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  1. Yawn peoples till defending this expansion like their life depends on it. I don't expect the last batch of 3 especs to suddenly be good. Open world maps don't keep me or 90% of my 100 man guild invested. Neither does the story. It's specs and WvW. That one mode they just remembered. In essence you can only have fun as a comp player with good specs. Who cares about fantasy. They can be anything whatever. But presenting something to the players who know their professionas and basically seeing that it's the same thing in a different package (Bladesworn, Catalyst, Virtuoso) with added flavor is ju
  2. No. PvE won't satisfy me. The bonuses from pre-orders I don't give a kitten about. The specs are bad and won't be fixed. I'll stick to my good ol PoF/HoT combo which is all the game needs. Besides, WvW can have it all. And I main warrior. Couldn't care less running on bladejoke. Now maybe in the ffar future if I got free time and free money.. I'll consider it. Just cause the turtle may be cool.
  3. Tbh I hope it's gonna be viable. May be fun playing with. I have my ranger geared up anyway. I just need a reason to play it (I like teamfight oriented rangers with no longbow and so far I've played with the ideas of Core immob spammer, midline healer druid and stance share dps Soulbeast). A hammer spec will def be fun in that case. Minus the bleh aesthetic. Was having some fun with Hamm/axe Soldier/Sentinel warr today, but it truly is a far cry of what it could have been. If the ranger hammer introduces ways to fix warrior hammer and is never implemented (like the r
  4. We do a bit of trolling So yes.
  5. Can we give Gunflame Berserker traps as well pls anet? I'll do all in my power to defend that one.
  6. Is actually Jokesworn I rest my case 🏂
  7. I saw some people comment on pvp earlier and I don't rly care about it, I will try this spec out. But imagine Untamed rly buffing pets and Drakes in particular. That will be interesting to see. Gunflame level attacks from pet pog
  8. Don't forget Marching Orders' application CD to be reduced to burst level CD!
  9. Oh and BTW. Goes without saying how the duel would go on other specs.. Berserker may got the spike dmg for me to prefer it in some instances, but it generally isn't the brawler Core and SpB can be. My best duel on Zerker was against a ranger (which I talked about a while ago) and that is because is massively exploited my reflects and RR combo, with toughness on heal food and Herald rune vs a non-strip duelist. Imagine, yo get some Prot on Core and Zerker you need to rely on runes lel. Herald rune the one with the best Prot application and with some Boon duration, I'm
  10. That's simply red colored gravity well. Or the ability the mordrem stavemaster uses lel
  11. But I must admit.. It does look a bit lame. Who didn't expect that tho
  12. Essay alert : Yeah. I had a good duel with a Holo in WvW the other day. I think is was in Marauder core tactics warr. Not sure if it was valk/knight. In any case, the fight took us 15 straight minutes of clashing. People sat around us watching us being unable to kill each other. But here is the critical thing. I didn't miss a single CC and my Bursts had an 80% landing rate. And yet I could not kill the Holo. The Holo rivaled my dmg but had enormous healing capability. They barely moved around while I was try harding smashing my fingers jump-dodging a
  13. Don't forget the jumpy-jumpy vindis. I heard they got quite strong support capabilities in good hands. Cause Rev! We always need more Revs in good roles!
  14. My one cent to this. No matter what they make I feel like this won't be enough to replace a scourge/chrono. If it's meant to fill out the 5th slot in the perfect party of (FB, Herald, Scrapper, Scourge) then I see very few of them making it into zergs. Unless if the shroud ally buff is unique dmg mitigator. At what point we may see a mandatory thief in each party. I highly doubt they will go wild with its support capabilities though. And I also wonder, if it's going to need trickery more than ever to function and if it's going to allow for shadow arts to be implemente
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