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  1. Go Warrior and then nobody can say carried by XYZ
  2. Just wanted to suggest an idea for a gemstore item. Portable Waypoint Beacons. Basically, you "mark" up to three areas in open world. When you use an item in your inventory, you can select up to 3 of your custom locations to teleport to.
  3. Spellbreaker is more useful as damage + boonstrip, I would just go full berserk gear. GS and offhand axe.
  4. They should remove downstate. Would fix a lot
  5. Both systems are flawed but at least one doesn’t work create a bad environment. I would support separate queues for solo queue and another for team queue (each team has either a full party of 5, or a party of 3 + a party of 2) being introduced with EoD.
  6. You can't change map/zone whilst queued. If you do, it removes you from the queue.
  7. Ahaha oh man did you guys really have to necro this. Oh well I guess you did cause we still don’t have a nightmode. Anyway obviously since this post I just used night mode addons for Chrome, but it does kitten up the site theme somewhat so a tailored night mode would be preferred. I’m also baffled by the migraine contention in this thread. Migraines can be caused by eye strain which can be triggered from reading fine text, and is especially bad when reading black on white text.
  8. It's stagnant as it can get. People are just super bored. If there was a balance patch with relevant and interesting BUFFS, people will log back in en masse. We're all merely waiting.
  9. Can't believe Aion is still online lol, what a joke game.
  10. Warrior has become a weak and joyless class to play in PvP and WvW. I enjoyed multiple variations of Warrior, even after countless nerfs I found niches, but the change to resistance made my burst playstyle no longer viable and as my last remaining enjoyable build it was the nail in the coffin. With each patch my enjoyment of the game dimished, and now there is nothing left, I still look back hoping for some buffs I could experiment with but they're never there.
  11. Yeah actually it would. It’s lazy. Just rework those conditions into sensible stacks and intervals.
  12. Immob is fine. It’s like you said burn is fine in general- it’s just when it’s vomited forth with such ease and passives that it’s a problem.
  13. Just like that eh? Even though there are some sources of burn and immobilise which are completely fair and even weak. Look at Warrior longbow if you want to see what burn and immob Should look like.
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