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  1. Actually it was better before the february megapatch, since that one just decimated a lot of traits in the Firearms traitline, which condi engie relied on. It definitely needs buff. Plus, anything that is actually functional nowadays gets nerfed. You're blowing it out of proportions. It doesn't. Your view on "functional" is different from "fair".It does. Do you even main Engi? Have you ever played around with P/P Engi at all? Last time I seen you around was when Condi Rev meta was OP and you made constant post about why it shouldn't need nerfs. Please stop posting on the forums with these in
  2. same issue from the last 2/3 years still popping up. Good To Know.
  3. you still play / drop videos for this game?
  4. lack of communication at it's best. Glad to know nothing changed after being away for over a year!
  5. Lack Of Communication Is What Killed this game. No Discussion On what was NextNo Discussion On What they were planning to address/doingNo Respond from any of the staff when they ghosted us for a year after the huge updateNo Respond when asked On Discord/Stream about what was happeningNo Respond to all the Bots/Hacks/Rascal slurs that were going unbanNo Respond to Any of the "follow up's" they planned on doingNo Respond to Any of the "tournaments" they planned on doing for us Overall what really KILLED this game for a majority of the top end players that actually took the game serious was the l
  6. cool they nerf rev and holo. I'll be back full time again on reaper or core necro. Can't wait to play this game :)
  7. Holo has been OP for a year straight LOL, Why would Necro need to get nerf before Nade Holo and Renegade ? Biggest issue at the moment is holo CC and burst among Renegade being able to cover an entire node.....This was legit the reason for FB and Scourge getting gutted over the years yet renegade gets ignored? Make it fair across the board for all classes able to spam major AOE skills not just 1 or 2.
  8. this meta has been nothing but Spam. Aoe Spam, Boon Spam, Dmg Spam(holo era), CC Spam and literally having no real skill cap anymore ruined this entire year for spvp. Anyone who really thinks this "meta" is Good should take some time to reflect and review some of the other patches we had+meta. At least before feb patch we had every class being played to a high level. Warrior,Mesmer,Ranger,Ele,Holo,Fb,Rev and even freaking necros. I think thiefs might of been the only class at that time frame where they weren't really needed. now though? Not the same anymore in terms of skill or enjoyment.
  9. B) Loving it, great work so far boys!
  10. What did it in was literally seeing someone who used hacks on stream end up winning a gizmo and not get banned at all lmao. The fact that this game mode doesn’t even get the attention it needs to clean up some of its issues is crazy. I use to really enjoy playing this game and actually look forward in doing At’s / Monthly with a group. However the movement Covid became a thing anet had literally been MIA with updating us on a single thing. The game mode has been filled with bots and a few hackers one who has won a monthly lmaooo.... Lack of balance or addressing the issue at hand has literally
  11. Imagine still playing this game and thinking they’ll eventual actually care to listen to us by fixing anything that actually needs to be addressed ??
  12. Just run away ? Yea just run don’t even look at them .
  13. devs and mods are 2 very different things both work for the company and both have power in the forums. If their able to delete and clean up anything that seems to point them in the wrong outlook to the public they'll get that done asap but wont respond to anyone post or make a single mention about anything. To me personally it isn't two "different" things. Clearly their lurking around and reading up on stuff but refuse to respond to anything. It's called Lack of communication and Lack of being held accountable for being MIA.
  14. so ahhhh Forum Mods and Devs are 100% active they just refuse to say a single thing about whats going on or what they got plan @mes.4607 . Alt account got banned asap after yesterday lmfaoooo so yea :) it's just radio silence for another 3-6 months !
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