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  1. I had fun. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did but I had a great time and I got my warclaw. Thanks to everyone.
  2. Right- but since I was both representing book and had book selected… then I should have been representing book in wvw and grouped with book guildies. I’m happy with how it worked out, but it seems like this was still a bug.
  3. I had a great time playing tonight with guild LGBT. Thanks to them for letting me play! the confusing part is that I had selected guild BOOK. I have never previously played wvw with either guild and have only played PvE missions with BOOK. So I was theoretically placed on the wrong team, but had a great time.
  4. I don’t know how to answer these questions. i had guild book checked, but guild lgbt highlighted. Guild book had been checked for weeks. I clicked “accept”. I was on the blue team. But I noticed when I spawned an air elemental it was labelled lgbt not book. And I was playing with my lgbt guildies. is there a way for people to switch their choice or for people to be representing the same guild but be in different teams? while I was blue, I was on the same team with guild bae. Later in the same match I was attacked by someone in guild bae. Did they switch? Or is thi
  5. I haven’t asked— and it actually would be fun to play with them. I don’t know them WELL either but we do hang out during guild missions most weeks and chat some of the time. So it would be fun. But you’re probably right if they play wvw seriously they likely have a wvw guild…
  6. Great. So I could, in theory, play WvW with my PvE guild. We never have. They’re on a different server, that’s full. That’s slightly disappointing— I’ve played with people from my server (to be fair mostly a long time ago) and enjoyed the team chat there even if I don’t really know anyone. Feel at least some server loyalty. But since wvw hasn’t been my main thing, my feelings on this aren’t as strong as someone who plays often, clearly. Have fun with the restructuring everyone, and see you around as the teams are mixed up every 8 weeks, sometime.
  7. Hi— I play wvw super super super casually. The first couple of years I played I played wvw maybe once a week, very badly. After that it dropped to a couple of times a year. I still like wvw but honestly can’t, for various reasons, play it very intensely and am not looking to do so. I’d like to continue to dabble a couple of times a month to a couple of times a year. feedback I’m getting on Facebook suggests that roaming and following a tag is definitely the way to go right now. I agree. I don’t really have a wvw guild and don’t need one right now. i didn’t play
  8. To be totally honest, I buy my fashion with real money. I even buy gold this way sometimes. I bought absolutely zero from the gem store my first three years, by any means. Presumably GW2 is aware some people do this and presumably it’s lucrative for them. I do see peer pressure to stop wearing fashion I bought, and even fashion I got in drops or BL chests with keys I earned by leveling characters, because I’m not elite and am kind of a casual. I keep wearing it. I even keep buying more. Why? For one thing, it would be a shame to have invested in looking great and
  9. Hey I just took a second look. That sheathing and unsheathing flash is brighter and more sudden than I remembered. It’s absolutely stunning, but I can see why you’d say it might cause seizures. I’m sorry. I don’t know how it will effect me or others. Or those with migraines. It’s bright (and beautiful). Ideally sheathing and unsheathing shouldn’t occur over and over again in a pattern but should only be one flash at a time. That’s not too bad for me but I’m not sure about other people.
  10. This thread is about graphics. It has a seizure warning. That’s a fact. In my opinion I’d recommend GW2 to someone with seizures over other MMORPGS and probably over rock concerts and some TV or movies as well. That was my whole point. Perhaps I phrased it badly. In a world where people do choose to have entertainment and lead an interesting life rather than sitting in isolation and doing nothing, I think GW2 is a RELATIVELY safe choice. I take no serious issue with the status quo where it has a seizure warning. But I don’t think it needs a stronger warning either. And I don’t think the graphi
  11. sorry didn’t mean to make this post. New to forum and not sure how to use it. I was trying to add quotes to a previous post but failed twice
  12. It already has one, and that doesn’t concern me because it is not a problem for me. In the context where the original concern was brought up, I believe someone was claiming that gamma or glow worsens seizures. I do not believe so. I believe it is specifically rhythmic, strobing or flickering lights. I don’t think there’s any need to eliminate gamma, glow, or contrast on behalf of people who have seizures. Make your argument on some other basis please.
  13. I have about one seizure a week and sometimes multiple a day. GW2 rarely triggers one. Maybe 2-3 times this year and less than 10 times (5 times?) ever in my 6 years of playing. I have PNES seizures rather than epilepsy for someone trying to debug this, with many physical triggers and some less physical triggers including strobing lights, cold, sleep deprivation, exercise, as well as stress. They are not a medication reaction (nor lack of medication). I’m treated by meds that are also used for seizures, though they have dual uses for other issues I have (including for migraines, anxi
  14. Restating: TV and shows in theaters are more of a problem for me than GW2 (which is almost entirely not a problem). I watch tv and go to shows in theaters.
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