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  1. This. My first and only Strike was for the turtle. Failed a few times, but we got it eventually with a bunch of player corpses lying around.
  2. Necromancer is fairly survivable in core and every Espec.
  3. No, I think they are saying they want to break the stereotype view of Korean games being Pay to Win. I believe their system will likely be similar to Guild Wars 2, since it walks the fine line with its Gem - Gold conversion.
  4. Since we are nit picking, he said skins, not complete armor sets of a specific weight class. Many skins I'll think "who would wear such an ugly..." then eventually come around to finding a decent look for it.
  5. I've seen a few people run parts of that set with foot and hand wraps with a bandana. What's the issue?
  6. I only got Skyscale after Turtle. Prior to that, I simply followed along with Raptor, Springer, and Glider. Borrowed the Rent-a-scales in Dragonfall. It became even easier with the Jade Bot Glider Boost. Never felt the need for Skyscale, so I didn't bother. Only reason I have it and Griffon now is because I finally decided to get all the mounts.
  7. Many of us have level 80 Guardians and Necromancers as nothing more than character select decorations. I really love how my Guardian looks, but even Willbender feels like rigor mortis after playing Thief. I could play the "Meta" classes but my skill isn't meta level anyway. Warrior definitely needs love though. It's far too bland to even be called the ugly duckling of Anet.
  8. I was still playing MUDs and Diablo 2 when the earliest MMOs launched. I didn't really join in until WoW/GW1/CoH.
  9. Since you get the Living World for free if you log in while it's current and you can covert Gold to Gems, what did you spend $1800 on?
  10. Use whatever you get while leveling and fill in the gaps with the TP. Crafted gear has its own set of skins. Crafting gear gives you decent amounts of exp. Breaking the gear for research notes. In all honesty though, if I were to make a new character for whatever reason, I'd just burn one of the many Experience Scrolls/Tomes of Knowledge to hit 80 and buy Exotics.
  11. WoW had flying mounts in their first expansion. I have Skyscale and don't care if they make it easier to get. Just as long as the reasoning for doing so is better than "Well Blizzard..."
  12. ESO is so much worse. Notable NPCs are captured or dead, but show up like there's nothing amiss. Not hard to do quests out of order which ends up very confusing.
  13. Crucible would have the best chance of making money if you are rolling around level 80 areas.
  14. How is Elder Scrolls Online any different? Though the main difference is GW2 is far more complex. Including a mount in ESO and including a mount in GW2 are two different ballgames. However, someone new to the game has no way of understanding it unless the research and if they were researching anyway, the whole point of "more communication" becomes moot.
  15. You can't access LWS1, but the gripe is ALWAYS about the other ones you can buy. Makes me believe it's not about the story at all.
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