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  1. i got into an empty wvw server. where is the balance of this system exactly?
  2. for over 6months this map is unplayble.constant heavy lags like its in wvw with 3 full blobs. but instead on that map, 5 ppl and its unplayble
  3. hey, id like to join. Judgemental God is my nick in gameim 24 years old and casual raider/frac runner
  4. if u go with orginaized team u r in the run from start to finish.
  5. yep i tested it again. did a full cm run, and only the person who openned the instance got the achvs
  6. so i just completed the strike mission on challenge mode and got none of the achvs also some of the teammates didnt get it
  7. also the buy gem cards doesnt solve my gw1 problem
  8. this happened like a year ago ever since that 1 time i had card chargeback.you guys banned me from purchasing anything in gw2/gw1.i contacted support but they gave me a useless answer such as "buy gem cards"i cant always but gemcards nor need 2000 gems.ive been support the game with purchases ever since gw1 and never had issues.and in gw2 i was supporting the game almost on a monthly base.do you really wish to lose a veteran supporter just cus of 1 problem over a decade?
  9. Ever since i updated my nvidia driver, after 20mins of gameplay im starting to have heavy fps drops and i have to restart the client every 20mins cus of that.
  10. You cant get Dredge Building Material. i have destroyed the building over 200 times already for the past year and tried to interact with the building but nothing.Is it bugged or just Insanly low drop rate?
  11. there are 2 achvs that i've been trying to complete for quite a while and even reported at support for those bugs.one of them is Incinerator I Collection, you cant get the dredge building material, been trying to get it for 4months but the building just wont give the material and reported it so many times and still no fix.the 2nd one that i encoutred that is bugged is A Family Heirloom. this achv is bugged since release, once the first guy that gets the necklece on the map it disappears for everyone, you cant get it
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