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  1. Thanks for sharing this with the community. The narrative team had a lot of fun answering your questions!
  2. I heard back from the editing team. Short version from them: They did it as part of some editing clean-up (clean up? cleanup? I don't even know at this point) to make it grammatically correct. Long version from them: GRAMMAR CONTROVERSY AT ARENANET The editing team struggled mightily with the weighty decision to add a hyphen in the term "off-line." After a heated debate that included no small amount of name-calling, tears, and even a little bloodshed (from an accidental, self-inflicted paper cut), they came to the not-entirely-unanimous de
  3. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that caused the Dragonstorm encounter to stall during defiance-bar phases. Explosive Shell: This skill no longer hits the primary target more than once. Fixed an issue that prevented infused and attuned versions of Celestial-stat ascended rings from granting expertise and concentration. Runes of Strength: Corrected erroneous bonus damage granted by these runes. Chaos Vortex: Fixed an issue in which this skill applied more might than intended in PvP and WvW. Purging Flames: Fixed an issue in which the cooldown of this skill was lower th
  4. 05/11/2021—Late Notes Profession Skills Guardian Firebrand Ashes of the Just: This effect now has a 1-second internal cooldown. Chapter 2: Igniting Burst: Reduced burning stacks applied from 2 to 1 in PvE only. This matches the current stack count in PvP and WvW. Increased base duration of burning from 5 seconds to 10 seconds in PvE only. Weighty Terms: This trait now activates when any mantra is used, not only on the final charge. It now inflicts slow instead of immobilize. Stoic Demeanor: This trait now also triggers when inflicting slow. Ranger Mar
  5. 05/12/2021: We have removed the following line from the update notes below: "To better indicate which skills will deal defiance damage, icons within skill tooltips that represent applied control effects are now purple." This change was intended to be part of the May 11 update but was removed due to UI concerns. 05/11/2021—May 11 Release Notes Living World Fixed an issue that may have prevented the Jahai Bluffs Griffon Master: Silver and Jahai Bluffs Griffon Expert: Silver achievements from being granted when gold rank was earned. Players who completed the gold achi
  6. I might have an answer for this! I asked our CS team if they could help figure out what was going on and got a couple of possible solutions. It looks like your IP is blocking Guild Wars 2, and you may have to contact your ISP to see if they're blocking it from their end. From responses while I was checking on this, it sounds like you're reaching a similar conclusion. That said, we can try to help you if you want to reach out to us first. Submit a Technical Support ticket and they can walk through opening ports with you. That may do the trick.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I checked into this and they're looking at it!
  8. Thank you all for continuing to flag this issue. I just checked in and it looks like people are digging into this one.
  9. Hi all, I just want to update this thread to let you know that someone is looking into this issue! I know it's long-running and really frustrating.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on this, both of you! I've sent corrected links to the team that handles that so they can get it corrected.
  11. To clarify: Preparedness before the May 11 update: Increases maximum initiative by 3" Preparedness after the May 11 update: Increases maximum initiative by 3. Gain increased expertise (150)" Deadly Ambush: "Stealing also applies bleeding. Bleeding you inflict deals more damage (25%)" It no longer applies the Confusion that the former Bewildering Ambush trait did.
  12. A message from the Guild Wars 2 Systems Team: Last week we posted a preview of the May 11 Skills and balance update and have since been keeping a close eye on the discussions (and memes) regarding the planned changes. Now that we’ve had time to read and discuss your feedback, we want to share some of our observations and the changes we’re making as a result. This goes without saying, but we do truly appreciate the feedback and your passion for the game! Most notably, we’ve seen concerns that Firebrand will negatively impact group composition diversity – especially in Fr
  13. Everyone, talk about game features you'd like to see is fine. Attacking someone because they enjoy a game differently from you is not. The topic can continue, but please remember that this should be a conversation and not an attempt to defeat other people's ideas.
  14. Thank you for bringing this up, everyone. I did some checking on this for you. This is not a "limited supply" deal, it's just that the codes sold out so quickly. We're providing additional codes to retailers as quickly as we can. I know the situation is frustrating, but we're working on it. As far as Gameliebe not offering the discounted price any more, I've let the team working on this know what's going on so we can see about getting it fixed.
  15. Nothing was deleted because it was negative feedback about the game. Posts might be removed because they violate the forum guidelines, but not because the feedback is negative. Please continue sharing your feedback. The positive feedback tells us what we're doing well and tbqh it's nice to see, but you should also share your constructive criticism, negative feedback, and places you think stuff needs to be improved (Within the Code of Conduct but you know this) We need that too.
  16. 04/27/2021—April 27 Release Notes Living World New Release: Champions Chapter 4—Judgment With their allies gathered and the future of the world hanging in the balance, the commander and Aurene must confront the twin Elder Dragons before their war consumes Tyria. Join with your friends to bring an end to the chaos in the final chapter of the Icebrood Saga finale. The final battle of the Icebrood Saga is here: Dragonstorm. Compete achievements, claim new rewards, and earn daily treasure in this instanced meta-event as you execute the plan to preserve the balance in the dragon c
  17. Okay last thing and then I swear I'm wrapping up for the night. I've got a note to check on this first thing Monday morning.
  18. There's still a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and I'm wrapping up for the night. But this reminded me that I'd meant to add that. You all should see it as an eye icon in the post editor now.
  19. It's just free, no scare quotes needed. 😄 Seriously, we will talk more about how the Legendary Armory works closer to release, but there is no gem or gold cost to access or use the Legendary Armory.
  20. Oh man. This is sort of funny but also not a great experience for you all! Is this still actively happening? I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my end, and there's nothing in the settings that should be causing this issue with everything that has "da" in it.
  21. It's made for a sort of funny morning, but we did manage to track down the major issue: one single wrong setting caused havoc and we fixed that. There might be one more weird issue that we're trying to chase down now, but we've cleaned up most of it.
  22. Quick note that we're working on the kitten filter issue–I know it's irritating. 😞 We found out about it the same time you did and are fixing it now. There's a list of stuff we're aware of or working on in this post.
  23. Learn about everything coming soon to Guild Wars 2!
  24. It's in the works. They all un-stickied themselves and just 😱, so I'm getting them back.
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