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  1. I have waited some 8 years or so to see ANET come up with a solution to solving population imbalance in WvW. Does anyone know why they don't care about the WvW game mode?
  2. A ton of people use arc dps because it's awesome. It gives people instant feedback on their game play to help them improve. A lot of websites and programs start out like this and then ANET ends up building it into their game. Looking for group for example used to exist as a popular website before ANET ripped it off and put it into the game. I'm surprised they haven't built arc dps into the game yet to be honest.
  3. Holo nades do too much damage as it is right now. Something needs to change.
  4. I press the button to queue and nothing happens. I guess this bug is still ongoing. ANET please HELP
  5. Holo is broken right now, the amount of damage it puts out is insane.
  6. There's nothing worse than pressing a button and watching nothing happen when you're in the middle of an intense fight. This letter needs to be heard, and ANET needs to respond.
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