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  1. It is possible to do something similar to gw1 mesmer with gw2 mechanics, as Senqu showed above. Also remembered Bods idea from like 2017: That being said, will ANerf ever do it? No. Mesmer is already cried over by every other profession in the pitiful state it is, imagine the qq, a shutdown machine like gw1 mes, would provoke.
  2. I'd Rather they delete the profession altogether than leaving it at the pitiful state it is. This servers right tho to everyone who was hopeful that Jazz's list was going to get things better despise some people saying it was a waste of time. I for one, fell once for it. Devs couldn't care less about mesmer players' input.
  3. More nerfs yay! Just delete the bloody profession already.
  4. At least when spectral mastery was deleted some spectral skills got buffed.
  5. I still remember when Phantasmal Berserker was changed people though it was a buff because 300 damage increase of the throw. =)In reality it was, like you said, a nerf to prevent remaining in stealth while the phantasm was attacking.I agree with you. That being said:All phantasms are trash, some of them were pretty awesome before the "buff".
  6. Good list but not going to happen.Remember how much time it took from ANerf to fix Jaunt tooltip?
  7. It's far from the first time people are doing this kind of job, at best they'll take your worst suggestion implement it and say "mesmer is now in a good place", at worst they'll say kitten you or implement the ideas in such a way mesmer will be in an even worse state. Did you ever saw those movies were the doctor is trying to revive a patient and the other doctors and nurses stop him saying "snap out of it, he's gone!" ? - it's this thread.
  8. The same ANerf that ignored all mesmer suggestions since release (except on post mirage preview tbf). Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice....
  9. Seems I have to spell it out again.... What I mean with "quality of nerfs and buffs" is how these nerfs and buffs are impacting the performance of the class in the end.That one change that gave back IP to chrono improved the performance of the class more than the nerfs in exchange for it have been weakened it's performance, meaning that compared to the state before these changes chronomancer got buffed. Counting buffs and nerfs just by their quantity makes no sense.If we would buff 3 of mesmer's weapon spells for a power coefficient of 0,01 and at the same time take away both dodge bars, would
  10. Reflecting on this yesterday, thinking of what values I would tweak, a few ideas kept coming up: 1 - Limit Mirage to 1 Dodge, but it costs 75-100 Energy, making it available less often. Mirage Cloak does give a defensive advantage which should be leaned into, but having the native mobility of Dodge still available would be a good thing. 2 - Giving MC to Illusions in any capacity could be done for purely defensive purposes. This enters the discussion of 'how much DPS/Utility should Mesmer/Mirage gain from Illusions?'. Keeping Illusions alive longer would be a good thing for the Mesmer, but n
  11. Quality this, quality that but no one says where this "quality" is.
  12. Said that since the patch preview when some people were glorifying ANerf for the changes:
  13. Fine by me, don't forget to rollback every vigor nerf tho.
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