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  1. Now I have a nightmare about reaper pops lich in stealth and kill me before he even render. Thanks.
  2. I'd say after lich nerf earth shield is the most powerfull button in the game. But since ele is in bad spot now it kinda need it.
  3. There are possibilities to do it ingame, but forum warriors aren't good at it. I swear, this forum is pinnacle of people talking about things they know nothing about.
  4. Most people are gold rated. Yep, just like character swapping. Personally, I'd like to brought back midmatch swapping. So my teammates can swap instead of afking after dying as spellbreaker at far 5 times in a row.
  5. New players don't know a lot of skills, should anet remove every skill in the game and let everyone fight with autos? New players can't dodge properly, should anet remove dodge? New players can't kite, should anet remake pvp maps into flat circle arena without single obstacle? Do you see where this type of logic leads? Instead of asking for removing legit and fair instruments you should learn how to use them.
  6. What do you mean by "Can't be evaded therefor always do damage." ? Isn't it on-hit effect and you can dodge that hit?
  7. Because there is condicleanse spam in the game.
  8. You seem to like smart words. I recommend you to read about "Mathematical expectation" and "Law of large numbers".
  9. Where tradeoff anet? https://imgur.com/hgzRJEX
  10. For all of you people who think matchmaker is pushing you to 50% winrate. Do you think the game will pull you to 50% winrate if you will just stay afk at spawn for dozens of matches? I can guarantee it will not. So stop this thrashtalk about matchmaker and learn to play.
  11. If other bots are allowed to play in sPvP, why jade bots shouldn't? Give equal right to all bots!
  12. Yeah, I know that. This is what makes it hilarious in many ways. I'm gonna make the most obnoxious core necro build and will name it Fellow Kitten Sapiens.
  13. How is core elementalists supposed to play then?
  14. Buff spellbreaker! I am tired of carrying my mate when he is playing it.
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