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  1. Dread is a trait mainly for core and scourge power builds as these by design lack power pressure but have low cooldown fears as class mechanics. It is intentionally weak on reaper as it boosts the spec a lot more than core and scourge. With an additional fear reaper could maintain perma quickness and fury while going full defense traits and gear and still have huge offensive pressure due to its big multipliers on shroud and greatsword. You don't want to fight such a reaper build, trust me!
  2. Allowing only gear that increases every attribute is quite nonsensical. In that case they could just increase everyone's base attribute numbers by 639 and remove the whole "gear grants additional attributes" mechanic. That of course goes for every "only one attribute combination exists" variant. The game does only need: - berserker: burst but squishy - carrion: condi ramp up and dot needs a bit more sustain than zerk - a support amulet with healing power, concentration and vitality: no damage, but best sustain without turning into a bunker Thi
  3. Agreed! PvE was: spam GS autos and nightfall above 50% HP and grave digger below 50% hp. PvP was: pick all shroud burst traits and press F1 to kill. If you fail, wait 7 seconds and repeat. Those were the days!
  4. The only ranger build that is currently an issue is bunker beast with offhand axe, because that axe5 multiplier is absurd and carries the whole build. Immob > axe5 > facetank everything > immob > axe5 > facetank everything > immob > axe5 ... and so on until your target dies or just ran away (which isn't that easy as the build is quite sticky). You laugh about fresh air eles, you laugh about deadeyes as you laugh about any other high spike damage build. And even more you laugh about bruisers you can facetank. Glass canon ranger builds are
  5. What a mess of ideas... Side Notes: Banshee's Wail is in BM, because BM is the traitline that is designed around dagger+warhorn. Soul Reaping is the class mechanic traitline and currently has 3 perfect master options: damage, sustain, utility - just like the elite specs have these 3 options in each tier. The important part: The signet trait is in spite, because it would be overpowered in every other traitline - esp. (!) in soul reaping. I am playing a lot of signet reaper. Put the signet trait into soul reaping and I switch from spite + soul r
  6. If dodges lag then not GW2 but the client is the issue. The way they are computed, they can not lag. If there is a connection issue, then you can dodge infinite times until your PC was able to send a data package that your endurance is consumed. (Side Note: You can not "cheat" with this as without a connection your whole game will not be updated making it impossible to progress in your actual content.) Skills work different and won't be executed until a stable connection to the server is present. So they will lag for the amount of ping you have.
  7. There exists a mechanic called unblockable. Besides that it does just destroy projectiles hitting you in a 90 degree cone from the front. I did not notice any bugs with the projectile destruction yet. If a longbow ranger I was charging into was hitting me, then he usually set up an unblockable.
  8. The initial damage of hunters ward follows the same rules as other cc skills (0,1 multiplier). The final damage has a big tell and is mechanically like remaining in an AOE field.
  9. The damage of a 1.91 multiplier skill (like true shot) in PvP on zerk amulet + scholar rune is about 2200 damage or about 4500 damage when landing a critical hit. You need ~350% of additional damage multipliers (buffs, traits, might, vulnerability) to reach 16k damage. Feel free to craft a build that can achieve this. If you don't belive this math: Learn the damage formula! And watch anet's comment on the feb25 2020 patch, where they said, that the expected critcal hit damage of a 2.0 multiplier skill in pvp on marauder amulet and a few realistic buffs is around 5k
  10. Signet of Undeath is such a strong skill in the hands of a competent player, that its trade-offs are 100% justified. It is fine as it is.
  11. The swiftness duration buff is a buff to necro, more than to any other class, due to the design of its swiftness skills (long duration swiftness on a long cooldown). Necros were overcapping swiftness all the time for the last few weeks. Probably irrelevant in PvE, but very noticeable in the competitive modes.
  12. Basically everyone is running speed rune now in organized zergs, without the trade-offs of speed rune. That sounds like a "great" idea.
  13. 5 minutes in WvW after this patch and I am already encountering trapper dragon hunters thinking they are thieves stealth sneaking other players 247 (and as a side effect walking into random traps on the ground everywhere without noticing any targets at view distance). 🤪
  14. People said it already: Ele has access to more skills than other classes (except full kit engineer, but who plays this?), which requires a tiny bit of additional effort to learn the skills, when you are new to the class. <= This is where the nonsense, that the class is difficult to play comes from (players play the class for 5 minutes and are overwhelmed by the skillset). Once you memorized the skills it's one of the easiest classes, because the huge skillset allows a lot of adaptation. <= This is where the nonsense, that the class is weak comes from (players are overcha
  15. The positioning indicates the level of skill. Poorly positioned reapers (necros in general) are freekills and below plat no one has good positioning. Reapers are my first picks when I have to select a target, because the chance I get a kill for free is pretty good. Maybe it's because I main the spec, but I see huge differences between good and bad reapers. Takes me less than 5 seconds against a reaper to know whether I can go semi afk or have to put some serious effort into the fight. The typical carry specs and builds are these, where you have to watch a full
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