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  1. Rampart Splitter now does less damage than Path to Victory. It does less damage than an auto attack. Please give some juice back to this one skill, I literally can’t put a dent in anything even with full glass modifiers. The heal on the skill is so small, it doesn’t justify the awful damage.
  2. I wanted to use this in an alternative manner as a self-support stick, but unfortunately they completely gutted the damage (see rampart splitter nerf) and mobility (see removal of quickness affecting line breaker).
  3. It’s really simple, if you see DH on enemy team, swap in some stability access.
  4. It’s because auto attacked is enabled on beta characters.
  5. Akeem definitely needs a shave. Doubling stacks of a high-damaging condi on a 10 second cooldown is..
  6. They won't put it back sadly Azure.. one of the devs said "4 seconds of damage immunity" is "pretty crazy". The problem is nobody is getting 2 seconds back to back like that without losing -all- of their damage. And like you said, it feels completely fair on power berserker and wasn't an issue for all these years.
  7. I do sympathise with people running off-meta rabid builds that are perhaps not neccessarily good builds even with rabid. I play off-meta power berserker. And when they nerfed eternal champion and savage instinct, my build was needlessly nerfed in an attempt to address solely condition berserker. Well? Czerk remains unphased by those changes, it still has it's own personal sustain amplied by rabid. Since rabid is only so effective on Warrior, because of it's base HP, and since you have raised valid concerns that I admit I was insensitive to, then I'd ask you your thoughts on adjusting the stat spread of Rabid, rather than an outright deletion: 1000/1000 precision+condition damage, 400/400 toughness/vitality. This way, it actually hits warrior being able to stack so much armor rating, while helping out the builds that want to use rabid but have a lower health pool.
  8. I can slap together any condi build and put rabid on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s good, or that it can’t also work fine with carrion - it’s not like power builds get a real choice of amulet. Anything outside of berserker amulet can’t even do relevant damage. And both extremes are true. The amulet is obnoxious on the handful of specs that have the HP to slot it, and it’s not a viable option on ones that don’t. I will say though I respect you for making actual arguments, instead of having a childish tantrum like some people in this topic.
  9. Condi berserker is the only functionable rabid build. And besides, rabid is never a healthy amulet, even outside of condi berserker.
  10. So if universally chosen traits are problematic on a condi build, then they're automatically a problem on power? Nerfing savage instinct for example barely touched condi berserker, but power is a lot squishier, so it needlessly suffered. Your approach nerfs one build, but then another. My method is much more precise, and despite what people say, basically no other viable builds use rabid - and they can still use carrion or sage after the fact.
  11. Calling someone an idiot or stupid in a discussion is the ultimate irony. I'm not against reasonable logic, but you gave nothing besides "don't remove options" (and calling me childish names). Even if those options are unfun and unhealthy to play and face.
  12. What other builds use rabid? I’m not against making rabid into 1000/1000 condi damage and precision, and 400/400 toughness and vitality, to match what was done with paladin amulet.
  13. Go PvP, they haven’t fully neutered us there.. yet. Also just go PvP because you get instant content and balanced numbers, unlike WvW.
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