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  1. this guide is so useless, after the nerf the only proper portal usage is to snowball kills with your team or get someone out of certain death, this skill really isn't complex anymore and it's not very usefunl unless you run stricte kill oriented composition
  2. tldr: he told us anet doesn't care.that's all you need to know.
  3. absolutely nothing will change, good job not touching decap scrapper/core guardian lol. another patch that makes the game more braindead
  4. now you have RANGED ( which was always against the design idea of pvp) powercrept shrotbow and grenades dominating everything brute forcing with raw damage beacuse everything else is nerfed. sevenshot/barrage can take half your health. what happened to the design principles in this game?
  5. "the big patch" made all of my friends quit, the top250 is now what 1500 rating? since february even through people sitting in home due to corona we've been hard bleeding players. it's about time you revert that garbage. your experimant is an utter failure, the biggest one in this game's history, CMC. You are not the saviour, you're a failure.
  6. i barely log in anymore, but whenever i do, there's 4 holos every single game. it's so disgusting to play vs a hypercarry tank stealth one shotter. can you fix the game so people can come back? thx karl mclain
  7. every single port skill and sword 25 years of revenant desync and nothing has been done about itthe same way every single timetihs game is unplayable vs this classfix port desyncsim tired of this bs
  8. It ruined the build variety, beforehand you could have played almost anything and in a certain variatin it has worked. Now you have 4 buidls that dominate the game. The classes that devs forgot to nerf are just so much superior. Two of those builds being scrapper and holo meanwhile mesmer,warrior are unplayable. The power discrepanncy between certain skills is astonishing. Grav well pulsing for 8 damage but holo can spam crate which baits dodges with stow does insane dmg and has insane utility. Certain skills have been nerfed to oblivion while others were untouched. Classes with the most untou
  9. It's not just 3v3 though, teapot hosted a 5v5 tourny today and a triple rev team went undefeated. triple rev team. which consists of core rev, renegade and herald. rev is ruining every gamemode rn with its sustainability and cc/boon spam. the class itself is the biggest issue when it comes to balance currently.
  10. All kinds of rev rn tbh. I've been playing 3v3s lately in top5 rating area and every team basically runs 2 or 3 revs. The permanent stability from core rev Jalis put together with the cc of Mallyx and Jalis from other revenants is an extermely obnoxious combo with no counterplay whatsoever. All of the teams in top10 are basically playing double or even triple rev. The cds on CCs are obviously overtuned and they should cost more energy or have a high cooldown since both of these seplls (jalis taunt and mallyx leap) are hard CCs. Mallyx being a spammable AoE pull. It's gamebreaking.
  11. Ranger is already the weakest class in the game, the worst one you can pick in ATs and competitive games yet they are getting the hardest nerf out of all the specs in the game?Can someone explain this?Ranger is already not a class and now you're absolutely shredding their remnants out of the dumpster into nothingnessDoes anyone else sees the problem here?Why can't ranger do damage?Why can't druid heal?Why can't we have A SINGLE GOOD PET?There literally won't be a single good pet left after the changesWhat's anets issue with ranger?
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