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  1. @Ark.2694 @Alva.4590 Oh this thread is pve, whatever, in Pve anything works. On competitive modes any class except maybe ele has more mobility than mesmer.
  2. Skill 4 is beyond garbage. It takes more time firing the stun than the stun duration, no one ever will get it. Skill 5 is garbage, barrier is meh the ally portal is ultra situational. Yeah you're right why would you want more mobility on a profession who has no access to swiftness/superspeed and has one port especially on a ranged weapon with no means to keep enimies at bay.
  3. ANet: We are happy to see positive feedback around the weapon.
  4. Just leaving this here: The same OP that comes to get mesmer nerfed makes "StOp NeRf ThReaDs" and acts rightful when his class is on the line.
  5. "I wAnT tO mAkE PvP BeTtEr! But I don't know jackshit about the spec I want to delete, I don't know that it has to waste 6 skills to do it's burst, I don't know that if the burst fails it has to survive for a bunch of seconds relying only on distortion and blurred frenzy, I don't know that it has no sustain damage whatsoever, I don't know it has only 1 skill that condi cleanse, I don't know that it has 2 stunbreakers one of which it's used in the burst, so ANerf please remove it from PvP".
  6. "I keep dying to a combo that exists since 2012 and refuse to dodge when I see a gigantic purple greatsword coming at me, do something ANerf."
  7. Indeed. This was the only source of fury for power mirage/chrono/mesmer. These balance team are absolutely worthless and show'd again they don't know their own game.
  8. "We were happy to see positive feedback around the weapon"
  9. It's not. Power chrono is going to be deleted in wvw, support chrono will take a huge blow too.
  10. And chrono. Regarding virt they'll get there too.
  11. Pve and wvw are split balance wise. So you can totally nerf cele on wvw without touching pve.
  12. That's the thing about mmo. If something becomes dominating it gets nerfed. Cele has been so oppressive that most of the professions use it. But that is on MMOs with competent balance teams, so cele users can calm down.
  13. As a mesmer main I can explain their reasoning. Step 1 - buff skill/trait X Step 2 - nerf skill/trait Y Z A B using the reasoning that X made it too good. Step 3 - nerf skill/trait X I mean, look at mirage dodge, every trait and skill got nerfed because mirage dodge was too good, then mirage dodge was nerfed into one dodge and then when it got "buffed" into two dodges again several more nerfs came with the reasoning we have to nerf something in order to give the dodge back. None of the previous nerfs were reverted.
  14. As helpful as someone saying cele requires more skill to play than zerker.
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