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  1. There is now another method to unlock your TURTLE MOUNT in GW2, much easier, you don’t have to make the Meta Event any more! If you don’t have yet your Turtle, feel free to have a look at my new Updated Guide, how to get your Turtle, step by step !
  2. Did the update today fixed this bug ? Actually I discovered that you have to unlock the Jade Vault NPC again to buy more stuff, it does reset each week I think.
  3. Well, it's done. You can now choose 1 Antique Summoning Stone if you complete the Dragon End's Meta. Daily. Price is going to drop a bit more now 😄
  4. Thanks for the feedback ❤️ Spent 50 hours to work on this guide haha (10h to write the script, 10h for recording ingame, 20h for montage & 10 more hours to add manually EVERY subtitles on this 35 minutes video haha). But yeah, Antique Summoning Stones are literally 75% of the price of the Legendary so far (!)
  5. In a long term goal, yes it could probably be profitable. The price will not stay that high for many month for sure. The only sure thing : you should buy to the NPC every week your 5 Stones. But keep or sell, it's up to you, I don't think there are bad options here.
  6. Since ArenaNet announced a new way to unlock the Egg, from the 15 March you won't have to make the Meta to get your egg, you can buy it with some map currency (you get by completing events). The only "not easy" thing will be the Strike now 🙂
  7. One week after the video, the price is surprisingly stable, still very profitable 🙂 It will probably slowly go down, but it will be very long 🙂
  8. You want your Aurene Legendary Weapon, the New Legendary in GW2 End of Dragons ? Here is my comprehensive Guide, I explain step by step how to get each components, with the easiest & cheapest way.
 I really hope this will help you!
  9. as i wrote in my first post : I decided to share this with you to help everyone - If you want a legendary , it will be less expensive to buy the stones on the TP. - If you don’t want a legendary, easy free gold for you ! Enjoy !
  10. It's not alt account friendly, since you need to make the first half of the story & get the FULL ARBORSTONE Mastery. It does not need nerf, as said Infusion, the nerf is coming naturally with the price dropin, but keeping this thing profitable
  11. Yeha, price is already dropping a lot. However it will ALWAYS be profitable to sell the stones, even in many month. But yeah, the profil will be MUCH lower. Still an easy profit each week !
  12. Well, you need the Arborstone Mastery at the maximum level for this, so its not really available to alt acc unless you really play them. But this will benefit to everyone : antique stone less expensive on the TP for players who want to craft their legendary, & also a nice ptofit for people who just want to sell their stone
  13. I got a trick to make up to 100 Gold in 1 minute, each week, in Guild Wars 2. You only need End of Dragons Expansion, & the Arborstone Mastery. Check the guide here, it’s very easy! I decided to share this with you to help everyone - If you want a legendary , it will be less expensive to buy the stones on the TP. - If you don’t want a legendary, easy free gold for you ! Enjoy !
  14. I was reading my script indeed, english is not at all my native language so I am not that comfortable & I understand your feeling. But I was not bored at all, it is just my way to speak haha. On the second part of your message, I 100% agree. Especially with the fight tutorial that has always been missing. They implemented in the heart NPC of EOD first map but that's still extremely poor.
  15. On the fact to lock a mastery on the completion of a (not easy) Meta, I agree. It was not the best move, & they could have find another way to reward player that actually complete the meta (skins ? gold ? title ?). On the fact this meta is very hard, I disagree. This meta is not harder than the Dragon Stand Meta, which was locking the ability to create Gen 2 Legendary Weapon. I am really sure that in few weeks or month, the meta will have a much bigger success rate, thats what happened with literally every "challenging" meta event in open world (tequatl, TT, Dragon Stand, Chak
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