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  1. If action camera is involved in the OP's issue, then movement speed is actually his least problem. That camera mode prevents the usage of half of the combat mechanics and you won't ever have a chance against a semi skilled encounter.
  2. Speed Rune is basically obligatory for roaming. You can see at the cost of that rune how demanded it is (it's one of the most expensive runes in the game despite being useless in PvE). While other classes have long range instant leaps, teleports, stealth or superspeed (or all at once) to somehow get away without it, on necro you desperately need that rune. Btw. a rune does not have that much of an impact on your overall damage.
  3. Just finally add a vendor that exchanges 1 avenger emblem for 1 mystic coin and nobody will hate you, ANet.
  4. No score and no pips. Everyone is playing for nothing since last night. Good timing that this is happening on sunday.
  5. The rez mechanic in GW2 is coded as an 100% HP heal. If the downed player is affected by poison, this will reduce the incoming healing by 33%. So if you rez a poisoned player, then your rez will only heal him for 66%. Now it depends how much health the player has left in downstate. If he is below 33% and poisoned your rez won't get him on his feet, but at least heal him to almost full downstate health, so you can rez him quickly normally for the remaining few percents. This is not singet of undeath exclusive. Battle standard and other rezzes work the same (except the standa
  6. PvE theorycrafting... Sorry for not answering this in detail as this game mode is trivial. For the competitive modes you want burst heals and you are rarely hitting more than 2 players at once. So the BM heals are complete trash for core and reaper as their shroud nullifies transfusion and regeneration when you need it the most in your rotation (which means when protected by shroud).
  7. Ah yes the signet of course. How could I forget this, because this is basically the only one of the necro healing skills I use for exactly that reason. Vamp signet + the spite signet trait grants better healing than the whole blood magic traitline, which is focused more on support heals unless you are scourge or harbinger (then perma regeneration and transfusion is quite good).
  8. It depends. The worst you can duo with is classic D/P teef, because it has no fight presence and can't apply constant counterpressure on the players focusing you as it's busy with disengaging and re-engaging all the time. On the other hand one of the best duos is immob spam deadeye that can lower your encounter's mobility even below yours and also pin down targets that you then can burst with ease (esp. immob deadeye and reaper duo feels like cheating at times). Solid duo partners are basically all builds with a solid fight presence. Everything that relies on hit and run (teef,
  9. If this was the case then leeching sigil and warhorn5 would actually be good for core and reaper. The only siphon mechanics working in shroud are the two lousy blood magic traits that are useless in anything other than mass trashmob farming in PvE. Focus4 does also not work in shroud. If you cast it before entering shroud and it connects afterwards, you don't get the heal (as if it wasn't already clunky enough to use). In fact there is no general rule which effects work in shroud and which don't. ANet decides this individually for each skill and trait and you simply have to memorize
  10. Agreed, give it a better tell, right after ranger longbow knockback got a better tell. Seems fair. At melee range in that 1s cast time you eat more damage than you deal with spinal shivers - if the skill lands at all as it requires face target.
  11. From what I heard, minions are overpowered. I mean the best GW2 players use them in tournaments to kill other best GW2 players. They did even drop revenant , which is remarkable as best players usually play revenant. And since nades and flamethrower can kill minions effectively, they must be insanely overpowered.
  12. As chain stealthing (more than 3 seconds, so your encounter can never predict your actions - this is a HUGE advantage for you) exists... If your build is one dimensional (relies one one mechanic to be effective), then you will inevitably run into hard counters. Personally I don't like a game design philosophy of hard counters, but that's how ANet handles the game. Other examples: If you build for high dps instead of a mix of damage and condi cleanses, that weakness spamming core necro will ruin your day. If you build for high mobility instead of damage multipliers, that healbran
  13. To be able to deal with binding roots you have to learn its mechanics. And that's the problem. That's too much for the average player. I see this every day in unorganized team fights - I am the one that hardfocusses builds like immob druid or fresh air ele or trapper DH or a necro popping lich, because otherwise their gimmicks would kill half of my team which wouldn't know what's going on. I don't like binding roots, but not because I can not counter it, but because it has too much of a hardcounter potential. I can not use half of the builds that would work just fine against any other bui
  14. The game is CPU bound 90% of the time. Midrange GPUs can comfortably run it at 4K / 60 fps as long as the CPU can provide the necessary data (which it can not when masses of players are on screen). For that reason including features that take load from the GPU (DLSS, FSR) are a waste of time. The game needs the opposite of what you ask for: an oversampling slider to at least 200% per axis (4 times the native resolution) with a bilinear downsampling algorithm (that excludes the UI as this would become slightly unsharp) to provide an acceptable anti-aliasing option. Re-Size bar is
  15. ESPECIALLY when leveling you want the highest damage multipliers possible on your weapon to get the most out of your trash gear and to not waste your time.
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