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  1. Dagger 3 is nullified and disappears as soon as it hits someone with aegis. A single aegis counters the entire skill.
  2. Its certainly more creative and interesting than this core mesmer but with blades instead of clones we're getting.
  3. IPeople will tell the most absurd kitten to sell you something. Mirage was already one of the professions with the least amount of dodges before they cut out one dodge. All vigor was nerfed into absurd levels, a single vigor trait from one of the other professions gets you the same vigor than mirage with three vigor traits. To add to that evade was reduce to match a regular dodge and the mobility of dodge was reduce to lower than a regular dodge and let's not even talk if you've impairing conditions on you. One dodge makes you spam on full endurance instead of playing sm
  4. That one seem better. At least the cast time and travel time is shorter.
  5. On top of my head, Mort's psychomancer and bod's idea, both reminiscent of GW1 mesmer. A search of psychomancer should get you there, can't remember bod's spec name tho.
  6. I can tell my feedback right now without playing it. Its garbage and ANerf should be ashamed of lying in the face of its customers, they didn't read any feedback. So grow a kittening pair and say outright "your feedback doesn't matter, we'll do it as we want even if it's unplayable trash". "we made a range dps on mesmer without any sort of cc, sustain and mobility, and gave tons of mobility to all other new elite specs to be sure no one complains about mesmer anymore because we're too kittening dumb and lazy to actually fix things in a cleaver way".
  7. Not that true. You can totally create a cloneless spec without this "let's rename clone blades and be done with it trash". There were several elegant cloneless specs ideas out there that did this just fine. ANerf's lazy kitten just took the easy way out hence this kitten garbage.
  8. Yup, changes look great... If you play anything but Virt.
  9. Again the unblockable is dependent on enemy action, you can't do jackshit to trigger it alone and to boot it makes shatters more predictable. That trait is useless kitten.
  10. That would be true if chrono was the only one who had access to quickness alacrity and slow. From the moment they decided to give that out like candy to everyone it's no longer time mage stuff.
  11. Shatter oriented, dps. Ahahahah This kitten is worse than core by a mile. CMC is either clueless or lies on purpose.
  12. Riposte is awful. It would be semidecent if it was you gain unblockable on dodge. But it is if you evade an attack.
  13. The number is totally relevant. There's a reason each weaponset creates a minimum of 2 illusions and not 4, because it was balanced as 3 clone shatter. Seeing they screwed up they decided to create every major grandmaster as a blade fuel. Incompetence at its best.
  14. The unblockable bit is not even dependent on the player but on the enemy since you have to evade/block an attack plus it makes bladesongs even more predictable. The one who had this awful idea should have a pine-tree grow out of his/her kitten. The only good thing about this change is that it doesnt shoot blades so you don't get revealed.
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