1. With the most recent battle between Soulbeast and druid in the forums, my blood is boiling for more duels to be made public here on the forum! Entertain us!
  2. Imagine if the bugged animations also gave off the effects. Perma-swoop Soulbeast running at hypersonic speed, invincible spellbreakers, Mace countering guardians, perma hammers revs lmao
  3. Agreed on the barrier and the regen. I just didn't want too much regen (lesser to the cantrips on ele tbh) to not overlap a lot with Dogged March. I understand 25% chance. Imminent threat I wanted to somehow make viable without asking for a stun break. And I though"why taunt if you don't have FC available?", that's why the idea on extra adrenaline and the recharge. It's just the execution that matters in the end. Dmg buff in competitive for Break Enchantments, as well as an additional boonstrip. WoD just the plain old increase in boonstrip per pulse, if not an increase per ta
  4. Yeah more or less it's a replacement. I see burn on rage skills as quite irrelevant even for condi builds (given the range capabilities of Rage skills) so this would benefit a build using rage skills, as well as improve non-Berserk Mode, Berserker game play. As for Smash Brawler as a trait, probably something affiliated with might (extra cond dmg per might to make up for Strength's extra power per Might) could be of use. Frankly I'm not sure. The ideas mostly revolve around better skill effects for both specs and at least 1 skill trait as opposed to none. We get somet
  5. Late post-patch Ideas on Meditations and Rage Skills: Meditations Merge Guard Counter with Revenge Counter into Perfect Counter (merge of the current 2 skills, less Protection uptime). In place of Guard Counter add Tranquility: "Meditation skills grant Regenaration on use (2s) and have reduced recharge (10%). 1) Featherfoot Grace: "Break stuns and gain Superspeed (5 sec). A percentage of all incoming dmg (25%, 1s ICD) is reflected back at foes near you (500 radius). Does not trigger stun effects on oneself (Shocking Aura). OR "Break stuns and gain
  6. Depends on your class tbh. It's more about benchmarks than it is dps. Like, you need to smartly place your dmg in bombs to get huge value out of it, instead of tagging 1 or 2 enemies with your attacks. I suppose you should aim for at least 100k + in quick zerg v zerg encounters, where either zerg gets wiped after the push. For long term fights, save your dmg for spikes even if it lowers you overall dmg. Instead of say continuously increasing overall dmg by attacking that said 1 or 2 targets if it's not rly necessary. Basically what's known as "chasing" after a single target.
  7. Let's see Id like to see a more aggressive take to all the specs. A more evil set of specs compared to PoF where most specs had to do with heroes and stuff. SpB are sunspears, Fbs are the priory of elona, scourges harnessed the powers of the sand like Mirage (more neutral of a role but still not quite villain-like) etc. Warrior: Demonslayer (any weapon at this point but shortbow, Spear would be beloved, Greataxe would be a wet dream) Guardian: I like the Avenger idea with OH Sword, may make Guards more capable combatants outside the DH stealth memes or the (ew) condi
  8. Ngl, I'd dig a rifle rework into a Gatling gun. Increase AA speed and rate of fire by 100%, same for volley, skills 3 and 4 are also volley with same CD but 1 extra round for each skill (+1 on 3 and +2 on 4 compared to volley), skill 5 becomes an instant fallback dodge, all skills have 3 ammunition. Relentless pew pew. Each skill will consume 1 stack of unclockable so you can unload all your skill with a single stack of unblockables through the enemy reflects and projectile hate. 😃 New trait: gain quickness while wielding a rifle (1 sec interv
  9. I'm very happy with that rune on my glass troll engi or my Prot Holo roamer.
  10. Yeah I don't see an issue with MoB being convertible. If anything it gives you more options and probably lessens the good-awful gring required to make armor and trinkets in WvW.
  11. Just give all skills in all professions across the game some CC. Then we will fight each other with 20k health while dealing 7 dmg per strik and we will try to stun the enemy more times than us to win, rather than kill them. You could always try to kill them tho. May only take 1 or 2 thousand hits.
  12. I wasted money to put up an exotic full trailblazer necro with ascended trinkets. Torment runes as well. I played the core condi tank. I was spamming 1 and did some smart kiting with worm, should 2 and Spectral walk to avoid the big spikes. Never did I feel so disgustingly overpowered. Never. 3 and 4 v1 without me moving around much and almost killing people (they revived each other and it was more of a test than a killing spree). Guess who was the only one capable of putting a fight? A condi trailblazer Weaver, we couldn't kill each other. I did spike th
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