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  1. We have tried it. It does not work. I was in party with creator of this arena, and could not see this arena in game browser.Do you mean, i have to play it first at least once to be able to see it in game browser later?
  2. Hello there,in a PVP guild Arena Killers, there is a custom arena made by one of the guildmates. Everyone can see this arena in the game browser, but me.It is not listed. Never.Screenshot
  3. Can't use /bug to submit a bug.Everything works, but the "Submit" button.It stays gray, and you can't press it.Screenshot:
  4. Twin Darts do not poison every second in accordance to description. The poisoning happens randomly and only if Poison Barbs where used. Then it works for some but poison does not stacks and after 6 seconds stops poisoning again.This happens in ranked or unranked arena or on targets in Mists. Never tested this in PVE, so i have no idea if it bugs there. If u stay on target golem long enough it will start working but still randomly.Here is the screenshot
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