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  1. Yeah, if this was a monthly patch to nudge the meta, it wouldn't be bad, but given that this is "the big" patch for 2022, an astonishingly little is meaningfully changing.
  2. I mean, I don't even disagree that mobility in general seems to be getting out of control, to the detriment of the Conquest game-mode. Pretty much all the EoD specs have crept up in mobility, except I guess Cata and Virt. But I still refer you to my original question. If the tools that WB has in its toolkit, regardless of cooldowns or damage values, are such an issue, why was WB such garbage on release?
  3. What you are saying is obvious common sense, which apparently other people in this thread aren't able to grasp. The reason you are struggling here is because you're assuming a baseline of common sense, which you should never do on these forums.
  4. I AGREE IT IS THE NUMBERS Jesus Christ, how are you not getting this? I am pushing back on the people who are saying it is MECHANICALLY broken, of which there are examples you can read in this very thread. YOU are not complaining about mechanics, but other people are. Those are the people I'm speaking to.
  5. Focus is not used in the meta build. The meta build infact has ZERO blocks. I don't know why you would complain about off-meta builds that nobody plays, or suggest that weapons nobody uses are what makes it OP. Infact I don't know on what basis you can even form any opinion of what is/isn't strong while not being aware of the meta. Its not just about experience. WB has been buffed SINCE release. I am comparing its state on release to its state now. Mechanically, nothing has changed on WB since release. Only numbers were buffed. This implies that it is not mechanically broken, as you sugge
  6. No, it was a complaint about, and I quote: "Blinds + Blocks + Aegis + Teleports + 2 dodges". These are the same regardless of numbers. These are mechanics.
  7. Have you read this thread? What I originally replied to was a statement that WB is mechanically broken, not numerically.
  8. Fine, "mechanics", Captain Semantics. You know what I meant.
  9. It was. That's not my opinion. That's the opinion of basically every top player/streamer at the time of EoD release. Here is first MAT 1 month after EoD release. Not a single WB in sight, people still taking Herald in that slot: I swear to god people have such goldfish memories. Can't remember what happened 3 months ago.
  10. 1. What blocks does WB have (on the meta build)? Since you list Aegis separately from Block..... what Block are you referring to? 2. WB had the exact same list of capabilities on EoD release, but on EoD release it was considered a joke spec which nobody wanted on their team and labelled "Feedbender". A month after release it got some numerical buffs and CD reductions, but none of its actual capabilities changed, and this moved it up to S-tier. So are you really sure that's it's WB's intrinsic capabilities which are an issue, or just the numeric values? And if you do think its the intrinsi
  11. Yeah, and Harbinger pulsing 3s quickness to its team is insanely broken. Nowhere else on any other build is "perma-team-quickness" an option in PvP, so I'd expect it to be removed from Harbinger, not added to Herald.
  12. Permanent Quickness in PvE generally doesn't translate into PvP. Skills that give 5+ seconds in PvE end up giving 0.5s in PvP. I'd be very suprised if this gave more than 1s in PvP. And if it has more on release, you can guaruntee its an oversight that'll get patched. Team Quickness/Alacrity are a big deal in PvE, not PvP. Otherwise you'd see Chronos with Timewarp and FBs with Feel My Wrath all over the place, but, you don't.
  13. Ummmm, I don't know how to put this...... Shiro-Herald has always had Quickness?
  14. For a start, WB/Harb are not in the state where you MUST stack multiple of them in your team. Many high level teams are only playing 1 of them. EU MAT winners had 1 WB and 1 Harb. Neither did NA (although, USA were really just trolling). Infact I don't remember seeing *any* teams stacking multiple WBs. Having a Spectre, Vindicator/Mech, and a support of some kind, is pretty much universally preferred over stacking more WB/Harbs. The claim that the current optimal composition is 2x WB 2x Harb 1x Other is just objectively, empirically wrong. Second, do you not remember Renegade? Herald? The
  15. You guys have really short memories. You really think that a build being meta for 2 months is some kind of exception, and not what happens literally every patch? 2 months is a really, really short time for something to be meta. Prot-Holo and Nadesmith weren't instantly nerfed, they hung around for way more than 3 months. Yes it was repeatedly nerfed each patch, but how frequent do you think those patches were? What golden era are you imagining where patches were happening every month? Likewise Renegade and Herald during their respective high-points dominated for way longer than just
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