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  1. Try it with Warclaw Blessing for a real gotta go fast experience 💪
  2. Yup, it's either bugged or... I'm not sure. Considering they also added Convergence as a blast finisher, this current interaction may be intended ? Kind of a bummer if you ask me. Sorry if my post caused any confusion OP, I swear that's how it's supposed to work 😆
  3. Boring weapon that hits like a noodle at range and forces camping and spamming for any decent pay off. I played of full marauders in WvW and still felt limp. Etchings need to last longer or have some sort of persisting mechanic (ex: I drop a fire etching but swap to water and the etching automatically changes to water for the water finisher)... Making them last longer is the best and easiest solution, as I think the whole camping attunement thing is just a l2p change in mindset issue. Ironically the bugged Ripple dash is the only thing keeping me alive in WvW Why is Haboob's etching a dark field and not a smoke field? Disappearing into a sand storm is literally right there. I know this weapon isn't meant to have much survivability but it's perfect synergy. The whole inner/outer effects on spells is dumb. Either scrap it or increase the benefits of hitting with the outer ring and make the small sweet spot really devastating. Nothing so far spear offers has convinced me to purchases JW. Really sad if this is the first expac since Factions I'm not hyped over. Hope you make some major changes to the weapon.
  4. It's a bug with the interaction of superspeed / warclaw blessing.
  5. So the current skill for Diamond Skin stats it will cleanse two conditions on allies when using a blast finisher. However the patch notes state that the skill is supposed to clear condition from yourself and allies. I just did some testing and it looks like its not cleansing any conditions when completing a blast finisher on yourself. I'm just curious if this is working as intended or if there was a mistake with the skill..
  6. Hammer is my favorite Ele weapon but the orbs have always been a sore point. Personally, I would suggest something like... Remove the redundant energy mechanic. Rework Energized Elements to add the orbs when you cast a Jade Sphere. Timer refresh when you get a new one, but grand finale is gone. Increase damage of the orbs, probably need to reduce the buffs since it'd be available to all weapons. Then give hammer some actual useful 3 skills. I'm still shocked a weapon with such poor mobility wasn't give a pull or more CC to hold enemies in place. Fire can be a 800 ranged DPS move, Water can be an Aura Transmute skill, Wind can be a low damage but maybe inflict slow or something and Earth can be a pull. Eh... Whatever. Hopefully Hammer will get some love in the future.
  7. combo fields prioritize your earliest field. So put down water, then blast with frozen burst. Even though there's an ice field, your water field was there first and you should get blast healing. The ice field is really only there for when you have no fields at all.
  8. Aw. More of the same... Nothing new. No boon control, no mixed range, no reveals or stealth, no good mobility, just mostly stationary aoe damage . Was really hoping for something more unique. Fingers crossed the demo tomorrow changes my mind. I want to like it...
  9. I'm either hoping for a lower damage but high mobility/control fully ranged weapon or a hybrid weapon. Hammer was a good start, but having a hybrid range weapon with longer (900 or 1200) would be good. If its hybrid in that sense, then I hope the close-range skills have pulls or gap closers, something that Hammer is lacking. I'd be very unhappy if Spear is just a four attunements of: Throw Ranged Spear, Throw Mulitple Spears, Big Charge Up into Big and (easily dodgeable) Spear Throw. EDIT: Oh and Reveal and/or Stealth somehow built into the Weapon. That alone would make it worth looking into for me. 🙂
  10. Nope, it's always just been the cool down of tbe attunement since it was introduced. Elemental Celerity is the only way we can recharge our weapon skills instantly.
  11. I think you might be a little confused on how Fresh Air works. Fresh Air doesn't refresh the cooldown of any weapon skills, so it wouldn't refresh Pyro Vortex or any skill for that matter. Fresh Air resets the cooldown on your Air Attunement, which lets you swap back into Air without waiting the 4 - 10 seconds that is usually needed after you leave an attunement. You can trigger Fresh Air while in any Attunement as it just needs a critical hit. And yes, hitting a critical with your Weaver Dual Skills can reset the Air Attunement cooldown.
  12. Why? Personally, I don't agree with OP's suggestions, but I think if they introduced a weapon (or new elite spec) that had some boon removal or stealth/reveal mechanics attached it'd actually be a nice change to how Ele plays.
  13. Pistol is a predominantly condition focused weapon. It has a gimmick, sort of like hammer, where using your skills procs elemental bullets that enhance your pistol's 2 and 3 skill. One of these enhancements if offensive in nature, the other is defensive. To get the most out of the bullets, keep these rotations in mind: Fire 3 -> 2 (this increases your condi damage by 5% for 10 seconds) Water 2 -> 3 (this causes the ice field to explode, dealing additional bleeding damage) Earth 3 -> 2 (this adds additional bleeding to your next three attacks) Air is a little awkward and probably best avoided, although 3 -> 2 would be best as using Air 2 with an Air Bullet will then reduce the cooldown of your next Pistol ability, allowing you a shorter cooldown on stronger attacks like Fire and Earth 3. I find most success running it with Catalyst, a Fire/Earth build that uses Signets of Earth and Fire (in PvE) or Air (WvW). Try using the field to shoot your bullets through for additional condition effects as Water 2 and Earth 3 are projectile finishers. Earth is a good field to use since it procs additional poison (which Ele doesnt normally have access too). Make sure to take Vicious Empowerment since this weapon can stun and immo pretty easy with Air 2 and Eartth 3, plus the signet of Earth. You should easily keep up 10 stacks. If you're playing PvE, consider Empowered Empowerment for additional damage stacking. Empowering Auras helps rack up that damage. You can also take Rentless Fire as that increases your condis by 15% and are unblockable. Consider running Relic of the Fractal for bleed bursts. In PvE, I ran it with Warhorn for the extra fire field and really quite enjoyed it. Slap on some Cele, some Fire focused runes a Poison/Bursting Sigil and you'll see some numbers.
  14. This happens with every new Ele weapon. Warhorn was useless, Sword was clunky, Hammer was a jumbled mess. Eles on this form are all expecting to be pulling in top dps with a day of the weapon being introduced and when they can't it's garbage. It's a complicated weapon with an awkward mechanic, we need to give ourselves time to adjust. This is not meant to invalidate any criticism of the weapon. Just give it some time to get into the swing of things.
  15. I mean, part of the reason Evasive Purity is in the Master Category is why its stronger and therefore doesn't need and ICD, but I digress: the Water line already has two ways to remove condis: Stop, Drop and Roll and Cleansing Wave as choices you can make that will remove conditions for you. And if you take Cleansing Waters you get Soothing Ice and Soothing Disruption, as well as anytime you apply regen with whatever weapon set you're using. That is a lot of options for condition removal pack into a single trait line (and this isn't even considering how it works with other trait lines that apply regen). On the other hand, Evasive Purity is literally the only trait in Nature Magic that removes conditions. I know this isn't an argument about condition removal as it is comparing two similar skills with similar effects, but to do just that isn't a fair comparison. You need to look at the whole picture and how they works with the trait line and the class on whole. I'm all for buffing Elementalist and I dream of a day that Chill is removed from the game, but this trait is fine for what it is...
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