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  1. Its working again now, so I'm assuming it was related to the mass connectivity issues
  2. Any help would be appreciated as I'm quite stuck... Game was fine when I went to bed, wake up and try to login and my launcher is just stuck at "Downloading 0KB(0KB/sec). It is using no network usage, but quite high on the CPU and power consumption. Unsure if this is related to the current mass DC issue going around 😞 I've tried giving the launcher admin privs and its not a firewall issue, so what gives?
  3. Here's what you're looking for :3
  4. It's no biggie man 🙂 That it does, and it is big sadge 😞 I just wanna zoom zoom into some loot loot
  5. Agreed, I'd have stopped with the game's pre-made Beetle races if not for farming my own track pieces, and other than that, the rewards are pretty lackluster. The goggles and scarf you get from achievements are great, but after that, there's no incentive for sure. The community already hosts races like this on custom made tracks, surely its something Anet can also do. Only time will tell though
  6. Ik that struggle as I get bad motion sickness from any first person games. I'm sorry you can't enjoy the zoom, but its totally understandable 😞
  7. No... how did you come to that conclusion? The Beetle has been around in Tyria since GW1, where it was introduced in Cantha.
  8. Mad respect for those who fly the Griffon professionally. The videos from these griffin riding guilds are so great to watch! I personally could never be that great on Griffon, but more of these courses would be great too. Mount races in general are something special man
  9. Yea I'm 50/50 on whether or not we'll actually see any more Beetle content, but crossing my fingers since Beetle is from Cantha. It'd be a waste not to use it.... And they clearly haven't given up on mounts with the Siege Turtle being a thing, so here's hoping?
  10. Who else is hoping they do the Roller Beetle some justice in Cantha? As it stands, it feels like there's so much they planned to do with the races and just didn't get around to (useless polling NPC's for example). Beetle Racing is probably my second favorite thing next to PvP, so idk, maybe I'm biased, but I think Cantha, being the home of the Beetle (Canthan New Year event specifically, Nightfall Beetles predate this by about a year) should have some great tracks, right??? Or just more in general. I want more races Anet, more prizes, more achievements. Th
  11. DO NOT JOIN THIS GUILD. They have rebranded to Most Valuable Pack after tormenting and harassing droves of guildies simply for playing with others. This is NOT a good community any more. Behind closed doors the leadership is very controlling and stalkerish. They actively watch players to see who they're doing content with and have gone as far as to implement a blacklist that disallows friendships between particular guilds. Do yourself a favor and avoid MVP like the absolute plague it is, unless you want hurt feelings and to be used for any and every asset you can give the guild. Go
  12. Heyo, I went ahead and sent you a mail in game! Sorry for the few days delay, look forward to hearing from you :3
  13. Hey, I'm EST too and there are people on at all times of the day now :) I work overnights so I play a lot in the early day. Whisper/mail me in game, we can talk more there!~
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