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  1. Well right now there are so many Mag playing that you have 6 trebs built at CD's spawn trolling us you have a large blob that just wiped CD's BL and are currently spawn camping SoS's spawn. So considering SoS and CD can maybe pull 20 players atm I'd say 2-3 maps is still a rather large imbalance.
  2. Not really this combo needs to go away into the dirt. If you're distracted for a second and dont see them standing on the edge of the map they'll hit 3 buttons from safety and do more damage then 3 backstabs. This whole combo is no skill all reward and I have no idea why it has remained as long as it has. Not like soulbeasts don't have better other builds they could fall back to that are eclipsed this ez mode auto win spec.
  3. The difference is degrees, if there was a slight imbalance okay you can fight through that but Mag has queues 24/7 all the time on every single map. This matchup should never have happened CD and SoS have their active times and their less than active times that's normal, Mag is something else. I had a bit of insomnia and logged on at like 3:00am PST and there were multiple maps with 20+ mag just building siege and spawn camping maybe 5 or so players trying to get out. I've never seen this level of coverage the population and activity disparity is out of control and I don't know what cause it i
  4. This person is correct the idea was high risk high reward high mobility spec like a thief what they made was a high burst (their spike is crazy too many active/passive skills can basically be used at the time time) high mobility high sustain (thanks to wild boon uptime) moderately tanky spec that you should admit is a lot more than it was intended to be.
  5. This would be lovely but I'm afraid its never going to happen, Anet is struggling to find 3d animators its why so so many of the new elite specs use either recycled animations like the Vindicator or lighting effects instead of animations like the Untamed. So yea I'm with ya not a fan of the animations but we're stuck with them so what ya gun do.
  6. The new legends are absolute hot garbage especially the heals my god are those worthless (you too can maybe heal more than 4k in a perfect case scenario!) but everything else is just a random grab bag of whatever thrown together on a bar. This is especially true of Viktor, my god these are all incredibly circumstantial and spec that cant swap them out for something else entirely they're just wasted barspace. I appreciate what the development team was trying to do with the two spec gimick but they need to go back to the drawing board on this one cause these all feel vastly inferior
  7. W0t? You uh are misrepresenting a LOOOT about DH. 1.) It certainly doesn't do "more damage than a full dps weaver" it just has True Shot which can crit for a fair amount but it also has a lot of drawbacks. 3/4 of a second stationary cast time is forever in PvP and WvW and it's visual animation is very noticable, the rest of its damage is avoidable too coming hugely from full duration traps and symbols which you just need to get out of. 2.) Heavy Armor? Uh that doesn't really mean anything. Guardians especially if they're "DPS Guardians" like you seem to in
  8. Well I mean tbf warriors have no place other than banner bots. Other classes outshine us in every single mode without fail and there is one and only one reason to ever bring a warrior, if we lost those you know as well as I warriors would not be worth taking in anymode of this entire game.
  9. Everyone always respects someone making bar none the worst roaming class in the game work, I get it. Speaking of which can warriors please stop getting absolutely kitten on in pvp and wvw, I'd like to play this class again.
  10. Scholar, always scholar all the time for everything unless you're condi. As a necro you have absurd tankiness and condi removal built in so always always go more DPS, the class itself is babymode takes care of the rest. If you need movement just choose spectral walk or flesh wurm.
  11. I don't think you realize how petty Mag is, they have every single map and all they do is sit there with full maps waiting praying they can stomp random pugs 4v1, stop random players from doing their dailies, flex someway somehow and make other peoples day worse. Every map, every hour, every day all blue and they just wait for a chance to troll. I take it back they only have 3/4 maps atm all blue with the week already won for them they must be losing their touch.
  12. Mag really REAAAAAALLY needs to be rematched with someone else, this isn't even close they just roll every map with gargantuan blobs at all hours of the day/night/whenever they feel like it (often with large guild zergs vs our pugs). The AR/YB numbers aren't even remotely close to equal at any point, tthis is grossly unbalanced right now. Sure Mag's getting off on it but it's dumb, unfun and not even close to a fair matchup.
  13. Feels ironic to see this topic since Revs are the single most over represented spec in WvW and and more so in PvP right now. But I mean I can't really blame anyone for playing shortbow rev atm, it's kinda hilariously overtuned just goofy seeing this topic and then walking into PvP and seeing whole teams made up of you guys.
  14. ngl these builds are 100% cancer, they're not fun to play against and are just damage sponges exploiting the fact a feather's touch gives you full shroud so that plus signet of vamp makes you unkillable.
  15. Maybe if ArenaNet actually tried to show instead of tell like you're supposed to I'd be excited but it's all generic cliche plot development spoon fed for the sake of justifying gameplay rather than the other way around. I understand ArenaNet is gearing up for EoD but this is still a very bad story very badly presented. I was it wasn't though sigh
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