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  1. I posted already in the other thread, but I'm not sure in what one is the right place to be, so I post here too. I run the game under windows 10 and nothing comes after launcher, not even the login windows. I have tried to add "-dx9" in command line, but it didn't solve the problem. Is there a fix for that by now, so that I can start the game at least? Thanks for feedback
  2. I'm sorry if this question has been asked many times already, but this thread has by now 13 pages and I don't know where to look to find the answer I need. I run the game under windows 10 and nothing comes after launcher, not even the login windows. I have tried to add "-dx9" in command line, but it didn't solve the problem. Is there a fix? Thanks for feedback
  3. Sorry for double posting, but just to update about the situation status: It seems that the problem is linked to the outpost Noble's Folly. When I select one of my toon who is not parked in this outpost but elsewhere, like Eye of the North for example, then it works trouble free.
  4. Hello Situation: I log in OK, I select a char OK, I get to see my char standing in outpost, everything absolutely normal, and then suddenly after some seconds: pooofff! Games disappears from screen. It has closed. Additional info: - No error notification - Game was working normal 3 days ago. Any idea what can be the reason? Thanks a lot for any hints/support you could provide. EDITED FOR UPDATE: After I was able to enter the game via a toon who was parked in a different location than Noble's Folly, I forced the locati
  5. None for me. Each of my char is a personality associated with race & class. Even if it would be possible with tokens, if I want to change race and/or class, then it's a different "person", so I rather create new. 🙂
  6. I believe there are lot of different reasons combining together, but to my eyes, there are 3 mains points: - There is a new generation of players: they play many games at same time and want to go fast to end game and get best stuff immediately. If it doesn't go fast enough, it's "grinding" and they don't like it. The existing "old" MMOs have contents that match more or less well with this new approach/demand and unfortunately, GW2 isn't supposed to go fast, so causing lot of "grinding". - The last LW episodes were no real contents. They were more like big events, and since there was
  7. For me personally, the point of the speed to help PvE new players running faster isn't valid. In PvE, it just needs to get corresponding skills and/or food to run faster, what comes automatically while leveling up and doesn't take very long. And there are all the other mounts (6!) out of which the raptor that can be obtained pretty much immediately. In WvW, the warclaw got this ability to speed up at a later step, because of the too big gap between the speed of WvW players who didn't had the warclaw and those who had, creating an impossible situation for squads and roamers. That's
  8. To answer OP's statement: I strongly disagree. I play since beta. During 5 years, I had a job swallowing my life. I didn't care and was enjoying GW2 very much. During working days, I could afford about 30 to 50 minutes every 2 to 3 days, and not much more over weekend due to other sides of real life (family, friends, sports, ...). It has never been a problem to me. The only difference to those who were playing more often than me, was that I was late behind them. So what? No worries at all 🙂 I tend to believe that since about 2 to 3 years, there is a new generation of players who wa
  9. I don't believe it's a realistic possibility, but well, if we start with dreams... A new profession, like for example the Cantha ritualist from GW1 or the assassin from GW1. Both professions had been added with Cantha back those times. The assassin was so great, with this concept of skills in chain that I have never seen anywhere since then.. And the ritualist with the ghosts... sigh... 😑
  10. Personally, I do love ArcDPS and find it a huge help in two different ways: - I learned enormously in WvW and PvE raids activities by comparing myself to experienced players with same classes than me (when to cast what, how to cast it, and so on...). - To see for whole team what class is casting what and when, so I know when best to cast my own skills for a powerful together team performance result. I regret very much that Anet couldn't find a way to integrate ArcDPS into the game, or if it's technically not possible, that they didn't create their own integrated system. I
  11. Yes, I would like to keep getting new legendaries. For me, it's more a matter of working in game for a beautiful object with a sense of it being "unique". It's a hard work, but at the end, I have something I don't see on all players around me. Now the point is that I don't want all of them. I want only those I love. As of today, I have all those I find beautiful. So I would enjoy seeing new adds giving me a reason to start hard work again. Side note: I'm very disappointed that some legendary weapons are now available on TP. For me, they were the "ultimate" we can do in this game,
  12. I set much hope into this expansion, and I believe that Cantha (so great in GW1) can be the occasion for many - many - positive adds to GW2. However... I can't avoid a little bit of pessimism... Crossing fingers 🙂
  13. I play since beta. I didn't notice that toxicity increased over the years. To my eyes, it's just the same usual toxicity levels: High in PvP.Mild in WvW (depends a lot on server and commanders): better run with guildies.Very varied, from none to high in PvE raids: even more than WvW, it's better done with guildies.PvE is nice on working days. Toxicity can slightly increase over the weekend, especially in towns, but it remains sporadic.All in all, I find the GW2 community is really a nice one. Beside, don't forget the rule: don't feed the trolls! ;)
  14. No for me. I hate being spoiled about everything long in advance. No surprise anymore. I do my best to avoid spoilers and keep full surprise, but it becomes more and more difficult, close to impossible... :/
  15. WvW, whereas for now...(reminder Anet: please do something about WvW soon... :3 )
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