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  1. No it doesn't. Ever heard about precast? GS hits more reliable than dagger in the competitive modes and in PvE its speed doesn't matter. No it isn't.
  2. WvW. In a nutshell: Player that hasn't learned how to cheese properly yet: Endurance food grants too much evasion - esp. to teef. Teef (all except deadeye) player: The real problem is celesital. I can't kill anything aymore. Celestial player: What are you all talking about? The game is balanced. Deadeye player: /shrug ???
  3. The amulet system would not dramatically change WvW. And that's the point. It would not matter. But it would remove the only true endgame mode that WvW is from the game. WvW ist the only game mode where every single game mechanic has its use. In PvE you can ignore more than half of the skills and traits. They have no use for anything. Not even in theory. PvP is a dumbed down WvW mode, sold as "more organized and more balanced", which is a joke. All it is, is more frustration because there are a lot less options to avoid running into or overcome the latest overpowered nonsense. Side Note: WvW has its own issues. The biggest one is player balance. Every week I am facing baruch bay I ask myself, why I still play this game. These matchups are the definition of stupidity. Alliances only job is to fix things like these. We will see.
  4. According to your logic willbender (and all the other specs you mentioned) would need buffs. In case you don't know what I am talking about: ANet fails to understand that designing WvW around boon blobs will never make this game mode good. But that's not surprising. ANet is too incompetent to even balance simple things like player numbers (completely random matchups like in GW1 would be more fun than what ANet does in PvP and WvW). How should they be able to balance classes.
  5. Willbender is just: "Dodge the inital burst, then counterbust and watch them run". Harbinger is just "Kite the elite elixier uptime (7 seconds on cele) then faceroll". WvW is full of willys because it is a capable hit and run spec which is always good to farm some noobs. The true broken stuff in WvW smallscale is catalyst and renegade and maybe interrupt mesmer (oh and deadeye ofc, but that's how it is since the spec exists - give the most mobile and evasive class a 1200 range weapon and stealth on dodge, what a great idea!).
  6. Fullscreen in GW2 is not exclusive fullscreen. It's also some weird broken mess based on borderless window mode. In exclusive fullscreen you can enable VSR which bilinear downsamples the image (controlled by the driver). Not so in GW2. The game does some weird nearest neighbor downscaling which looks terrible. No other game does that. Btw. my settings are exaclty like you say and it does not work. My system has neber seen RTSS, OBS etc.
  7. Technically GW2 is a mess. It is true that the AMD driver detects it as a DX9 game (like it originally was and under the hood probably still is). When you create a profile for GW2 and enable AFMF you get the following error message: "Inactive: Please use DirectX 11 or 12 API."
  8. When you got gud and you play deadeye, you'r re the king of wvw (roaming ofc). That's the problem.
  9. I recommend checking your pagefile setting. This error should pretty much never happen when it is set to its default setting (= windows manages it itself).
  10. Give it teef. I've read other classes became too mobile recently.
  11. Throw Bolas - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Bolas itself does actually look pretty dumb: 2 ammo, 16 second CD, 4 (!) second immob Good that (like necro) warrior needs all its utility slots for sustain skills to be viable at all. On any other class this skill would be very problematic.
  12. Vile Vials This trait buffs the damage of all allies to the target (even up to 5) as well. Useless if your party is able to keep up 25 stacks of vulnerability without this trait (guess that's the reason why the dps meta build uses Septic Corruption). Septic Corruption Less damage even if factoring in the poison damage, but poison is also a very valuable utility condition in the competitive modes. Unlike vulnerability this damage multiplier can not be cleansed by the target, which is a factor in the competitive modes as well. This trait is a no brainer for condi harb if you don't want to pick any elixiers or only one for whatever reason.
  13. Actually they wanna go 12345. That's where the point-blank shot issue (randomly pushing targets out of the aoe) has its origin.
  14. You mean give them evades, interrupts and disengages for days?
  15. Willbender is a spec where the gear attribute combination you wear makes a huge difference. In WvW you can pick attribute combinations that will greatly increase your outcome against willbender, which you can't in sPvP. WvW has a lot more variety. In WvW roaming a build is OP when you have the same skill level as its user and you get killed by it no matter whether you wear marauder, cele, trailblazer or soldier gear, no matter which weapons you pick, no matter which utility skills you pick and no matter which traitlines you pick. Willbender is NOT one of these builds. But: That is indeed a problem. Willbender is designed in a way that it is to hard for new players to understand what is going on and develop counter strategies.
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