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  1. One i thought of myself was a staff Warrior called a [Sentinel], themed to be a polearm combatant with a glaive. A sort of tanky daredevil, but with a focus on; Standing their ground with parry's, sweep attacks & knockbacks, to help hold an area alone, but better with allies, 'as a sentinel never guards alone'. Booning allies nearby with formations (an aoe that follows the sentinel that allies can benefit from staying close by, like stability or protection, but loose the boon soon as they leave the sentinels 'auea') Setting down 'Prepared Defences' (aoes that aesthetica
  2. I'd honestly love to see a new Jackel mount Skin, based on the fern hounds that slyvari can have as companions.the mount ability could have the same magic effect as the wayfarer henge backpack, but more leafy <3Always wanted them since the release of PoF~ ;u;
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