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  1. See that's the problem when they changed Shadow Strike to include Repeater instead of just making a new skill. Obviously, they cannot make it a dual-wield skill otherwise the a single main hand pistol will have access to Deadly Ambition. If they take the easy path, they will leave it as is. If they take the right path, they will create a new skill for Shadow Strike. Yeah to be consistent with say, the S/D dual skill which also flips (and the flipped skills count as dual too), the P/D one should at least be unique in some way when compared to the single-hand repeater and count as a dual skill t
  2. Personally I would like to see the heal skill particle/glow animation tweaked. It gets buried under all the flashy effects that have creeped into the game, making it difficult to seen when to interrupt (and good luck looking for the actual character animation when fighting an Asura or something).And conversely, maybe a distinct little effect when a character's stamina is full and empty.
  3. I agree that bleed is a very boring condition. I think it exists just to make burning look good/better.
  4. Venoms really need an overhaul. Basi venom kind of sucks, and the only venoms people take other than it are Spider for condi builds (and sometimes Skale with it). Nobody takes Ice Drake or Devourer. The heal venom was only passable when you could reduce the CD to 24s.
  5. impact strike would be nice if it worked underwater to use against those pesky rangers
  6. Just take Archeage, put in GW2's combat system and everything under Anet's management.
  7. Does Camelot Unchained have a downstate like GW2 has? Does this TTK factor in 1vX? Because to me there seems to be a lot to account for before you can begin to say the ideas for CU can be applied to GW2?
  8. I thought the pvp mentality was to avoid passives. Dealing with condis the active way (removing them) takes more skill than having a stat take care of it for you right?
  9. Question: I don't like the wording on this. "Utility Skills" only means one of the 3 utility skills equipped not including healing and elite skills. If it includes healing and elite, it might not be too bad. But if "utility skills" only...aaahh...no thank you. Resetting an Elite skill is the only reason I would take this. I can't believe I didn't notice that. Shooot... this concerns me. Are they quietly getting rid of dagger storm improv COMBO!? Yeah, it's very carefully worded and quite sneaky. @Robert Gee.9246 said:Just wanted to jump in to address a few questions and comments I've seen pop
  10. The problem with WVW is that openworld PVP is inherently a hardcore gaming thing and Anet wants GW2 to be super casual.If Anet wants to appeal to the hardcore crowd it can do things like:->Merge WVW into some PVE maps->eliminate downstate->nerf mounts hard->nerf sustain->implement soft collision so blobs cant stack so hard->separate exp/leveling and you die you lose exp->exclusive PVE content opens up for winners Or Anet could redesign WvW as a fun casual thing->make it like Edge of the Mists, no servers and you (or your guild) now choose to align with a red, green or b
  11. Interesting that they are going back and tweaking shadow arts again. But why won't they fix Rending Shade to fear around your target instead of yourself? Makes that aspect of the trait worthless with ranged stealth attacks.
  12. If the problem is sword 2 spam/front loaded bursts then the trait could be changed to work on xth strike instead of guaranteed every hit with a cd. Like 2 stacks of poison on every 4th strike (for example), which would benefit fast attacks like death blossom, sneak attack/repeater, etc that's found more on thief's condi weapons over power.
  13. It would be nice if there was somekind of discount for getting PoF if you already have HoT.
  14. The most unfun thing in WVW currently are these overtuned healing/support classes. Less people complain about them since nobody gets killed by them (hence why they've been almost untouched by Anet), but they absolutely kill small scale imo. It's pointless to fight a group evenly if they have a support bunker and still equally pointless if you have on your side because it turns into a stalemate.
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