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  1. Trevor dropped out of forum meta. Anet needs to buff him: The number of controversial points in Trevor's posts has been incresed by 50%. The number of words in Trevor's posts has been increased by 70%. Trevor's game knowledge has been increased by 30% (in PvE only).
  2. Same situations as with stronghold. It's too late and no one is interested in the subgenre. They don't have ability to make core pvp good. Why do you think they can make it good with additional variables? Even if we will get this most people will drop it after 2 weeks.
  3. Let's see. There is thiefs who very rarely can do something meaningful solo. Condi reapers which can't even leave spawn without a team. Support chrono... well should I say something about it? Surely 0 team work meta. Not like those very team dependant classes like cata/soulbeast/untamed/holo.
  4. If that player was 1300 or lower he could stay bronze after 3 matches.
  5. Anet is actually listening to elitists (not forum "elitists"). And trust me, some of their suggestions are even worse than what we have on the forum.
  6. Willblender is easily countered by holding down "W".
  7. It's perfectly fine. Don't touch necro's staff. Or it will be whined to nerfs 1 month later.
  8. You still have Silent Scope. The biggest cheese DE has.
  9. You actually need both corrupts+unblocables to counter any guardian. If they'll bring back corrupts but nerf unblockables it will change nothing in terms of countering guards.
  10. If I remember correctly there are 5 aoe reveals. 2 of them noone is using. 1 is exlusive for herald, 1 is exlusive for DH (trap reveals traps LUL), 1 is exclusive for core necro. There is another problem, for this anet needs to make traps being able to be hitted by skills. I doubt they actually can do it and even if they can, I wonder how many issues it will cause.
  11. You mean, double tell? with actual skill animation and debuffs icon on you? Unmatched with 1000 power that is almost useless for condi builds? The what?
  12. There is a condiburst. It is the only possible way to play condibuild nowadays. Many builds have too much condicleanse per minute and sustain. There are more power builds in meta than condi. 5 powerbuilds vs 5 condibuilds teamfight will be decided not by damage type. OP needs a reality check.
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