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  1. +1 for something like this. GS/axe+shield core war is a solid build. It’s also a really solid build for getting into PvP. It’s a very straight forward build with a good mix of damage, mobility, and tankiness to allow you to handle just about any situation decently well, even if not optimally. One option to consider with a build like this is Rampage as the elite for the CC and mobility.
  2. Hmm...this looks very...light. Kind of a shame because there seem to be a lot of outstanding issues that are unaddressed here. Also surprised to see Relic of the Flock buffed. It's already a good relic and this seems to just make it more efficient at keeping allies alive.
  3. Yea, I feel like damage is what warrior is really missing. I'm fine with Full Counter needing to hit for it to proc effects, but the lack of damage makes it really disappointing when you counter play everything another class has over and over and still struggling to get their health low.
  4. Your standard GS spellbreaker build can disengage and chase just fine and better than most out there. It's pretty mediocre for actual fighting and sub par for flipping camps. Resistance on dodge is incredibly valuable because of the prevalence in blinds, but it's a shame that hammer builds rely on a different trait in the same line. Overall, roaming on Spellbreaker is...fine. Fights you win will feel earned because of all the counterplay involved in the build, but it's had slight nerf after slight nerf in the past year or so while power creep has edged up some other builds in the roaming meta.
  5. Gonna disagree with this, but I don't mean it in a way that's a hit at you or any of your gameplay. Your gameplay was solid and the completion of the CM is testament to that, but because you were focusing primarily on using CA when it was needed for healing primarily and keeping up other boons, there was a lot of downtime on the alac and I say that purely from watching how much Alac *you* had, so it's not even counting how much your group may have missed out on alac because of being out of range and such. Compare this to something like an alac renegade and you'll see much, much better alac time, even with the player focusing more on mechanics than their rotation. Why? Because it's just easier to provide the alac without consequences to gameplay. You just hit the alac button on cooldown and the only other consideration that gets in the way is you're camping another legend like Jalis because you're the primary provider of stability, which is a bit of an edge case. Druid is a solid class as a healer and can do great with groups, but I think your gameplay clip is really good proof of why the design of alac on CA is bad.
  6. I still don't believe CMC has really heard feedback. You're giving druid a minor increase to alac duration, but it's still going to require druids to constantly go into CA and spam heal skills, **even if no healing is needed** just to keep up alacrity. Meanwhile, a Bladesworn just keeps up alacrity by doing exactly what it did before: focus on its DPS rotation. Devs: If you take away nothing else from our feedback, please hear this: Keeping up alacrity/quickness should not prevent you from performing your main role of DPS/Healing. It should be something that comes easily by a single trait swap with a minimal tax on output. And if you can't balance it right, just get rid of it or make it overly abundant so that we don't need to nit pick at group comp just to be able to kill some kitten.
  7. Spellbreaker is bugged (breaching strike misses a lot for some reason), but DPS Bladesworn is unchanged. Condi berserker also benches at 42k, which is higher than any warrior build per-patch.
  8. Looking forward to Staff on warrior (I know, not this weekend), but for the current weapons, I don't think there's much to test. I just don't see any reason to use a torch offhand on a Bladesworn or Spellbreaker, nor do I see a reason to use Pistol offhand without cartridges from Bladesworn and I'm still not sold on dagger offhand in any situation. Should be fun to test stuff on other classes though.
  9. True and agreed. However, if I play devil's advocate, I'd say that you'd still need to do this for a pure DPS build, but that's probably one of my beefs with so many builds in GW2. I personally think every build should be afforded at least 1 utility skill that's not required for keeping up DPS to handle actual encounter mechanics. I mean, utility skills to bring utility may seem a bit wild...so hot take here, but that's where my head is.
  10. Pure Condi Zerk is benching 42k, so even with a decent hit to DPS, I doubt DPS will be much of a concern for a quick variant. That being said, I haven't seen any benches, so I don't have any facts to back that up. Personally, I am far from SC level at benching, but I did find that I was able to put out some pretty decent DPS for a DPS quick build using a decent mix of ritualist gear. I do agree that it isn't very fun though. Feeling forced to use big skills just to keep up a boon isn't fun and that seems like what we ended up with Berserker. It's not as bad as healers needing to spam heals when they don't need to, but I really wish devs would just handle it like they handle it on other classes with generous base boon durations on alac/quick. That's probably why Alac sworn is actually pretty fun to play for an alac DPS role.
  11. Personally, the simplest fix I can think of for Druid, at least, would be to just drastically increase the alac duration so that they are not forced into CA to keep alac up. I'd say the same for Scrapper, but I'm not close enough to that one to know if it would cause balance issues with bower quickness (although it seems like there are other builds this patch that can provide quick/alac without much DPS cost, so maybe devs wouldn't care).
  12. It looks like it's actually just a tooltip error. I tested out the skill in game and it's functioning correctly. I also posted a topic in the Bugs section of the forum since it seems like devs are paying attention there for stuff like that.
  13. The tooltip for the trait Eternal Champion on the Berserker Elite Specialization seems to be displaying the old version of this trait. However, the trait still seems to be functioning as it should be.
  14. The more I play with it, the more I layer on more ritualist pieces. Trying to have a perfect rotation to keep up quick without much more than firebrand runes just isn't realistic and ritualist gear is a very small downgrade in DPS for a condi build anyways. Seems decent, but not as comfy keeping up the boon as alac sworn is.
  15. Yea, this has to be a bug.
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