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  1. My very first post on this forum back at launch (on my original account) was complaining about Ranger Sword. 9 years later I still don't like Ranger Sword. I've honestly stopped using it for most content because soulbeast dagger isn't that much lower damage and it's way more fun to use.
  2. Jade Sea is listed in the End of Dragons map list on their streaming schedule
  3. Hmmm, you should probably have run Skirmishing then because that's a lot of crit damage you're losing out on, which is a lot of healing you lose. At least in situations where you want to guarantee 100% crit chance. I agree with all of your points overall, but you definitely weren't getting the optimal experience.
  4. Good morning, Ranger is by far my most played and most enjoyed profession in Guild Wars 2, and over the years it has gained many good options that enabled it to perform better and better when played with other people. Back in 2012 I remember getting kicked from a party in Twilight Arbor for playing a Longbow Ranger with a Brown Bear pet (not even memeing, this was actually my build). In 2015 we get the druid, which suddenly opened up a valuable party option as a team support. In 2017 we got the soulbeast, which allowed rangers multiple ways to approach PvE content as a damage deale
  5. Second Question: why can you not use mounts in Darkrime Delves? why is that the only spot on the map where mounts are forbidden?
  6. I'm curious about the lack of Boneskinner involvement in the story. The impression I got from the trailers and the PAX presentation was that the Boneskinner was a story boss and a part of the story's narrative. Was this just a misunderstanding on our part or can we expect more Boneskinner stuff later in the Saga?
  7. Overall I enjoy the concept of the meta but for its length it has an odd amount of downtime. The pacing of the defenses is just a bit too slow, and I'm starting to notice that the bombs are not actually a threat to the shrines. Would it be possible to either adjust the time of the first third of the meta to be a bit shorter or to increase the active defense time by adding more enemies? Maybe have a champion show up every now and then? Overall the vibe I get is that this meta is intended to be a frantic defense against the elements but I think it's tuned a little too low to match that feel. Jus
  8. I have a suggestion for WvW fall damage. Why not create a new upgrade line like you did for gliding and the warclaw? Have it tier up to different amounts of fall damage resistance and have the final tier be a CC effect like what Warrior currently has. It seems to me that this would be an effective way of keeping the mechanic in WvW without adding it to traits or skills.
  9. I find it unintuitive and frustrating that builds do not function as templates, but rather as loadouts. Would it be possible to update the build side of things so that we can set actual restore points for the system to load so that when we hit our hotkey it loads the saved format? Right now if I make any changes to my build it overwrites what I put in the template, but I would prefer that it not do that. Additionally, I think is a mistake for character slots to offer more value than build and equipment expansions. 800 gems ($10) gets you a character, which has three build templates and two eq
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