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  1. Bro...they just changed all these minor things like hitbox and angles for willbender, reversal of fortune being used mid-air, while NAtural healing and healing signet exist in this game (not too long as guard signets and traits also got better) and full counter, the literal basis for reversal, cannot be activated on air cause you know, why would it.
  2. A power berserker broke into their house, tied them up when asleep and NTRd their partner probably.
  3. Even if zerker is in a hypothetical healthy spot, does that counter the imbalance of classes with much higher representation than ideal? How are these nerfed and toned down to match warrior and maintain that percentage on player benchmarks? Clearly class balancing bias. As always.
  4. Don't worry guys, some PR will appear in a third-party gaming interview site like it's 2008 and will vaguely say stuff about the progress being made with WORLD RESTRUCTURING, NOT ALLIANCES (cause that is a very big deal and important to diversify /s) and then will act as if they need more time and patience to fix the Queue bug that's been surviving for years despite their best efforts. 😔
  5. 100% divided by 9 means that warrior is clearly not supposed to amount to even 10% of it's supposed playrate.
  6. Hmmm what is "power warrior" builds in PvP? Surely you mean Power Harbinger?
  7. Literally nothing, but you know give mesmer and guard another batch of changes.
  8. A whole lot of nothing for warrior I see. Natural Healing is still in the game anet. But instead go fix reversal of fortune and make it usable on air, while full counter cannot work when jumping or the numerous other bugs on warrior exist.
  9. Which Willbender doesn't need to take to fight me, while I would need to build specifically to counter them and even then do so at a high risk. See the logic?
  10. Don't forget to mention the terrible leap skills like earthshaker and sundering leap which lock you in place despite dragging your cursor at max range. Having you do bunny hops, when you need to actually traverse terrain. Couldn't be guardian leaps.
  11. So you want me to use signet of might as one of my utilities and restricting me to bull's charge and a single stunbreak? Give it some more thought and reflect on what you said about warr vs WB.
  12. Imagine if Spellbreaker was allowed to do that! Crazy I know... I can strip 100 boons from a willbender and they will still have 6 different boons on their bar while I struggle with some swiftness and might on mine. Class balance..
  13. A useless mechanic when it can get blocked or simply tanked by stab (multiple sources of). Not to mention the terrible animation which ensures, with your single stack of the stunbreak stab, that you will end up not completing the jump half the times. To knockback downed enemies must be the worst and most terrible ability for a skill, signifying that your class lacks cleave to finish downs properly. But it probably gets balanced around the GvG buddies of Roy and CMC and how some SPBs use stomp there to avoid enemies rezzing their people.
  14. It's amazing how the builds used by WB get buffed and they receive things like, reduced aftercast and increased hitbox scaling on weapons. Meanwhile to give any of this on warrior, it must be an omega patch every half a decade and then it's still probably gonna be trash. A willbender can deal 10 times the damage any warrior build can while being aggressive and not losing out on any defense, since blinds/blocks/stab/resi and perfect tagging port movement, allow you to do what another class has been struggling to do as it's defining mechanic since launch. It's pretty evident how @Roy Marks.7689 and @Cal Cohen.2358love WB more than your average class.
  15. Probably worst stunbreak in the game, Outrage being a close second
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