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  1. I'm also missing this. I have Snargle's Collected works, but not the records. I finished the book collection for Forging Steel/Darkrime Delves, so maybe it's bugged?
  2. They've recently enhanced their ability to do "phasing", like Braham following you around while everyone else sees a raven. I wouldn't be surprised to see this used more as a story tool, different players seeing different versions of an area depending on where they are in the story/what their choices were.
  3. If you look at it from the newly gained knowledge that Jormag is a manipulator and a liar, everything about how Jormag was presented in the original Norn zones makes perfect sense. Everyone was just wrong, because that's what Jormag wanted them to be. The very basis of the Norn's understanding of the dragon is a lie in fact, as revealed in Aesgir's journal.
  4. I don't think Braham's transformation has anything to do with the prophecy, or that much of his personal journey directly relates to it. It isn't Braham specifically that the prophecy is about, it's more that he has fallen into it by triggering the first step. He chipped the tooth, and whoever chipped the tooth is prophecies to either kill Jormag or be killed by them. It's his position as Fullfiller of Prophecy that he uses to demand that the corrupted spirits fulfill their role and help him. Wolf's speech about Braham finding a place in his spirit for Wolf was separate - it was a benevole
  5. I really loved the ending, and folks have already clarified the counter points I would have made but I am confused about exactly how Aurene lead them to the Eye of the North. I actually totally missed that the doppelganger fight was the commander succumbing to the whispers, but that's brilliant. Firstly, Jhavi was not with them when Bangar shot the Commander, but she is with them when the commander wakes up, implying that they didn't go straight from Jaga Moraine to the Eye of the North. I find it hard to believe that they walked with a wounded commander half way across the Far Shiverpeaks.
  6. Have we seen a model for Forgotten in game, aside from the statues in PoF? Could the implication behind the reuse be Forgotten instead of Krait? That was my first take, since I seem to always forget that krait exist.
  7. It's a hippogriff. Back half horse, front half avian. If they'd called it a hippogriff, there'd be a lot less rage.
  8. I can't even find the gown. The box only offered gloves, leggings, boots and I could only select one. The NPC doesn't have another box for sale on reset. Am I missing something?
  9. Perhaps because there are "terrible things lurking just beyond the horizon", as Jormag said? Who's to say what is on the rest of the world, or even, other worlds. There is a great deal of cosmology and ties to the stars with the dragons. We know for a fact that they are moving pieces of a whole, but what whole? I lot of what we see as plot holes could likely be gaps in our current knowledge.
  10. I had a ton of fun with the Celestial event, but making the exit more obvious (or giving us the exit button above the mini map) might be a good idea. It took me a while to figure out that there was an NPC on the opposite side of the map from the reward chest that would port you out.
  11. It took me a long time to "get" GW2. I played at launch, came back for HoT and then didn't give it another try until a few months ago. I was always hung up on what the game wasn't, as compared to other MMOs. I stopped playing the genre at all for a few years, grew extremely disillusioned with the formula but that break was apparently what I needed to stop grumping at what Guild Wars isn't, and come to love what it is. I can't pick just one thing so you get three. I think what I love third most that the world is the game. It isn't a string of quest hubs created to just get you to max level
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