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  1. Why the hell am I a beta-tester for something I've paid for
  2. I do not use any mods and the repair tool shows nada. 😕
  3. The "Old Friends" story mission keeps breaking down the net connection and resetting to the first jumps in the Mists. It happens after crashing with the final vessel and waking up on the beach. ;/
  4. I've just wasted a solid chunk of my life, trying to complete 'The Sacrifice' mission, twice. I get to Balthazar, Balthazar fights me for a while, applies the permastun, there's no way to escape the aforementioned stun (no special skill etc), and, when dead, the 'retry from checkpoint' button ejects me from the mission. I play as ranger, a soulbeast. Right now a somewhat sore beast.
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