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  1. There's nothing inherently wrong with a build being able to do both 'Support' AND 'Attack'. It's only a problem if it can do both of them as well as a dedicated support or a dedicated DPS.
  2. If someone is telling you as a thief to fight on point, everything they say can be safely ignored. To be honest, just in general anyone saying "fight on point" can be safely ignored. It made sense as advice in 2015, it's totally outdated in 2021. These people have been living in a cave for the last 6 years.
  3. While those certainly don't help, the ability to fully customise stats is still a problem. Certain combinations are inherently problematic. If you give players the ability to simulate Trailblazer/Dire stats in PvP, you can guarantee that they will. Same issue with Nomad/Minstrel. If you think Scourge is a pain in the proverbial now, just imagine it in PvP with Apothecary/Plaguedoctor stats. Even if you don't enable those specific combinations directly, if you allow people to, for example, mix up a combination of sage and rabid, the combination together will be far more
  4. Because, as we all know, the ability to stack certain stats has made WvW roaming a utopian paradise of perfect balance.
  5. To be honest, I'd rather have weaver/soulbeast being the dominant sidenoders than have holos, renegades, various flavours of necro, in that role. Because at least they suck at TF, rather than being useful everywhere and always. Likewise I'm fairly at-peace with guardian sucking on sidenode, since it is always valuable in TF.
  6. You don't have to CC in order to land damage, and a CC is not automatically easier if the CC is itself difficult to land. Which is easier to land, shield-bash+eviscerate, or sevenshot? Which is easier to land, backbreaker+fierce-blow, or shadowshot? Which is easier to land, bulls-charge+arcing-slice, or ghastly-claws? Which is easier to land, headbutt+decapitate, or grenade-barrage? Which is easier to land, skullcrack+whirling-axe, or winter's-bite?
  7. Warrior has very high >>potential<< damage, the key word being >>potential<<. The problem is that you quite often can't land that damage against opponents that are leaping/blinking around and spamming blind/cripple. It doesn't need more damage. It needs better ways to land the damage it already has.
  8. I guess you missed the part where I said NON-trapper-rune DH.
  9. Any sustain that relies upon hitting a single enemy is inherently worse sustain than sustain that does not. First, it does not scale up. It doesn't work when you're being focused by multiple targets. Second, it does not work if you're not in a position to attack someone - if you're low and needing to kite, or out of range, or can't engage onto a point with multiple enemies, or the enemy is invulnerable.... etc Sustain that is conditional on gaining a hit is, in these scenarios, effectively the same as having zero sustain. Whereas an evade or block or invuln or blin
  10. I mean, feel free to go and try and compare. Even zerker chrono is significantly more viable than non-trapper zerker DH. Honestly, I'm all for removing trapper-runes, its a cheap gimmick. But let's not pretend that DH won't go straight back to trash-tier alongside core-ele if they are removed with no compensation.
  11. Try playing a zerker soulbeast, or a zerker herald, and then compare that to trying to play zerker DH without trapper runes.
  12. It's not the players have an irrational obsession with GS. What you say is true, that if you combine around Fierce Blow properly, then hammer damage is actually surprisingly okay. However, hammer has several other problems that GS does not: 1) Any strong weaponset needs to have both some defensive and offensive capability. GS has this with evades, and strong kiting potential, hammer offers absolutely no defensive capability. If you get focused in a teamfight, you're screwed. 2) Actually landing hits. It's trivially easy for any ranged class to just walk around
  13. Dragon's Maw is not the same effect. It CC's on hit. LB5 does not CC on hit. It only CC's if you subsequently walk into the barriers, and guess what, those subsequent hits do no damage. The damage strike and the CC strike are not the same strike. This is like complaining that pistol-whip is a CC that does damage. No, the CC doesn't do damage, only the followup strikes do. The rule is that no single strike should both hard-CC and damage. LB5 does not break this rule.
  14. Mesmer is probably the 2nd hardest counter, after ranger, since pets/clones invalidate traps. Maybe a zerker-GS mesmer will have difficulty, but a condi-staff with massive reflect uptime can basically win AFK.
  15. The part of the brain that can analyze "space" and "time". The only trap in this build that can potentially force you off a node is Procession of Blades. This trap does not actually cover the entire node, so if you position correctly you're fine. Also it only lasts 2 seconds, so you can trigger it, move away for 2 seconds, and then re-engage. And, more importantly, if the DH is using Procession of Blades to pressure the node, that means he cannot ALSO be using it to gain stealth and kite or setup LB bursts. Infact, the smart play is to intentionally trigger the trap and
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