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  1. Never had that happen to me. Open a ticket.
  2. So, curious: What title do you get when you win 150 rated PvP games as a revenant?
  3. Mallyx rev may not be near-invincible to condi damage like it used to, but it's still fine against it and it's still better at handling them than Power Herald or Shiro Ren, which have been meta strong before the resistance change. And rev doesn't need to be strong at reviving. You're much better served by CCing enemies while your teammate revives or by securing a kill to rally them. Rev is fine at stomping. Shiro ren brings stab and Herald has blind to counter your basic downed skill CCs. Even then, it's usually better to just cleave, which is something rev does even
  4. I definitely see some tie to Ritualist. Look at the GW1 Ritualist logo: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Ritualist#/media/File:Ritualist-tango-icon-200.png And the new logo looks like that logo turned on its side and slightly separated by the Revenant symbol. What does this mean for weapon? No idea as we already can use the staff, but it's possible the logo means nothing in regards to any new weapon that comes with the elite spec.
  5. I'm in the "Somewhat Hyped" camp. I'm still very much looking forward to Cantha and was, regardless of the first look stuff. The new Guild Hall looks amazing and the siege turtle/fishing stuff also looks great. However, elite specs are, I believe, the most impactful part of an expansion since it completely changes the way you play in almost every setting (or at least allows for a completely new way of playing) and for that, we still know almost nothing about the new especs. Things missing which would have hyped me more are: - New map or game mode or anything sp
  6. Definitely possible. Especially if they either change the skills that weapon has or change the class so much with the e-spec that not getting a new weapon is immaterial.
  7. It's just barely less than WvW got, which is a feature that's been in the works forever, but it'll be done around the time the expansion is, so it's now a feature of that expac? Although, because of how PvP works, the elite specs alone are a massive change-up for all forms of PvP. That being said, I was hoping for confirmation of something new for PvP in the form of a new map, game mode, etc.
  8. Yea, very true. I definitely underestimated it until someone on an opposite team was running it and I saw how good it could be. I think one of the major strengths that helps carry it is how much AoE CC you have. Teams that can dominate in CC have so much of an advantage on the small death match maps.
  9. Ahh, yea. Seems to be missing on the mobile version (or at least hidden very well).
  10. There is a dev tracker. See screenshot linked below: https://imgur.com/1Ceea2n
  11. Started playing with condi herald in the mini season and it works pretty kitten well. It used to be great, but I was afraid the Resistance nerf killed it off. However, it still seems to do well enough. I just swapped the resistance traits for damaging ones.
  12. I'd love for ANet to try and make Stronghold work one more time. I feel like the game mode can work, but they just need to adjust it to de-incetivize pure zerg strategies, which broke it right before ANet abandoned the game mode. If they did something like that, sure, a mini season of Stronghold would be a nice change of pace. Might get a little stale with just one map though.
  13. Yea, if someone else on your team DCs. If you DC, of course you lose rating. This is no different than how it works normally for regular seasons. Just like normal season games, it doesn't mean that any DC at any point in the game guarantees that you don't lose points. However, when you lose someone to a DC at the start of the game, there's no reason you should lose rating.
  14. Doesn't make sense. If people were trying to exploit to save their ratings from decay, the more logical fix would be to make games with a DC not count towards resetting decay timer.
  15. Just had a game where a teammate was DCed from the start and still lost rating from it. Was this a miss on mini seasons?
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