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  1. Sao is right, those 10 second cool downs are by attunement not overall, so if you combo in Fire then in Water you should still get the two auras from the trait. It would only come into effect if you tried to combo twice in the same attunement. So it might be better to use your blast/projectiles/whirls before leaps since Leaps should refresh the Aura as its unrelated to the Elemental Epitome trait. Are you referring to general outside of this trait line that we need more leaps to get Auras when that trait is on cool down for example? That's a valid concern, but given the amount of finisher
  2. Yeah, considering that 3 out of 4 of the combo finishers in this game are melee oriented, it wouldn't make much sense to have a combo heavy class using a ranged weapon. The only projectile finisher that would bring something new to the table that Elementalist can't already do is the Poison field. Maybe if Catalyst had a Dark and Ethereal field for Leeching/Confounding bolts but thats not the case. EDIT: And.. if someone is looking to play that way of dropping fields and spamming ranged attacks... surprisingly, that option already exists for Catalyst... with Staff...
  3. Changes look fantastic can't wait to give it a go! I'm hoping the Jade Orb mechanics work better and can give more reliable access to fields when on Hammer.
  4. The color corrected trailer looks a lot nicer. The jade can be bright green once its processed but the sea really shouldn't look like goop.
  5. I really hope ANet can readd some textures or even a bit more blueish green tints to it. That first picture of the new jade is horrendous...... How on earth is this okay? Even if there is some stupid excuse about new dragon engery being infused, it shouldn't look like a high rez slime block from Minecraft.
  6. This beautiful bright green looked fine when it was showed off as statues or processed into creatures. But it looks awful in the sea... it needs to be more blueish green, atleast in the wave forms. It looks like... waves of disgusting green glop. The Jade Sea was my favorite area in GW1, please don't mess this one up ANet. 😞
  7. Tempest is a fantastic open world class as well, however Weaver is usually a better option. It has more DPS (either power or condi focused) and has some better survivbility built into it with barrier and evades. That said, you absolutely can run a Tempest in open world and have great success. I run Tempest for all my PvE related events. Here is my build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgEsEWGBjipwuYn4ors2yA-zRJYiRDfZEYBUaCY7A-e A few things: I have it here basically full marauders, but this is not actually what I run. Its really up to each elementalist to mix and match their gear as t
  8. Changes will absolutely be coming to all of the Elite Specs. But they're not going to just randomly mention off hand any changes made in an unrelated stream, they will at the very least make a forum post if not have a guild chat dedicated to the changes. Even then, the changes from the beta test will be small. Large changes wont happen until we as players get our hands on them for more than a few days. Once metas are established and builds begin to form, then well get the real changes.
  9. Fresh Air in PvP isn't really as good as it used to be due to power creep. Anytime I run it in PvP, I find myself dying more often than its worth. It can be kinda fun if you run a FA Sword build, but not really practical for climbing ranks. FA overall is much better in WvW where you can customize your stats more to your liking and have better flexibility in moving through out the map. As for Necros, keep in mind that Air builds struggle against conditions and excel at single target damage, both of which Necros kind of counter if they're running a MM or Condi focused build, not to mention thei
  10. Well OP mentioned they were core but also wanted new stuff, figured I'd give some core advice if thats what he wanted. I think he has expansions though so all that great info on weaver is still helpful
  11. Core Elementalist can work well in Open World content, but if you're interested in getting into more end game modes like Fractals, Raids or PvP/WvW, you will probably want to look into getting the expansions. Tempest and Weaver are overall better for these areas than Core Elementalist. Personally for Core Elementalist I find that Dagger is the most fun of a weapon to use. Scepter and Staff are both pretty slow and on Core the damage pay off isn't really that good. That said, if you want to run a staff build, Fire/Air/Arcane would be your go too for the big deeps. Here is an example: http:
  12. I would have preferred mace, but I have been really happy we got Hammer. I love the idea of an Elemental Wizard using such a brutal weapon and being a unmovable wall of elemental powers, its wonderful. The fact that it is also a mix ranged weapon instead of fully melee/ranged is also fantastic. That said, the weapon could use work and I hope it gets some changes. I'm still hoping it gets a fire field and I wouldn't be opposed to opening the range of either Fire or Air to 1,200 to give it even more overall flexibility for those who wanted a longer ranger weapon. I know a lot of players fee
  13. Catalyst has the potential to reach pretty high stat caps with their Elemental Empowerment and Auras enhancing abilities, this includes base HP and defense. I saw some pretty crazy looking stats during the beta. I think the bigger challenge is keeping the Catalyst at those high ends of their potential, something it is struggling with because of the lackluster Jade Sphere and lack of combo field on hammer. Hopefully ANet will make some tweaks to allow longer uptime for the Catalyst's maximum potential.
  14. Please consider the context of the original post. I never said it wasn't possible to get good sustain and dps by choosing certain traitlines, I said it was hard to create an singular attunement on the Elementalist with access to good sustain and damage without making balance issues for the other attunements and class. In the context of the original post, I was saying creating Water with the same DPS level as Fire/Air would have lead to balancing problems. One of the big differences between Battle Scars and Water is that Elementalist will always have access to its Water Attunement. It doesn
  15. Well, not to get anyones hopes up, but remember it really hasn't been all that long since the beta ended. It's possible fixes are on the way, but still being tested for balance. Even if there are changes ready to go live, I don't think they'd wanna reveal them with Rubi just playing around, they'd probably want CMC to come out and discuss why they were changed in an actual live stream. If there is any elite spec that will get changed a bit, it should be Catalyst. As for the topic of auras: I personally would prefer ANet keep working with something that already has built in synergy with E
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