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  1. I know that you have 1 hour to chose if you want to accept Volunteer's Blessing or not... and often that is enough. I have more characters that i can play and i parked the less-played characters on useful spots where i can farm chest or nodes, to make those chars more useful (to get some extra materials or cash). Those characters are affected as well (somehow its a bit less annoying, probably because i use many of those characters less than 1 minute per day). But i also play some of those characters to open up maps, get extra hero points, experiment with new builds and/or getting extra x
  2. You are playing a MMO. Anet will always find ways that cost you (in game) money. And some stuff will always look cooler than other stuff (which is usually a matter of taste). But again: Focus on the stuff that's important to you and you will be fine... as long you can afford to spend money on waypoints, then you don't have a real problem.
  3. It always sucks when you have to spend money (especially when you feel that you are "poor"). But mounts are account bound, so you pay once and "enjoy" it forever. Even ascended armor/weapons/trinkets can be shared with other characters (but i do not advice that, because i hate all the swapping). But once your main character(s) have the stuff that you want, then you can building up some spare cash. Focus on the stuff that's important to you and you will be fine... as long you can afford to spend money on waypoints, then you don't have a real problem.
  4. They do, like the success percentage of the EOD meta. But of course nobody of us is able to verify such details (but many question that 60%)....
  5. I used to blame (failing) meta's too, but currently it's more like "lately it feels like i'm switching maps more than i'm playing.", which i translated with "every 5 minutes". That's a lot more than just meta's....
  6. No, but i think you argument was not so good either... Anet is a company and they only share info that they want to share with us.
  7. Before the release of EOD things were already bad... you join a map and within a second you are asked to leave the map for a "better" (more populated version of that) map. Why did the game put me in an instance of a map that the game wants to close? But since the release of EOD things gets out of hand. Every #$%@^ 5 minutes i get terrorized by that popup, asking me to move to a "better" instance of that map, which often turns out to be more empty instance than the one i was in (especially in Canthan maps). I understand that this system is needed for the megaserver system to work, but
  8. II was on-line 30 mins ago (EU), so the servers are up...
  9. I made a tool for myself that works like that (search on name item, skin or wallet-item). To solve the problem with the 63k items, i store all items in a INI file. To limit the number of API requests (which is the slowest part) i first check that INI to select the ID's that i want to find). My tool can search in bank, material storage, bags, shared inventory, wallet and equiped gear. I have 5 accounts with 70 characters in total. 1 search takes apx 1 minute...
  10. I see Yolo in a lot of youtube videos. Afaik Anet has no problems with it either...
  11. Have you tried Yolomouse? You can change shape, color and size of your cursors... Example: a random video from Ayin (gw2 streamer and afaik also an Anet partner):
  12. The it probably resets after 24h since last mining. Daily reset doesn't fix it. More types of nodes seem to work like that... I agree, stupid design.
  13. RTX3080, both gw2 and windows setup at 1440p My gw2 graphics settings: everything high/ultra, but shadows=low, shaders=medium, character model limit=low all checkboxes checked, minus vertical sync https://imgur.com/a/QgjkzTK
  14. Yes, i just checked your video again to make sure that i am doing it correctly. Then i did another test run and i did not tilt at all...
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