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  1. Its really sad, I dont know the guy but he was on my blocklist for being a jerk to others. Now he targets me for no reason and I cant even use my chair without him homing in on me to force me in some ugly transformation preventing me from sitting back down on the chair. I really dont mind the waypoint thing cuz random ppl cant just do it to you without consent. But this is done from random ppl who sit on your chair without you having any control of it. I dont mind others sitting down, it doesnt affect me, but this bug definitely does.
  2. Loving the new chair, however it appears Ive attracted a troll that knows how to force me out of the chair everytime I use it. He uses f to sit on it and then I believe (im not sure) he transforms himself which for some reason transforms me too, forcing me out of the chair and into a transformation that I cannot cancel. Not even with photon forge or another transformation. This is what the forced transformation looks like. When I switch maps its gone, but when I come back he just sits on my chair again to troll me out of it. Blocking doesnt help sadly. https://i.imgur.com/z38uO0R.png
  3. I did last week, Ticket #7536503. They said they are looking into it, havent gotten a response since then yet, so I assume they are still looking.
  4. Please do, I will try contacting support tomorrow as well. I got a reply in like 5minutes lol pretty fast. The CS is looking into it. I also just noticed that the weird number has a Latvia or Lithuana country code. However Im from Germany. ArenaNet Messages have an unknown number though.
  5. I have not bought any gold. Neither do I use any kind of proxy. I use ESET as protection on my PC and trust Im malwarefree.You come off as aggressive and sound like youre suggesting certain things. I shall do that, Ill just refer to this thread.If theres any news Ill post it here.
  6. Thanks DeathDealer,so it does happen randomly it seems. It's really discouraging to get such unprofessional messages for something thats supposed to increase security.Wonder if Anet could look into this.
  7. Yea, I did, although an interception would happen between Anet sending out the code and my phone receiving the SMS.It is very weird. The code shouldnt work for any other network than mine, which requested it, so Ill doubt anyone can even do anything with it. So Ill just assume this was on anets side ? No other network logged in according to my account and my number wasnt changed there.
  8. So normally I get my sms authentication from ArenaNet, However 6 days ago I got the code from an unknown number with a weird text style. The code however worked and I could log in. I tried googling the phrase or number but nothing came up.Thought okay, maybe ArenaNet changed the way its sent. Today however Im getting the code from regular ArenaNet again so Im kinda freaked out by the last SMS authentication.Has anyone ever got an SMS like that before ?
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