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  1. Thanks for calling that out @zerothbase.7564, there was a hiccup with the earlier publish of the specter announcement. We're wrangling the site now.
  2. Here is a thread of Canthan written language lessons. It will be added to regularly at least until the end of 2021. Localized threads are here: French German Spanish
  3. As outlined in the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement, account sharing is not permitted under any circumstances. Due to the high potential for abuse in competitive gameplay, your account will be subject to immediate termination for account sharing in, but not limited to, Tournaments or Ranked PvP.
  4. Mark your calendars, more expansion previews are coming your way soon!
  5. We’re continuing to track issues with the DX11 beta and work on fixes. The next game update will include a fix for the issue that’s causing the purple blur in your text boxes. Thank you all for continuing to report issues!
  6. Thank you for the feedback, and we've got you! 🙂 Something we mentioned during Guild Chat is that Shing Jea Island is a bit more quiet and peaceful early on, but that will change as you move forward. We only showed a little bit of the zone.
  7. This morning we permanently banned 83 accounts that were identified as participating in match manipulation and/or account sharing in sPvP ranked play or Monthly Automated Tournaments. We are continuing to look into a number of leads related to this, which may result in additional permanent bans for those involved. Banned accounts will be removed from all leaderboards and ladders. For reference, Match manipulation is defined in our Code of Conduct as any action taken to fix or manipulate the outcome of a PvP match or alter or manipulate the rankings or ratings of the ladder. This also incl
  8. Bug Fixes: Removed an unintended vendor marker from Madame Cookie. Increased the window of time available to successfully make the final jump of the Mad King's Clock Tower activity.
  9. Hello everyone! We know there's a lot to talk about for End of Dragons, and we plan to give you even more to discuss between now and launch! There is also lots going on in the live game, so we've added a temporary End of Dragons subforum for general EoD conversation. (Elite specialization conversations can remain in their relevant profession forums) Once the expansion has launched and is part of the live game, we'll archive this subforum.
  10. I let people know that the wings are doing... whatever that is. 😄 Sorry about that!
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