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  1. I got a new PC not too long ago that finally wasn't an outdated piece of junk. I was super bummed when I booted up GW2 and experienced similar graphical stuttering to what I had before on far inferior hardware. I don't know about all the technical ins and outs of the rendering pipeline, but I know that was both confusing and disappointing. So +1 here.
  2. I know, I'm sure there are great guilds out there, I'm just not sure how to find them, especially when I have only a few hours every week. I'm definitely still open to it! I had left GW2 for a long while (along with family, hence the GW1 run) because of these kinds of issues. Since family has moved on to GW1, I was thinking about the possibility of finding some giant casual guild to use as an LFG board. But I'm not sure how viable it is to throw together a group to farm Bjora Marches in the two hours I have on a Wednesday, if that makes sense. I'm not making this post and not looking for so
  3. Sorry, forgot to address that. My personal experiences with guilds hasn't been great, either with them attempting to make demands on my time (I'm more casual), demanding 100% representation at all times, toxic cultures, guilds falling apart / dying, etc. I suppose I could join a large impersonal guild to use as an LFG board, but that feels like a failing of the current LFG board, and maybe isn't what guilds were intended for. So I guess guilds just don't match the way I interact with the game, and I know that answer won't make you happy, haha. But that has been my experience.
  4. It's something that's been brought up a few times, where some people want to skip sections, skip cutscene, stack, or make demands. (This can apply to any gamemode.) Not all players want to align to optimized modes of play, some just want to play.
  5. My guild (which is comprised of family) only plays once a week, but I want to play more often. With LFG I might be able to find 2 other players for some content, but then I could fill out that party with 2 NPCs just to help a little bit / cut down on the wait time while looking for players. So it'd be more like I have 3 players, and I add in two NPCs to fill out the rest of the team. I imaging running a dungeon alone with just yourself and 4 NPCs would be difficult, so the incentive is still cooperation. Or for old LW content that has rewards tied behind group events where you can't muste
  6. I think maybe it was just a lack of clarity. It's about a lack of players for specific content / play styles. So your guild might be large enough to run certain guild content, but another guild might not be. Or for new LW maps there are tons of players, but for old LW maps or less fun maps that still have rewards people might seek there might be a lack of players. It's in about providing consistency between popular and less popular content or providing a net for certain play styles. So it's about both, I don't think anybody is trying to be deceptive. The edit is still about a lack of player
  7. Sorry about that, I updated the post with that comment after the discussion went off into the weeds with a "I can find people this specific way for this specific content, therefore everything is fine" comments, and I was trying to make the argument that for some content and for some play styles, some content becomes inaccessible due to design. I'll update the first post to make this more clear. My argument for heroes is to be a patch to cover specific instances where players are not available, or the culture around that content funnels players into a specific play style that is undesirable.
  8. I hear a lot of hate for Dry Top, but weirdly enough that's one of my favorite maps, haha. I really enjoyed exploring the nooks and crannies, reading documents, found the sandstorm even really immersive. I get why you and other people hate it, but I enjoyed the roleplaying aspect of it, not necessarily the mechanics of actually getting around. For the main discussion... oof yeah, the story makes it a hard sell. Have you gone back and replayed any of the old living world stuff? Also super rough. Icebrood was the first time I enjoyed the writing / voice acting. I think I finished the vanilla
  9. Yeah, and I can usually get a team pretty consistently for SE or AC or something like that. But TA? HotW? I really struggle to find groups for those in the time I have to search. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or what, but I have a tough time. So I guess it's a consistency problem. Plus the limited time problem. If I have limited time and it takes 30 minutes just to find a full group at the time I want to play? And maybe we find no one and split up? I'd rather spend that time elsewhere, which bums me out. Edit: as a balance, you could even reduce gold find / magic find an amount for ea
  10. Oof, I went three pages in and didn't find anything. Guess I did it wrong. 😣 EDIT: Reading a few of them, some of them emphasize that content is hard, and that's not what I'm trying to target. I'm more about content that is designed for group play where adequate player numbers are not consistent / style of play doesn't match. (e.g. inexperienced players wanting to experience content at their own pace and learn rather than being pressured to optimize.) Oh yeah, there totally are runs popping up! But often times they are for paths you might not want to run, or more often I just see sto
  11. It was the same in GW1, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for high-level content to require players. But it's up to the individual player to decide where that threshold is. This is already the case for a lot of content. If introducing it is acknowledgement that there are not enough players for some content, then the current response is just ignoring that fact. Or at least that has been my experience.
  12. I agree it might, but is your view of LFG populated? Mine is almost always dead. Sometimes I find 2 or 3 players for some content, we sit in LFG for 20 minutes, then give up and split apart. I imagine this as a solve for that situation.
  13. How do you find players for obscure content? There are certain dungeons I never find players for, LFG is empty, bounties are empty aside from a single zerg train that is active (sometimes), and old LW maps from years ago are usually empty. I guess for me I would find heroes very helpful, so I'm more curious about 1) how do you find groups consistently on obscure content or with inexperienced players and 2) how would someone else having access to this hurt your experience? That kind of sidesteps every issue I brought up. I'm trying to address lack of players with certain content
  14. Note about the discussion: Thank you for the lively discussion! I do want to clarify a few points about the point of this topic to avoid repetition in the ongoing conversation. This is not necessarily about whether it is possible to find players, or if you are able to find players for the content you personally enjoy. It's about providing consistent access to more content. Heroes cannot - and should not - replace players. Their AI does not have to match player skill, and having a party of players will make any content easier. I imagine the inclusion of heroes as a stopgap when play
  15. I've long dreamt of getting a 3D printer and making my own 3D Catan board, so now I'm doing it! And I decided to make it GW2 themed. The idea is that the player gets their 5 settlements, 4 cities, but also 1 capital, which is like a super city. I am designing the capital pieces to be able to take a small cell battery and be lit up with hobby LEDs from the inside. I decided to start with the most difficult city first - The Black Citadel https://imgur.com/UZGmMJz (I can't figure out how to imbed images - please let me know how it's done so I don't have a janky extern
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