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  1. I already said. You can't remain in combat in a fight as Warrior with that 10 second weaponswap lock due to lacking the range and mechanics that other professions have. Fast hands will be changed to something else - something like 1 second of Quickness on a ten second ICD would be appropriate.
  2. Lets do this. Tell me your main contentions. Warrior isn't comparable to other professions, so saying "other classes would also benefit" from fast hands is pointless, they have different mechanics and traits, and also they have more range than Warrior (130 on the largely majority of skills). Warrior must gapclose, must land very telegraphed hits (other classes aren't as telegraphed as Warrior, it is the MOST telegraphed). This simply isn't possible without discipline. Non-discipline builds (str/arms one shot signet GS berserker) can only frontload their damage, because the weapon lock is
  3. Main issues for me: Flow mechanic and rooting. Flow feels horrible and vague, it's not reliable at all unlike good old adrenaline, with no real instant access into high (75%+) flow. It just takes far too long to build. The rooting on Trigger is the other problem. It needs either movement allowed, or dodge during Trigger.
  4. As a Warrior main and GW2 player of many many years, mostly in WvW and PvP, I can say that at this point, fast hands baseline would be completely reasonable as a change. I hope, in the pre-EoD balance patch (if we're assuming and hoping there will be one), that core traits will be addressed and this is included as one of those changes, because Warrior without fast hands and therefore also Discipline feels terrible.
  5. Bladesworn is a headache to play, very frustrating and lots of waiting around, I can barely bring myself to even beta test it. I switch to Berserker after and it feels so much better.
  6. The truth is I'm more excited for potential core warrior traits being reworked than I am for Bladesworn, for all of the reasons said in this topic.
  7. I would also be down for monthly no downstate week.
  8. Why not just cater to both sides? Fix the block exploit, and then add two options to WvW: anonymous or not. If you choose to disable anonymity, then all players can see your true character name and whisper you. FWIW I would play with anonymity disabled.
  9. Just go PvP if you want smallscale though? You can queue up against equal numbers in just a few mins in an environment without -10% damage food and other kitten. Just saying this is the best option for you tbh, despite what people say PvP is actually still good fun if you like smallscale balanced fights.
  10. Bladesworn is worthless. Small charge, mid charge or full charge, it's trash either way.
  11. Mixed bag for me. In some ways, things look better. Other things however (translucent FX) look messed up. Also, while my overall fps is higher, I'm getting framerate spikes.
  12. Just for clarity anet: players who voted Ok and above are PvE players. Those who picked bad or terrible are PvP/WvW players
  13. In my opening post though I inferred that the best roamers have ports onto enemy and/or stealth access.
  14. I would remove the burn on last ammo charge trait and replace it with a new trait that makes you enter stealth for two seconds on last ammo charge similarly to what Lan said. Also I’d give smoke field access to Dragonspike Mine, as @CalmTheStorm.2364 suggested in the mega thread.
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