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  1. nothing changed after fix. DS again last for 30min. big blob, no dps.
  2. finaly drop 1 after another bunch of keys.. wvw really looks better way now. + extra keys.
  3. only positive feedback about this collection( so ~5 hour\x16 for wvw track isn't so bad?
  4. i know. my wvw tracks busy with more important stuff. it will takes too long.
  5. i got no one from about last 200 keys or more. bought 100 more keys and still nothing. is it still working, not bugged or just droprate extremely low? did somebody get it nowadays? not a last year or before.
  6. add preview option for more chests, recipes books and other stores. It's hard to check what u need for some collections.
  7. just ask for portal in chat. always someone inside.
  8. sounds more like just a fresh system. without clean benchmarks compare it not a proof of anything.
  9. after amazing timing fix its about impossible to complete jp as intended. jump at 2nd rotation, right after clock in broken. - A lot peoples got teleported to beginning. - I done this 1st try yesterday, but failed 10 times in row today. Done this kitten 100 times last year, so i know how it works. jump right before clock break. - you get inside, but without chest, daily achi, etc. and about matchmaking here (and everywhere). i hate it. always getting maps with 10sec left, so wasting time for searching new. You can easily close maps for new people when less 3min.
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