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  1. Just wanted to say, this a million times. I would be fine having hard solo instanced content and having to personally work for my reward. I just really do NOT want to do it with a bunch of other people. It's not the difficulty some of us are complaining about, it's the type of content.
  2. Probably because every one of us has also played in a squad with a commander. Thinking for yourself in one actively gets you killed. I'm sure everyone's capable of tuning into some Twitchmander and seeing how it is also. I personally find it a lot more fun when each side has a large group but no formal commander too. I'm not naive enough to think those sitting in discord, complaining about getting ganked when they run back because there's no commander with them telling them to press dodge, are going to enjoy it.
  3. Consider making Bladesong: harmony unreflectable. At the moment bothering to trait it to boon rip is pointless in wvw due to reflect spam. It also feels very clunky and awkward having a cast time.
  4. You can't force people to play on redbl. It's a game not a job. Sorry you are one of a minority that seem to like that map but you can't force the rest of us to come play there with you ❤️
  5. I just don't see why they get out of playing the game mode when no one cries and petitions for me to not have to pve for my legendaries. And there's always the ones that stay. Even on mag where the welcome isn't exactly friendly I've seen pvers come for GoB and stay. Masochists I tell you.
  6. I'd rather they fix the bug rather than balance classes around it. In the meantime, make the decision to dismount before it's forced, or use the dodges wisely.
  7. It's not cheating though? Options - first tab - snap to target. If it's right there in the options menu.. it's not a hack. Unless having some basic knowledge of the game is a hack? And you don't even need to use snap to do it btw!
  8. It doesn't reward, it punishes. It punishes the rider for thinking he's safe and not making any decisions. When you know some one is likely chasing you, you need to decide, risk trying to dodge and keep running, or dismount and avoid the daze before he dismounts me? Personally I think the mount is already nerfed too much. It's hard to comment on a specific event that happens to a player when you hide your hp and don't show your build or stats. For all we know your toon was a level 15 in green gear.
  9. Like Leto said, while snap to target without doubt makes it much easier, it IS possible to hit in the middle of jerri rock without it. I usually don't bother turning snap on because I forget then get annoyed when I want to have an enemy targeted but barrage over on a down clump and instead barrage that one person. Not saying Snap is fair or should be in game, just noting that they aren't necessarily using it.
  10. I don't care what Webster says, it's really annoying. Change it back.
  11. I'm confused by posts like these. Yes, wvw is a team based game. Yes, roaming and small scale has a place. As part of that team game. Being a distraction while your pin does something else, sneaking a tower while your main zerg is elsewhere. The roamers - do you know just how large a part of ppt comes from camp guards, sentries and yaks? It's been years since I saw the math done so I don't recall the exact percent but it was HUGE. Working as a team doesn't mean everyone standing on one spot waiting for that one guy with a symbol on his head to tell them when to dodge or press a butt
  12. This already happens. 5k ping spikes from the moment a boonball group enters the map. Doesn't seem to matter to them, so long as one of their 40 friends manages to kitten out boons they're good.
  13. The real problem is that groups are so dependent on one person telling them what buttons to press and when, that they crumble when that person is dead. As Hunk himself pin snipes I assume this is a parody thread to troll after a certain commander raged for hours on his stream that the engy standing very clearly infront of him waiting to pull him was unfair. A very visible engineer doing a very visible pull. A commander who refused to put stability, a stun break, or blink on his utility bar. Said commander decided to deal with this scenario by kicking e
  14. It may interest you but the lack of activity in comparison to the other maps clearly shows that no amount of cajoling, begging in team chat, calling people noobs who are 'too afraid of redbl', demanding that people play in a map they don't enjoy, or insisting that every one just needs to, 'learn the map', is going to make players choose to play there.Just delete it and help reduce the blood pressure of those three people per server who are screaming in /t every time no one will come help them on their beloved empty map.
  15. Careful to not make assumptions. The travel is localized to the keeps themselves. Not getting to them. That's why you need to keep the shrineS active to your side. Like I said you don't know the map. The only thing I see that need to change is if the enemy has all 3 of your shrine they can use the fast travel as well. And all the shrine system does is make it easier to avoid coming into contact with enemy players, thus adding to why many people avoid that map. The entire map feels like it's designed to actively aid avoiding player contact.Anet should take a long hard look at the activity
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