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  1. Yea, it really is a shame this skill was so over-nerfed a long time ago. It's been overdue for some love, particularly since it's such an iconic warrior skill.
  2. Yea, I love Revenant. The state of the class before the June 28th patch was a bit better, but it's still a class I love. That being said I've been playing Warrior more lately mostly because it's the class of a character I'm playing a lot with someone else and I'm also really enjoying that class. Now that I've gotten the rotation down for Bladesworn in PvE, it's become pretty enjoyable and a unique feel. Condi zerk is solid too and the last patch made it easy to give 100% quick to a group on that build, which has been particularly good in Fractals. In WvW, it feels
  3. I know all the bugs for the WvW restructuring stuff haven't been worked out yet and this beta was expected to still see those persist, which is why it's a temporary event, but I just wanted to express some appreciation for having it happen. Despite the long queues and confusion that some members had with getting on the right map and such, it was still really awesome to have a chance to WvW with guild mates that I've never been able to partner up with in this game mode before; especially since many of them have rarely stepped foot in there. So, to all the devs still working on getting thes
  4. Well kitten, looks like we are getting significant weapon buffs! I guess they forgot mace, but a lot of these look really good. Some big jumps for Hammer and Daggers. Rifle gets might to allies too, which is very interesting.
  5. I would challenge this part. Sword/Torch and Longbow are the weapons behind the top performing condi warrior builds, both for pure DPS as well as for Condi Quickness. https://snowcrows.com/builds/warrior/berserker/condition-quickness-berserker https://snowcrows.com/builds/warrior/berserker/condition-berserker Torch doesn't see much use outside of PvE, but Sword is a solid weapon for PvP and WvW whenever you need mobility. Axe is slightly favored right now, but some Shoutsworns have been running sword/warhorn instead and it's arguably better for solo qu
  6. I don't think any weapons really need to be reworked, but some balancing on some of them could make a big difference: Daggers in PvE could use a substantial damage increase to make PvE Spellbreaker a bit more viable. Maces are a bit niche too and are even more so now that we have Bladesworn that doesn't get to use a second weapon set. Really some reason to use these in PvP would be nice. Maybe a damage buff could make up for some of its weakness since these weapons have good CC with small tells. 2h Hammer could also use some damage buffs since it lost so m
  7. Yea, banners are good. At least Tactics and Battle Standard are. I don't think you'll be wanting to run a utility bar full of them, but Banner of Tactics at the least is a very solid choice. Tactics is basically a ranged "Stand Your Ground" with Superspeed and a pulsing Resistance. It's not instant and it's not a stunbreak, but that's not really a big deal since it's something to be used proactively rather than reactively anyways. Battle Standard is still a solid choice, but not really in any different way than it was before. I don't think the banner ch
  8. Bladesworn is a pretty decent ranger and one that actually performs well without celestial. Meta style isn’t what it used to be, so don’t use that as your measure of viability. That site is frequently outdated or has less optimal versions of meta builds. For WvE roaming builds, GuildJen is a better resource. In any case, Dragon Trigger’s main benefit in PvP is it’s use as a massive unblockable stun and mobility skill. Because the damage and scaling is different, you also don’t need to (and frankly don’t want to) charge it all the way since you get a good enough effect
  9. Cele is fine. Don’t re-gear if you already have a cele setup.
  10. I made a vid on heal quickness herald a while back: I’ve played the build a bit more since then, so I have a few other thoughts: This build will still generally be considered a lesser version of healbrand in a lot of situations simply because Guardian has so much flexibility with the number of useful utility skills it has as well as its abundant stability/aegis that comes at pretty much no cost. However, the ability to heal allies at range with the tablet and the overall strong throughput of healing/boons is still pretty great and very underestima
  11. For heal, the quickness is very forgiving with lots of easy uptime since you can easily have so much concentration in harriers. I’ve never felt that quickness was restrictive in that build, even when I save the elite for breakbars. The DPS variants are definitely more restrictive since your gear is set to use as little concentration as is absolutely necessary. I still think the heal build is heavily under-rated. It does trade off more for stab, but you are still very capable without centaur because of the two weapon sets with heals and the condi cleanse on dodge.
  12. Well, there's also no aegis. And compared to heal mech, there's no barrier. If we at least had better stab access (not having to sacrifice so much to run Jalis), it would be a bit more reasonable as a tradeoff for us to not have those other things.
  13. I have never seen this bug. I have all build slots unlocked, main rev, and swap constantly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. There's this as support: Vindicator does a great job as a healer, but power builds on vind are pretty bleh. You could take hammer and run vind in a zerg and it would just be a lesser version of the herald zerg build. If you're roaming, there's this, but it's not going to be the strongest roaming rev build by far. https://guildjen.com/power-vindicator-roaming-build/
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